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Someone who smokes 2 packs of cigarettes per day.  Urban Dictionary

When someone has abs that are slightly slanted or uneven, appearing as if half an ab is missing  Urban Dictionary

Also known as SP2. A software update for the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. A pitiful attempt by Microsoft to control the amount of circulating threats to their systems with basic, buggy applications. Utilizing their Windows Update service, the software is automatically downloaded and installed - an attempt to control the security market. It contains basic software add-ons for their applications. These add-ons are very annoying, especially for the experienced computer users who already have better applications, but that are not recognized as proper programs as they are not authorized or owned by Microsoft. Computers users with little experience are given a false sense of well being, and generally are taken advantage of. SP2 contains a number of generally useless add-ons for their applications which although seem as if they will do your computer good, will affect perfectly working third party updates - such as registry updates or drivers. Once installed, SP2 will overwrite these, thus creating previously prevented problems. SP2's threat preventing applications work alongside or conflict with similar yet more effective programs and continuously persist in annoying the user. For example, an effective popup blocker will show a message after successfully blocking a popup. However, SP2's popup blocker will either miss the popup, or appear over the third party popup blockers window, creating an annoyance for the user who has to close two windows. SP2's 'butting in' over other applications is probably fueled by Microsoft's desire to beat or own the competition - in this case, refusing to detect a more effective popular third party popup blocking application due to the fact that it is not owned or related to Microsoft. In some cases, the user is forced to discard one of these applications, sometimes with SP2 Popup blocker prevailing. Most components of SP2 are basically simple, yet annoying warnings regarding the download of suspicious files. If you hadn't ordered to download a program, what would make you download a program appearing from no-where? Overall, SP2 is a trouble causing update that should be avoided if you already have applications that do the job that SP2 says it will. Rather that downloading a 70MB file, consult experienced computers for a better and smaller sized alternative.  Urban Dictionary

A bundle of programs that finally make windows secure. providing that you use it corectly. The fantstic firewall refuses to let any internet program install with your program without your permission. A very useful thing allowing you to surf the net withoutgetting to an annoying search page. It also come with a popup blocker which is pretty decent. It will make a sound and show a little tab when a pop up is blocked. On occasions It can be annoying as a file download or clicking a link is classed as a pop up. Fortunately sp2 allows you to temporarily allow the pop up from coming and allows you to turn the blocker off outright. It also allows you to turn the automatic updates off.  Urban Dictionary

It basically means same thing, or same difference. 2 6 packs are basically a 12 pack  Urban Dictionary

If you don't understand what the hell this is, you might be so retarded you considered doing this.  Urban Dictionary

The act of beating someone down so hard with your bare hands that their unconcious body/corpse resembles a burrito  Urban Dictionary

The 2 pack is the most attractive  Urban Dictionary

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Meritline.com: 2-pack 6 Feet HDMI Cable v1.3 Cable for $3 with Free Shipping. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Not only has Dreamworks been releasing 2-pack DVD sets (with on feature and one short/bonus disc), but the set looks like it could be a Wal-Mart release set. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Meritline. com: 2-pack 6 Feet HDMI Cable v1. 3 Cable for $3 with Free Shipping. ❋ Unknown (2010)

At least until the sequel, when it'll start up again, and the fast-food merchandising will roll back out, and the 4-disc special collector's "Repulsor Ray" edition comes out, with the 2-pack of Iron Man 1 & 2 hot on it's heels. ❋ Archmage (2008)

My stallion's sweet set up with Mavic halos over Wheelsmith piano strings to a matching 2-pack of Industry Nine nuggets. ❋ BikeSnobNYC (2009)

Cons: At $12.99 per bottle $24.99 for a 2-pack, stocking up on a premium baby bottle will cost you a bundle. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I knew that there was an Aquaman/Black Manta 2-pack on the way I saw it at the 2009 NY Comic Con: ...but the Batman/Ocean Master set is news to me! ❋ Rob! (2009)

Should there be a mandate of a minimum 2-pack a day habit for Congress critters? ❋ Ann Althouse (2009)

Cons: At $12.99 per bottle ($24.99 for a 2-pack), stocking up on a premium baby bottle will cost you a bundle. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I remember seeing Troll 2 for the first time in highschool, my friend had been given a DVD 2-pack as a christmas gift, and we had absolutely no idea what it was. ❋ Unknown (2009)

This DVD copy came in a 2-pack with Zathura for $7.99. ❋ Divers (2008)

We just recently bought Jumanji and Zathura in a DVD 2-pack, and we watched Jumanji a few days ago. ❋ Divers (2008)

When I pointedly change seats whenever the 2-pack a day woman sits next to me on the bus first thing in the morning. ❋ Unknown (2008)

This 2-pack comes with a newly costumed 7-inch Jareth, the Goblin King personified by David Bowie in the 1986 fantasy film. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Have a hard time finding a use for the other 9 volt battery you got in that 2-pack? ❋ Unknown (2006)

For the record, I'm not crazy about the fact Obama was a 2-pack a-dayer, but I can live with it. ❋ Ann Althouse (2008)

With the exception of the Chinese live-action movie, I OWN all the movies I listed in post #439 Curse of the Blood Rubies was a bonus feature on the "Saga Of Goku" Dragon Ball DVD 2-pack and rather than bitch about all the changes they present, I enjoy them for what they are, and that is what I'm going to do in regards to this movie . ❋ Unknown (2008)

Clearly you want to buy them lovely things, and trust them to buy you something lovely in return, which clearly can be done for the agreed-upon $15 limit which you exceed slightly in the name of good taste, and which your secret Santa apparently took as only a suggestion when he picked up this 2-pack of car air fresheners at the gas station his morning for 67 cents. ❋ Jay (2006)

Damn, you see 2 pack [puffing] [away] those [cigarettes]? ❋ Appleseedd (2013)

never make fun of someone for having a 5&1/2 pack. 1. they will endlessly [venture] for their missing and [elusive] half-ab, ultimately leading to their [demise] 2. They still have 5&1/2 more abs than you ❋ Cheetaela (2013)

1. I have installed Service Pack 2 and have been having all my [old computer] problems since. 2. It takes more than 20 minutes for [SP2] to repair a wireless network connection, rather than a few seconds without it. 3. It took me 2 days to download Service Pack 2 on my [Dial-up] connection. 4. Service Pack 2 - All your previous computer problems in a 70MB file. ❋ Sushi (2004)

[I gots] me service pack 2 and now I can [search] the internet without [fear]. ❋ Willy Wonka (2005)

Hey dude [did you get a whopper] or a [quarter pounder]? [Oh you know]. 2 6 packs =a 12 pack. ❋ Cole Dykes (2007)

"[i want] to [start] shoving a copy of halo 2 multiplayer map pack up my bussy with you" "[hell no]" ❋ Tyronelexbengie (2019)

Jordan: Ayo [sista], where Amanda at? Tyrone: She dead. [2 pack] Alex: She got 2 [packed]? ❋ SmeeveJeeve (2022)

That 2 pack is [sexy] ❋ Real Alberto (2022)

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