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The sound an ambulance makes as it leaves your neighborhood. Urban Dictionary

That name is the most common rap name of 2018. For example, FEFE, ZEZE. Urban Dictionary

"Escape and Evasion" A term used mostly by the military. Meaning: To get away from the badguys, and hide. Urban Dictionary

It is a smiley. the 'e' are the eyes, and the ',' is the mouth. it can represent anticipation, surprise and amusement ect. A similar smiley that can be used instead: e.e Urban Dictionary

An emoticon suspecting something fishy or suspicious. The two 'e's are meant to be squinted eyes and the dash (-) a mouth. Often used when texting or talking to someone online. Urban Dictionary

When u can’t think of anything to say or respond just say e Urban Dictionary

The greatest meme of all time. A deep fried picture of Lord Farquad with markiplier's face photoshopped on it, with the single letter "E" in impact font at the bottom. It is nihilism in it's purest form, and proof that every day we stray further from god. Urban Dictionary

E Urban Dictionary

A meme that was first used on a deep fried image of Markiplier's face photoshoped on Lord Farquadd's head. The E meme itself doesn't mean anything. It's just made to confuse other people. Urban Dictionary

An intellectual giving his factual opinion on a sensitive topic Urban Dictionary

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The word "a-e" in example sentences

I used all of the vowels a-e in these three-letter words, a, e, i, o and u. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Additionally, the Joint Rul124 (1) (a-e) that the functions of the Joint committee on Ethics and ❋ Unknown (2006)

I don't remember all that was supposed to have happened to the o-syllables, unfortunately, but e-i and a-e alternations are said to be remnants of the Old Japanese vowel system. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Now, the word I'm assuming he meant is an extremely obscure one, and with most authors I'd weigh the likelihoods the other way, in favor of his having written limn, but Crowley is so learned I discovered he wrote another book with an a-e ligature in the title, Ægypt—is that a modern record? that I tend to favor mine. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Figure parts a-e with crossed nichols. (a) Micrographic groundmass surrounds feldspar phenocryst fragment. (b) Micrographic groundmass around clinopyroxene phenocryst. ❋ Unknown (1998)

However, these a-e too light to be useful for weighing the food pieces. ❋ Unknown (1977)

All those I have named a-e heroes, skilled in weapons, endued with great might, solicitous of admission into heaven, conversant with morality, and skilled in battle. ❋ Kisari Mohan [Translator] Ganguli (N/A)

The rabbet at the end of the piece X is cut not the entire width of the piece Y, but only the width of the lap, -- c-f = a-e. ❋ William Noyes (N/A)

Rightly speaking, a kind of potential plural is involved (K.S. 260 a-e), as the fullness of the potentialities that lie in God is expressed by the plural of 'elohim, which may even be used with a plural form of its predicate adjective ❋ 1892-1972 (1942)

Besides, Esau either himself hears or hears by report that in the blessing spoken at the dismissal (observe how the infinitive construction goes over into the finite verb, K.S. 413 a-e) Isaac even commanded Jacob not to take a ❋ 1892-1972 (1942)

Well within this circle stood the five huge trilithons (_a-e_), arranged in the form of a horseshoe with its open side to the north-east. ❋ Unknown (1908)

The earlier studies, like Nos. 3 a-e that open the first disk in this set, are in styles taken from jazz. ❋ Unknown (2010)

F. Members of Terrorist Organizations: Individuals about whom investigations has developed sufficient information to establish membership in a particular terrorist organization using the same criteria listed above in paragraph E, items 1 and 2 a-e, as they apply to members of terrorist organizations rather than members of violent criminal gangs. ❋ Unknown (2010)

(A) Representative electron micrographs of immunogold-labeled HeLa cells showing Stx associated with clathrin-coated profiles (arrows in a-d) as well as associated to non-specialized regions of the plasma membrane (a-e). ❋ Audrun Utskarpen Et Al. (2010)

Images represent the phenotypes observed in 16 / 19 (a-e), 43 / 47 ❋ Unknown (2009)

A sound principle is to use only ranges that begin from and end at either alphabetics of equal case ([a-e], [A-E]), or digits ([0-9]). ❋ Unknown (2008)

See the comments of Brett Bellmore on this and on Professor Kerr’s recent “a-e” thread. ❋ Unknown (2010)

“Mr. Deu — a-e returned to his hotel; whither his excellent father, the Right Hon. ❋ Unknown (2006)

"Mr. Deu -- a-e returned to his hotel; whither his excellent father, the ❋ William Makepeace Thackeray (1837)

The [ambulance] carrying my cousin went E-e-E-e-EE-e as it [sped] [through the night]. It's too bad he's in a chair now. ❋ T-Dog Jenkins (2005)

Here are the *E*E song names: 6ix9ine: FEFE, BEBE, KEKE Kodak Black: [ZEZE] Michael Jackson: HEHE R. Kelly: PEPE [Bobby Shmurda]: [FREEME] ❋ Ong Fr Moment (2018)

Those gangmembers thought that *I* was [the one] who took their [drugs]! They came after me, and I had to go into E&E [mode]... ❋ Whind Soull (2005)

[User] 1: Lol, you just said that you were [a noob]. User 2: [I lied] e,e User 1: Damn!, you had me there. ❋ Glustora (2011)

Person #1: [psh] i [didnt] do that why would you [accuse] me of that? :c Person #2: Alright... I'm keeping my eyes on you e-e ❋ GiveMeBackMyName (2013)

E ❋ Rudey2 (2019)

"E" ❋ Faithfulchristian69 (2018)

e ❋ Flash Slash (2019)


“Jesus then said E to explain to shrek and [Elon musk] why [Despacito 7].[83] should be releasesed” ❋ Donald_nut (2018)

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