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Hyphenation a bate a bate
Pronunciations /əˈbeɪt/

Definitions and meanings of "Abate"

What do we mean by abate?

To reduce in amount, degree, or intensity; lessen. intransitive verb

To put an end to. intransitive verb

To make void. intransitive verb

To reduce for some period of time. intransitive verb

To fall off in degree or intensity; subside: synonym: decrease. intransitive verb

To become void. intransitive verb

To become reduced for a period of time. intransitive verb

See abbate. noun

Abatement or decrease. noun

To beat down; pull or batter down.

To deduct; subtract; withdraw from consideration.

To lessen; diminish; moderate: as, to abate a demand or a tax.

To deject; depress.

To deprive; curtail.

To deprive of; take away from.

In law: To cause to fail; extinguish: as, a cause of action for damages for a personal tort is abated by the death of either party.

To suspend or stop the progress of: as, where the cause of action survives the death of a party, the action may be abated until an executor or administrator can be appointed and substituted.

To reduce: as, a legacy is abated if the assets, after satisfying the debts, are not sufficient to pay it in full.


(v) To obsess about the odd, and not care about the needed. Urban Dictionary

One who has an aweful or amazing body. Urban Dictionary

(Uh-bate-ihyng): Word randomly yelled in the middle of a conversation that is steeping towards boring, or in moments of awkard silence just to confuse non-abatingers and start a whole better conversation, usually involving reminiscing. Urban Dictionary

A very intelligent gamer. Attractive and sexy as hell. Very romantic person who loves flowers and makes sure they don't get dry by providing Masafi water on them. He likes short girls who look like babies and have squeaky voice. Urban Dictionary

A nautical, piratey term. Urban Dictionary

All Blacks Are Thugs Used to show hypocrisy to people who think ACAB that the street can go both ways. Not all cops are bad and not all blacks are thugs. Urban Dictionary

The measures taken to reduce the emission of unwanted sounds/vibrations in a given environment. Commonly referred to within; 1. Aviation: the procedures adopted to reduce aircraft noise on takeoff and landing - accomplished by reducing the power setting or avoiding densely populated areas. 2. Sex: the methods adopted to reduce the noise of fucking in an area surrounded by people. It is induced by; the rapid reciprocal motion of the woman's dangly beef curtains; the flapping noise of her pecky saggers as she receives intense drilling; or the moaning and groaning of the whore caused by the 15-inch bratwurst that's pounding her brains out. Solutions include using gaffer tape to stop the kebab lips from drooping and swaying, and stuffing her throat with your nozzle (or gravy) to extinguish all sound. Urban Dictionary

The best compliment you can give. Another word for perfect. Urban Dictionary

All boys are the same. Ex: unloyal, no heart, cringey, unfunny, etc. Urban Dictionary

A high-abatement individual who maximises utility with no regard for traditional social norms or the expectations of others, embodying a unique blend of enigmatic confidence and self-reliant independence. These specific breeds are known to consume copious amounts of long blacks and almond gold. The leader of this developed breed is known as Robert Stakelberg who was last seen with a cigar and whiskey in hand leaving the economics faculty. These high abatement males are often mistaken for the Rizz King who some say have never been seen in the same room together. Skilled in Macroeconomics, Microeconomics and Policy analysis whilst specialising in the art of big chillin. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Abate

The word "abate" in example sentences

Finally, it would largely abate from the sympathy which late events have elicited from foreign nation ❋ Unknown (1865)

While it would be helpful for the market were the mutual-fund withdrawals to abate, that isn't necessary for the stock market to rally, Mr. O'Rourke says. ❋ Unknown (2010)

It is a clip of abate, from the Old French abattre, “to beat down,” and now it means “to moderate, subside, reduce, ebb.” ❋ William Safire (2004)

He wanted to "abate" such unnecessary confusion by advance planning and by assigning jobs of different variety to different artisans of different skills and talents. ❋ Unknown (2010)

He said: "It doesn't seem to abate, that is for sure. ❋ Unknown (2010)

"innovation among copyright [infringers]" did not really "abate" with the introduction of the iPod/iTunes. ❋ Mike Masnick (2010)

The foreclosure problem is simply not going to abate any time soon, so any reasonable steps that can keep borrowers in their homes — including mandatory mediation — can, and should, be taken. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The declines came after a strong week for the euro as worries about Greece appeared to abate. ❋ Dawn Kissi (2011)

However, the 27-nation bloc had warned it would look for ways to take further restrictive measures if the government crackdown on protesters didn't abate. ❋ Laurence Norman (2011)

"I don't think the protests are going to abate anytime soon short of Mubarak leaving." ❋ Unknown (2011)

Demand for new aircraft will be driven by expected robust growth in airline passenger traffic over the forecast period, especially in Asia, the need to replace aging aircraft, and a drive toward new, more fuel-efficient planes with high fuel costs unlikely to abate. ❋ David Pearson (2011)

In the meantime, he says, he advised her to stay home, pointing out that the passions need time to abate—especially while war against former regime loyalists still drags on in parts of the country. ❋ Yaroslav Trofimov (2011)

And with the National Weather Service forecasting more severe weather from Texas to the Great Lakes through today, the calls aren't likely to abate. ❋ Unknown (2011)

He was almost near a seizure, but the images slowly began to abate and he spread his palms out wide and pressed them down hard against the wood table to ground himself. ❋ L. A. Banks (2011)

Now, the factors driving the two apart have started to abate: Wednesday's data showed that inventories at Cushing fell, and Libya restarted crude production last month. ❋ Dan Strumpf (2011)

The restrictions on the return of refugees from Misrata are temporary, until the scarred city's emotions abate, Mr. Sherqessiya says. ❋ Yaroslav Trofimov (2011)

This decline is the result of long-term trends — increasing foreign competition and, especially, the relentless replacement of people with machines — that look unlikely to abate. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"Quit [pulling] an abate, and stop sitting naked in front of your computer watching porn and [managing] your [Fantasy Football] team." ❋ Jimmy Hotpants (2007)

you dont have abate just a [beer belly]! you have abate [fit for a king], [do me now]! ❋ Jenn Schmor (2006)

Anna: Yes I've had many periods... You know they say that [period pains] hurt more than getting [kicked in the nuts]. Jim:... Anna:... Jim:......[ABATING]!!!!! Anna:...What? ❋ Josh Turnbull (2005)

[abat] nice [hot] [cars] ❋ Theaftermath9993 (2013)

If [you don't] think abateful is a word, then you should [go and] [abate] yourself. ❋ Marion Cox (2010)

Liberal: [F*ck] the police, [ACAB]! Logical Person: Well if ACAB then [I suppose] ABAT. ❋ Lazarus_FPS (2020)

1. *1500 feet [MSL]*: "[Noise abatement] procedures please, so we can shut those god-damn environmentalists up." 2. "Dammit Louise, the pink lips of your bearded clam are [fluttering] against my wang! Grab the cooter tape, we need to enforce [noise abatement]!" ❋ Fly_Guy (2015)

[You're a] Victoria Anna Sbardi Abate. [thanks] for the [compliment] ❋ MR. Rocco (2021)

boy: *[checks out] [a random] girl* [his girlfriend]: abats ❋ Jason Hemsworth (2020)

[Hey buddy], you're [clearly] not a [high abatement male]. That was a high abatement move. ❋ High Abatement God (2023)

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