Character 11
Hyphenation a be ce da ri an
Pronunciations /eɪ.biː.siːˈdɛː.ɹɪ.ən/

Definitions and meanings of "Abecedarian"

What do we mean by abecedarian?

One who teaches or studies the alphabet. noun

A beginner; a novice. noun

Having to do with the alphabet. adjective

Being arranged alphabetically. adjective

Elementary or rudimentary. adjective

Pertaining to or formed by the letters of the alphabet.

Pertaining to the learning of the alphabet, or to one engaged in learning it; hence, relating to the first steps in learning.

Another form is abecedary.

One who teaches or learns the letters of the alphabet. noun

capitalized A follower of Nicolas Storch, an Anabaptist of Germany, in the sixteenth century. noun

Pertaining to, or formed by, the letters of the alphabet; alphabetic; hence, rudimentary. adjective

Etc., compositions in which (like the 119th psalm in Hebrew) distinct portions or verses commence with successive letters of the alphabet. adjective

One who is learning the alphabet; hence, a tyro. noun

One engaged in teaching the alphabet. noun

A work which uses words or lines in alphabetical order. noun

Relating to or resembling an abecedarius. adjective

A novice learning the rudiments of some subject noun

A 16th century sect of Anabaptists centered in Germany who had an absolute disdain for human knowledge noun

Alphabetically arranged (as for beginning readers) adjective

Someone who is learning the alphabet.

An elementary student, a novice; one in the early steps of learning.

Someone engaged in teaching the alphabet; an elementary teacher; one that teaches the methods and principles of learning.

A work which uses words or lines in alphabetical order.

Someone who attempts to learn something in alphabetical order or in a specific order. Urban Dictionary

The use of extra letters and/or syllables to a word, in an attempt to sound more intelligent while speaking. Often, the person who hears it, thinks quite the opposite. Urban Dictionary

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The word "abecedarian" in example sentences

In a wider sense the name acrostic is applied to alphabetical or "abecedarian" poems. ❋ 1840-1916 (1913)

Graphic designer Paul Thurlby brings a distressed retro-modern sensibility to capital letters with "Paul Thurlby's Alphabet" Templar, 64 pages, $16.99 , a stylish take on the traditional abecedarian primer. ❋ Meghan Cox Gurdon (2011)

Hamby writes: These poems are from a twenty-six-poem sequence of abecedarian sonnets at the center of All-Night Lingo Tango. ❋ Amy Gerstler (2010)

Where colonial children had pious primers " In Adam ' s fall, we sinned all " , today ' s children have a fantastic variety of abecedarian books. ❋ Meghan Cox Gurdon (2010)

I especially like her long abecedarian of “shadow georgics.” ❋ Unknown (2007)

Lots of people are doing the abecedarian meme, but I was particularly taken by Clare Dudman's "X by Dr. Grump". ❋ Unknown (2006)

I have a little abecedarian story about language illustrated by Andrew Drilon. ❋ Dean Francis Alfar (2003)

The juxtaposition of his carping, meticulous fetishizing of cuisine punctilios with that of his abecedarian, pompous-yet-undereducated plodding attempts to guild his prosaic sensibilities with grandiloquent language only serve to expose the charlatan behind the greasy, smacking lips and cheap, brass-plated tongue. ❋ Unknown (2005)

He is a master of the peculiar narrative, a sublime abecedarian and a very careful and detailed artist. ❋ Dean Francis Alfar (2003)

Monday, September 08, 2003 someone who writes a book about ABCs is an abecedarian ❋ Dean Francis Alfar (2003)

He's too refined and is bursting his buttons with self-esteem, thanks to Michael Shnayerson's abecedarian hymn to the Gimlet life style in the latest edition of the Book of Common People, a.k.a. Vanity Fair. ❋ Unknown (1997)

In the Sequence of these 110 lines other antitheses are utilized, notably those of the benefits of God and of the ingratitude of man, The other hymn is abecedarian, It is composed of twenty-three strophes, each of which commences with a letter of the alphabet. ❋ 1840-1916 (1913)

The former consists of eighty acrostic, or abecedarian, essays, divided into two books. ❋ 1840-1916 (1913)

As for the pupils, there is no rest for the soles of their feet; a freshman in the high school is a mere abecedarian part of an ever-moving line, which toils, weighted with pounds of text-books, up and down the stairways of knowledge, climbing to the mansard heights for rhetoric, to descend, past doors to which it must later return, to the foundation floor for Ancient History. ❋ George Madden Martin (1901)

[ted] is being an abecedarian by trying to learn all the words in [the dictionary] from [a-z]. ❋ TehSmexBuns (2009)

When the [speaker] said, "Me and my friends were 'conversating' about the [election]", I thought to myself that he was [guilty] of abecedarianism, since he should have said 'conversing' instead. ❋ Lexicographic Word Nerd (2016)

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