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What do we mean by abide by?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word abide-by. Define abide-by, abide-by synonyms, abide-by pronunciation, abide-by translation, English dictionary definition of abide-by.

Of Arabic origin, meaning worshipper. Abid is someone who has a kind heart and a sweet personality. They help others with pure intentions and complete sincerity. He is someone who will remain loyal as a friend and will always have your back. They are usually handsome and charming. However sometimes their charm may be extended to the next level of flirting too much with girls. They also may have a massive ego because they are fully aware of their charm and abilities. Urban Dictionary

Utter ridiculous and unfair Urban Dictionary

To remain or dwell; in some cases, to tolerate. Urban Dictionary

A class A, all around kind of guy. Good at everything whether it is sports or academics, he is tough, strong and good with girls. In Compton the Abid is the leader of the blood. Urban Dictionary

Of Arabic origin, meaning worshipper. An amazing friend. A best friend. A friend you can talk about anything and everything with. The kind of guy you appreciate while you have them but recognize their true value once they're gone. The kind of guy who just gets it. Who just gets you. The kind of guy who you have great hopes and dreams for. The kind of guy you can be around for years but the day you dont get to talk to them you miss them like crazy because it feels like something's missing. If you have an Abid in your life, you're a mad lucky person. Urban Dictionary

A name that means worshipper in Arabic. Derived from the word 'Ibad, which means to worship. Most Abids you see will be tall. Urban Dictionary

1.To bear something or someone. 2.To follow rules. Urban Dictionary

Feeling or memory lasting for a long time Urban Dictionary

An extremely hot guy that goes to the gym and is packing a large anaconda and is such a damm snack that guys and girls fall head over heels for him. He is funny, nice guy is a fucking king with his haircut and his kind eyes. Urban Dictionary

Agreement, follow (as in follow rules), adherence. In a college class the professor needed a word for this sentence: (The _____ of these standards is less likely by those of legal age.) In response, I shouted out "abidation" and everyone laughed. Well look whose laughing now! Urban Dictionary

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The word "abide-by" in example sentences

Abid is [getting] [married] [tomorrow]. ❋ Girlonfireee (2018)

That is [absolutely] abidical , they can [talk] but [not me] ❋ Bagadenio (2018)

"[Yeah], [well]. [The Dude abides]." ❋ Breaker19 (2007)

[Thats my nigga] [ofa] there. He the Abid on [the crew]. ❋ MAVRIX (2016)

I [miss] Abid so much, he was such a beautiful friend. Me and Abid went to go [get coffee] and [cheesecake]. ❋ Samegirlonfire (2018)

We [have to] [make] [Ibadah]! We'll be abids. ❋ Muhammad Haq (2007)

1.Sometimes [my father] can be unpredictable,a [tiking] time boom.I can barely [abide] him. 2.My brother never abides the rules from the house. ❋ Toa Pohatu (2017)

Owing to his pure [biblical] style he had an abiding influence on subsequent [liturgical] writers , [Inverted] ❋ RRAAIISS (2016)

Abid is a goddamm [snack] ❋ TheEldritchBitch (2021)

The abidation of [certain] [standards] is [required by law]. ❋ Steven T Johnson (2006)

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