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In linguistics, apophony (also known as ablaut, (vowel) gradation, (vowel) mutation, alternation, internal modification, stem modification, stem alternation, replacive morphology, stem mutation, internal inflection etc.) is any sound change within a word that indicates grammatical information (often inflectional)..

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Definitions of "ablaut"

  • A vowel change, characteristic of Indo-European languages, that accompanies a change in grammatical function; for example, i, a, u in sing, sang, sung. Also called gradation. noun
  • The substitution of one root vowel for another, thus indicating a corresponding modification of use or meaning; vowel permutation; as, get, gat, got; sing, song; hang, hung. noun
  • In philology, a substitution of one vowel for another in the body of the root of a word, accompanying a modification of use or meaning: as, bind, band, bound, bond, German bund; more especially, the change of a vowel to indicate tense-change in strong verbs, instead of the addition of a syllable (-ed), as in weak verbs: as, get, gat, got; sink, sank, sunk. noun
  • a vowel whose quality or length is changed to indicate linguistic distinctions (such as sing sang sung song) noun

The word "ablaut" in example sentences

They exhibit perfectly the features of quantitative ablaut, which is the older form.. [Diachrony of PIE]

I doubt ablaut was still a productive system at the time that one could speak of 'Greek'.. [Missing honey]

Hittite and Greek do show words with ablaut. βλιττω is difficult to explain any differently.. [Missing honey]

No ablaut in a Greek noun can not be used as evidence that it isn't Indo-European.. [Missing honey]

I'm sure this wasn't the implication of what you were trying to say, as you must be aware that root-ablaut in Greek is non-existent in Greek.. [Missing honey]

"Hittite and Greek do show words with ablaut. βλιττω is difficult to explain any differently.". [Missing honey]

And ablaut in the root of consonant stems is unheard of in any form of Greek.. [Missing honey]

'Some words of this root in some languages have zero grade so it must be from the Genitive with ablaut.'. [Missing honey]

While the word is still clearly of foreign origin it is no surprised that we have no ablaut in the root.. [Missing honey]

"No ablaut in a Greek noun can not be used as evidence that it isn't Indo-European.". [Missing honey]

Kloekhorst proposes that this root had ablaut though.. [My sweet honey bee]

'Hidden One', with similar epithets in Greek Ἅιδης 'Hades' *hwe*whGoth -uh, and the Gothic toponym auha instead of ahwa Possibly the ablaut difference between the strong and oblique cases yielded the generalization of two different paradigm-forms.. [Pondering on the phrase 'capite velato']

The view that PIE case endings, nominative *-s and genitive *-ós, are somehow related by a magical ablaut and stemming from an ergative case came about from the fact that, based on the wealth of data from world languages that we now have, nominative cases which mark the subject of a sentence are supposed to be unmarked cases.. [Nipping the PIE ergative *-s theory right in the bud]

It may be that this putative prosodic breathy voice played a (limited) morphological role analogous to ablaut or n-infixation, explaining to some extent the apparent voiceless/voiced ("aspirated") root doublets.. [PIE "look-alike stems" - Evidence of something or a red herring?]

According to this theory, the PIE s-aorist was originally a specially inflected type of root aorist in which the 3 sg. active form, for reasons now lost within the prehistory of PIE, was built from a suppletive sigmatic stem with 'Narten' *ē : *e ablaut.. [Archive 2009-08-01]

Second, I discovered my misunderstanding of ablaut in the mediopassive such that a Narten stem should display an accented, shortened vowel in the middle while a non-Narten stem should display zero-grade1 therefore, *h₁és-h₂or 'I sit' and *gʰu-h₂ór 'I spill', not **h₁ḗs-h₂or and **gʰeu-h₂ór.. [Interesting quirks of a PIE subjective-objective model]

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TurkishAblaut English to Turkish Translate
(i). gram mana değişikliği ile sesli harfin değişmesi.(i). gram mana değişikliği ile sesli harfin değişmesi.

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@ednl (We also have ablaut or vowel modification in English, of course, at least residually.)


@civetta I learned 2 things: hamsteren is a German loanword first occurrence 1917, and vage- is an ablaut-form of v…


Ablaut happens; deal with it.

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Ablaut Word Data

  • Pronunciations(äbˈloutˌ, äpˈ-)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation ab laut


Vowel Vowel sound


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