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Definitions of "above"

  • On high; overhead: the clouds above. adverb
  • In heaven; heavenward. adverb
  • Upstairs: a table in the dining room above. adverb
  • To a degree that is over zero: 15° above. adverb
  • In or to a higher place. adverb
  • In an earlier part of a given text: "The problems cited above have led to a number of suggestions for reform” ( Wharton Magazine). adverb
  • In or to a higher rank or position: the ranks of major and above. adverb
  • Over or higher than: a cool spring above the timberline. preposition
  • Superior to in rank, position, or number; greater than: put principles above expediency. preposition
  • Beyond the level or reach of: a shot that was heard above the music. preposition
  • In preference to. preposition
  • Too honorable to bend to: I am above petty intrigue. preposition
  • More than: somewhat above normal temperature. preposition
  • Upstream of: a dam positioned ten miles above the town. preposition
  • North of: Minnesota is above Iowa. preposition
  • An earlier part of a given text: Refer to the above for that information. noun
  • The person or persons already referred to in a text: The above hereby affix their signatures. noun
  • Appearing earlier in the same text: flaws in the above interpretation. adjective
  • above all Over and above all other factors or considerations: Above all, tell the truth. idiom

The word "above" in example sentences

Promoted to Headline (H3) on 4/29/09: Getting away with Murder: Whatever happened to 'above all, do no harm'? yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Getting away with Murder: Whatever happened to \'above all, do no harm\'? '. [Getting away with Murder: Whatever happened to 'above all, do no harm'?]

Almost all are eagerly reaching forward to a station in life a little above what they can well afford, or struggling to do a business a little more extensive than they have capital or steady credit for; and thus they keep, all through life, _just above_ their means -- and just above, no matter by how small an excess, is inevitable misery.. [How to Get on in the World A Ladder to Practical Success]

Except a mineral be born "from above" -- from the Kingdom just _above_ it -- it cannot enter the Kingdom just above it.. [Natural Law in the Spiritual World]

Just below the ice, in cold such as the above, the sea was found to be 29 degrees _above_ zero.. [The Ocean and its Wonders]

In general the mercury will stand either above or below the neutral point; if _above_, a portion of the mercury must have left the cistern, and consequently must have. [The Hurricane Guide Being An Attempt To Connect The Rotary Gale Or Revolving Storm With Atmospheric Waves.]

It was a summer night -- she sat on a rude stone, the city on one side, with its lights and lamps; -- the whitened fields beyond, with the moon and the stars above; and _above_ she raised her streaming eyes, and she thought that God, the Protector, smiled upon her from the face of the sweet skies.. [Ernest Maltravers — Complete]

The above steps generate a CM package (. exe file) under \% windir\%\Program Files\CMAK\Profiles\Vista and above\ directory - with appropriate profile name on your server machine.. [TechNet Blogs]

"You will please take notice that the Registrar or Minister is bound legally to send the notice of marriage referred to above, and also, that in reading it out _in the form, and with the accompanying remarks above_, you incur no legal penalty.. [Ireland Under Coercion (2nd ed.) (2 of 2) (1888)]

He pointed at the name above the tuning pegs, as if to say, “obviously!”. [Boredom & Ennui]

I choose to believe Your Word above my circumstances, above my feelings, and above the voices around me or mistakes from the past.. [Daily Readings from Love Your Life]

So far, the title above is the Monday morning line.. [Disarry on the Right; Incompetence on the Left]

She must have seen her name above that sappy love poem.. [Take Me There]

Brand might be dead, but a man treasured his name above all, did he not?. [Aching for Always]

What would be the list of "actions" as renaye used the term above?. [Sleeper Bill of the Month: Our Own Truth & Reconciliation Commission]

The sentence above is code for something like this: Bangladesh was founded on jingoism, and noting but jingoism.. [The Logos of Bangladesh]

Click on the title above for a link to information on the contest.. [Peace Corps and Glimpse Announce Winners of Global Food Crisis Story and Photo Contest]

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