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An abridgement (or abridgment) is a condensing or reduction of a book or other creative work into a shorter form while maintaining the unity of the source. The abridgement can be true to the original work in terms of mood and tone, capturing the parts the abridging author perceives to be most important, it could be a complete parody of the original, or it could fall anywhere in-between, either generally capturing the tone and message of the original author but falling short in some manner, or subtly twisting their words and message to favor a different interpretation or agenda. Compare/contrast with epitome. A written work may be abridged to make it more accessible to a wider audience; for example, to make an adaptation of it as an audio book or a television show, to make a more convenient companion to an already established work, or to create a shorter reference version. Unabridged is the opposite of abridged. A common example is an unabridged dictionary..

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Definitions of "abridged"

  • cut or shortened, especially of a literary work adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of abridge. verb
  • shortened by condensing or rewriting; -- said of texts. adjective
  • (used of texts) shortened by condensing or rewriting adjective

The word "abridged" in example sentences

Some, in the true spirit of the poor Publican, were kneeling at a considerable distance, just within view of the cross, to which they hardly lifted their eyes; others, whose penance was originally lighter, or its term abridged by frequent visits to this place, had approached the cross more nearly, and with greater signs of satisfaction.. [Itinerary of Provence and the Rhone Made During the Year 1819]

I don't think most of these books are available in abridged audio books format.. [What Obama's reading on the Vineyard]

There are none of the shortcuts of the forties and fifties, though one sees the font of what survives, in abridged form in many later projects of that period.. [St. Robert's, Shorewood, Wisconsin]

Looks like lots of the stuff they have is abridged from the longer articles in the print versions (like this Bob Moog piece) but still, they're certainly worth a look.. [Sunday Afternoon Stuff]

I shall annex a statement of the proceedings of the M.ssion at Avignon, during the Lent of 1819, copied and abridged from a short pamphlet, written by a M. Fransoy, a lawyer of that city; which being published by. [Itinerary of Provence and the Rhone Made During the Year 1819]

Of innumerable biographies of Luther the best from sympathetic Protestant pens are: Julius Köstlin, _Life of Luther, _ trans. and abridged from the German (1900); T.M. Lindsay, _Luther and the German Reformation_ (1900); A.C. M.Giffert, _M.rtin Luther, the. [A Political and Social History of Modern Europe V.1.]

The manuscript so abridged, is submitted to you, with the earnest prayer, that if published, it may subserve the cause of truth and good citizenship.. [The Conflict of Truth]

Mortimer also discovered symptoms of lush-logic, for though he had an inclination to keep up the chaff, his dictionary appeared to be new modelled, and his lingo abridged by repeated clips at his mother tongue, by which he afforded considerable food for laughter.. [Real Life In London, Volumes I. and II. Or, The Rambles And Adventures Of Bob Tallyho, Esq., And His Cousin, The Hon. Tom Dashall, Through The Metropolis; Exhibiting A Living Picture Of Fashionable Characters, Manners, And Amusements In High And Low Life (1821)]

Hist.] 83 This interesting story, which Zosimus has abridged, is related by Eunapius, (in Excerpt.. [The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire]

This means that series which are 13 or 26 episodes are being abridged, which is entirely unnecessary since those series aren't very long.. [Anime Nano!]

They're abridged, which is an occasional problem, but otherwise quite good.. [starwars.com Blogs]

-- A June 25 Style review of the Reduced Shakespeare Company production of "Completely Hollywood (Abridged)" indicated that it was written by the same people who wrote the company's earlier "abridged" plays.. [Corrections]

Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld's politics of selective deception, which is egregiously demonstrated by the politically timed, and executed declassification of an "abridged" version of the findings of more than a dozen national intelligence agencies corrolates, and fits nicely with their ongoing pattern of seduction by secrecy.. [Selective Deception]

I'm trying to think of what the "abridged" edition might be like..... [Cheating Hearts]

Since a child's life begins at conception, and as per the GOP platform the rights of the unborn should not be "abridged" for any reason, I wonder why there are almost no funerals for, say, miscarried babies.. [Your Right Hand Thief]

What is the purse but a kind of abridged extra corporeal stomach wherein we keep the money which we convert by purchase into food, as we presently convert the food by digestion into flesh and blood?. [Luck or Cunning?]

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