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What does the word absently mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word absently in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with absently and anagrams of absently.

Definitions of "absently"

  • In an absent or abstracted manner. adverb
  • In an absent or inattentive manner; with absence of mind.
  • in an absentminded or preoccupied manner adverb

The word "absently" in example sentences

Maggie O’Rourke, she supplied her name absently, still trying to comprehend his explanation.. [This Calder Sky]

The door closed, and she touched the pile of coins absently.. [Aching for Always]

Hanna called absently into the kitchen, then began reading the introductory paragraph on page 2.. [Mending Places]

He checked the edge of his sword absently, then wrapped his cloak around his other arm in lieu of a shield.. [The Dragons of Chaos]

If silver entered into the transaction, he usually rang the last coin absently on the glass surface of the counter.. [Otherwise Phyllis]

He dropped a Greek word absently, putting away his papers the while, and thinking of the subject with which he had just been busy.. [Lady Connie]

My favorite moment: After a guy boinks Lena in a large hollow pipe in the street, he kind of absently pats her flank, like an old sheepdog.. [Erica Abeel: Worlds of Pain: From Wartorn to Tiny Furniture]

"Eureka," Mike said absently, meaning: at last I've gotten some action out of the beast.. [Covergent Series]

She soothed the impatience of the hand on her cheek, and, almost absently, musingly scrutinizing it without consciously seeing it, turned it over and slowly kissed the palm.. [CHAPTER XXVII]

He listened absently to a long dun from the type-writer people, his mind busy with ways and means of finding a job.. [Chapter 26]

This was too much, and I beat a retreat -- feigning boredom, or cessation of interest, of course; and absently carrying the still throbbing heart in my hand.. [CHAPTER XXIII]

"How well you talk," she said absently, and he noted that she was looking at him in a searching way.. [Chapter 14]

"Have you had that, too?" she queried absently, intent on the heaven-sent justification she was finding in his arms.. [Chapter 26]

"But I said it would not do," he answered, absently, staring at the straining canvas and listening to the roar of the storm.. [CHAPTER 4]

Whiskers paused, placed carefully on the ground his half-full condensed milk can with which he had been absently toying, and kissed the fingers of his one hand audibly aloft.. [THE PRINCESS]

Dick glanced half absently to her from the pamphlet folded on his finger, and then, with equal pitch of gaiety, sang:. [CHAPTER VII]

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@ShatteredBeau [ The younger whines louder but rolled off of his lover, pouting as he snuggled into the blanket and…


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@bloodybabayaga [And (after a few attempts), he does! And gently bumps into John, absently apologising before getti…

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