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Definitions of "accent"

  • The relative prominence of a particular syllable of a word by greater intensity or by variation or modulation of pitch or tone. noun
  • Vocal prominence or emphasis given to a particular syllable, word, or phrase. noun
  • A characteristic pronunciation, especially: noun
  • One determined by the regional or social background of the speaker. noun
  • One determined by the phonetic habits of the speaker's native language carried over to his or her use of another language. noun
  • A mark or symbol used in the printing and writing of certain languages to indicate the vocal quality to be given to a particular letter: an acute accent. noun
  • A mark or symbol used in printing and writing to indicate the stressed syllables of a spoken word. noun
  • Rhythmically significant stress in a line of verse. noun
  • Music Emphasis or prominence given to a note or chord, as by an increase in volume or extended duration. noun
  • Music A mark representing this. noun
  • Mathematics A mark used as a superscript to distinguish among variables represented by the same symbol. noun
  • Mathematics A mark used as a superscript to indicate the first derivative of a variable. noun
  • A mark or one of several marks used as a superscript to indicate a unit, such as feet (ʹ) and inches (〞) in linear measurement. noun
  • A distinctive feature or quality, such as a feature that accentuates, contrasts with, or complements a decorative style. noun
  • Something that accentuates or contrasts something else, as a touch of color that makes the features of an image stand out. noun
  • Particular importance or interest; emphasis: The accent is on comfort. See Synonyms at emphasis. noun
  • To stress or emphasize the pronunciation of. verb-transitive
  • To mark with a printed accent. verb-transitive
  • To focus attention on; accentuate: a program that accents leadership development. verb-transitive

The word "accent" in example sentences

I tend to think of the term accent as used sometimes as a non-technical word for dialect, or as something used to talk about the speech of those speaking in a second or third or what have you language.. [ Y'ALL.]

Look at people like Henry Kissinger whose command of English far exceeds that of a majority of Americans, yet his accent is atrocious and he has never been able to improve upon it.. [long-timers, what can�t you still pronounce well in Spanish?]

Tommy -- I speak with a strong twang when I've been home for a while or when I'm on the phone with friends and family who are still in TX, but otherwise I don't think my accent is all that strong.. [jalapeno-cheese bread | Homesick Texan]

Note the difference in the forms of llamar here – llamé with an accent means I called, llame without the accent is the command form asking someone else to call you.. [Telephone Useage in Mexico]

"Tonic accent" is not really a suitable term for any pronunciation of French, for tonic accent denotes speaking a given syllable LOUDER than another, which does not happen in French.. [l'accent tonique - French Word-A-Day]

Is it difficult to stay in character since the accent is not yours.. [Twilight Lexicon » We need your Red Carpet questions for “Remember Me”]

Even his British accent is deteriorating by the minute.. [Twilight Lexicon » Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Rob Pattinson once again]

Its a reality that an Afrikaans accent is often associated with stupidity, bone-headedness and yes, racism.. [Not all coloureds speak like dis « Digital immigrant]

The accent is on a Swedish sleuth in 'Wallander' - USATODAY. com. [The accent is on a Swedish sleuth in 'Wallander']

(And their accent is much closer to the Upper Midwest than New York or Los Angeles.). [Land Of My Bones.]

Boss Hoggs southern accent is more than I can stomach, but seeing his knuckles dragging on the ground bothers me even more.. [Think Progress » Norquist says Haley Barbour ‘is not completely fluent in English.’]

“There, there,” and there was a certain Swedish accent noticeable in his voice.. [Sister Carrie]

His Russian accent overpowered the French words and made them difficult to follow.. [The Seventh Scroll]

I have translated 'Flow on, thou shining river' to Moore's own tune, so as to retain Greek accent _as well as_ quantity in exact agreement to the music ... the commonest metres puzzle me most ..... [Memoir and Letters of Francis W. Newman]

Some poets, especially the moderns (among others, Rossetti and Swinburne) have deliberately forced the word accent to conform to the metrical pattern in a way that can scarcely be called adaptation or adjustment; that is to say, the irregularities cannot successfully be 'organized' by syncopation and substitution so as to produce a true rhythmic movement.. [The Principles of English Versification]

Pronunciation is scholastic, relating to the word accent and the vowel sound.. [Public Speaking]

Accent Translates

TurkishAccent English to Turkish Translate
(i). aksan, telâffuzda bir heceye verilen kuvvet ; aksan i,sareti, vurgu; şive; hisleri belirtmek için cümlede belirli kelime veya hecelerin vurgulandırılması.(i). aksan, telâffuzda bir heceye verilen kuvvet ; aksan i,sareti, vurgu; şive; hisleri belirtmek için cümlede belirli kelime veya hecelerin vurgulandırılması.

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@gocabbie69 @Richard84996754 To be said in French accent.... " how is this possible "


@Kaylathrows: Forcing an African accent does not make you a comedian


@noonimanoban: lisa's english accent is so sexy

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Accent Word Data

  • Pronunciations(ăkˈsĕntˌ)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation ac cent


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