Definitions of "Accented"

Having the main stress of a word; -- used of syllables. adjective

Being pronounced with sterss; -- used of syllables. adjective

Simple past tense and past participle of accent. verb

Used of syllables adjective

Bearing a stress or accent adjective

The word "Accented" in example sentences

The fundamental fact in the constitution of the rhythmical unit is the antithesis of two phases which we call the accented and the unaccented. Harvard Psychological Studies, Volume 1 Containing Sixteen Experimental Investigations from the Harvard Psychological Laboratory.

A video shows the doll in full geisha makeup, set to a woman's voice singing Marlene Dietrich's "Falling in Love Again" in Japanese-accented English. A Day in the Life of a Life-Size Doll

" Some people come to change the battery, " he said in Russian-accented English. A Jewel of a Proprietor

“Everybody get down!” he shouted in American-accented Polish, then suited action to words by diving into the snow himself. DBTL 70: Bojowy!

He would later go on to voice a certain Southern-accented, polite, blue hound who shared part of his name with a Mark Twain character. Afternoon Cartoon – The Bleat.

Then a Mexican fellow appeared and, looking over my shoulder, asked in accented English what the problem was. Christmas angels - a highway story in Mexico

Then a Mexican fellow appeared and, looking over my shoulder, asked in accented English what the problem was. Christmas angels - a highway story in Mexico

This agglutination is precisely what obscured the original penultimate accent of the bare nominative singular, making it now a word accented on the antepenultimate syllable third-to-last syllable. Sporadic phonetic changes in the Indo-European case system

Speaking in American-accented Serbo-Croatian, he took the oath of office as prime minister of the rump Yugoslav federation dominated by Serbia, adding "So help me, God" in English. Panic And Hope

The bearded man, speaking in American-accented English, said that he was the "emir" (director) of the facility. Joanne Mariner: The CIA's "Disappeared"

It is just because he is not an East German survivor but a fresh, cosmopolitan child of the Americanized West, a privileged Wessi down to the carefully unbuttoned tips of his pink button-down shirt, fluent in American-accented English and the universal language of Hollywood, that he is able to translate the East German experience into an idiom that catches the imagination of the world. The Stasi on Our Minds

"Enjoying your stay?" she said, in German-accented English. The Magyar Venus

"Excuse me, are you real?" someone asks him in American-accented English. Asimov's Science Fiction

"That is not it," a woman's voice offered in French-accented English. Cold Noses Warm Kisses

The shorter version will have one less song, a fewer dialogues and voices dubbed in American-accented English. NAACHGAANA

What does accented mean?

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