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Acceptability is the characteristic of a thing being subject to acceptance for some purpose. A thing is acceptable if it is sufficient to serve the purpose for which it is provided, even if it is far less usable for this purpose than the ideal example. A thing is unacceptable (or has the characteristic of unacceptability) if it deviates so far from the ideal that it is no longer sufficient to serve the desired purpose, or if it goes against that purpose. From a logical perspective, a thing can be said to be acceptable if it has no characteristics that make it unacceptable: We say that a theory Δ is acceptable if for any wff α, Δ does not prove both α and ¬α. Hungarian mathematician Imre Lakatos developed a concept of acceptability "taken as a measure of the approximation to the truth". This concept was criticized in its applicability to philosophy as requiring that better theories first be eliminated. Acceptability is also a key premise of negotiation, wherein opposing sides each begin from a point of seeking their ideal solution, and compromise until they reach a solution that both sides find acceptable: When a proposal or counter-proposal is received by an agent, it has to decide whether it is acceptable. If it is, the agent can agree to it; if not, and alternative that is acceptable to the receiving agent needs to be generated. Acceptability is determined by searching the hierarchy. If the proposal is a specification of at least one acceptable goal, the proposal is acceptable. If it is the specification of at least one unacceptable goal, the proposal is clearly unacceptable. Where an unacceptable proposal has been made, "a counterproposal is generated if there are any acceptable ones that have had already been explored". Since the acceptability of proposition to a participant in a negotiation is only known to that participant, the participant may act as though a proposal that is actually acceptable to them is not, in order to obtain a more favorable proposal..

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Definitions of "acceptable"

  • Worthy of being accepted. adjective
  • Adequate to satisfy a need, requirement, or standard; satisfactory. adjective
  • Capable, worthy, or sure of being accepted or received with pleasure; pleasing to a receiver; gratifying; agreeable; welcome; as, an acceptable present, one acceptable to us. adjective
  • Barely worthy, less than excellent; passable. adjective
  • Capable, worthy, or sure of being accepted or received with pleasure; pleasing to a receiver; gratifying; agreeable; welcome. adjective
  • Capable, worthy, or sure of being accepted or received with pleasure; hence, pleasing to the receiver; gratifying; agreeable; welcome: as, an acceptable present.
  • adequate for the purpose adjective
  • judged to be in conformity with approved usage adjective
  • meeting requirements adjective
  • worthy of acceptance or satisfactory adjective

The word "acceptable" in example sentences

My use of the term acceptable refered to what was acceptable to the boy.. [Beyond A Reasonable Doubt, The Rape/Consent Spectrum, And Restorative Justice]

And these cars did well in the front and side tests and had what they call acceptable rear impact ratings.. [CNN Transcript Dec 5, 2005]

Why it was called "Dawn" I am not now quite clear, but I think it was because I could find no other title acceptable to the publishers.. [The Idler Magazine, Volume III, April 1893 An Illustrated Monthly]

As Jonathan Stagge, the boys just didn't seem to be able to come up with a title acceptable to their British publishers.. [In The Queens' Parlour]

So my question is: Was this term acceptable in 1989 or can its use be chalked up to the fact that Dick Maibaum was 79 years old when he wrote the script?. []

You are indeed acting like your forefathers in NOT recognizing that what USED to work and be acceptable is no longer.. [GOP head demands apology for slavery remark]

There's no guarantee that people will like five percent of what you do, but the only way you can get to a point where that's acceptable is if you're one hundred percent proud of it.. [Mike Ragogna: New Tunes On Monday: Conversations with Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins plus Pete Yorn]

Still, he appeared to be in acceptable condition during Senior Bowl practices.. [Peak performers: O-line likely to produce bumper draft class again]

How did this kind of fussy childish eating got to be socially acceptable is beyond me .... [Reduce Or Eliminate Eggs With These Egg Substitutes | Lifehacker Australia]

And given the fragmentation of news on the Internet and on cable television, Americans increasingly choose to listen only to their own side of the argument, to bloggers and commentators who reinforce their convictions and paint the world only in acceptable, comfortable colors.. [The Story Behind the Story]

The fact that, according to a survey carried out regarding the publication of these drawings, 56% of the respondents felt that it was acceptable is a testimony of the current climate in Denmark.. [European Union]

Fired from their job, either as a prudent precaution by the employer or because being homeless makes it hard to maintain acceptable levels of grooming?. [The Volokh Conspiracy » What Should Landlords Do If a Tenant Is Accused of a Violent Crime?]

As far as a plausible solution goes .. the only thing I see as being acceptable is dissolving Israel and Palestine into a single state, refereed to neither as Israel or Palestine.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Let Turkey Have Gaza]

"Whether this would achieve the desired risk-aware behaviour from traders is doubtful, as there would be more pressure to put up salaries so that proposed bonuses fall within acceptable levels.". [European banking regulators thrash out proposals to cap bankers' bonuses]

When positions open they are supposed to be openly and fairly competed, first internally within NASA, and if no one acceptable is found, then outside NASA.. [Bolden and Garver Confirmed by Senate - NASA Watch]

They really should have mandatory courses in acceptable bedside manner in medical school!. [Pap… « Mudpuddle]

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(s). kabul olunabilir, makbul be acceptable makbule geçmek.(s). kabul olunabilir, makbul be acceptable makbule geçmek.

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