Character 10
Hyphenation ac cord ance
Pronunciations /ə.ˈkɔɹd.əns/

Definitions and meanings of "Accordance"

What do we mean by accordance?

Agreement; conformity. noun

The act of granting. noun

The state of being in accord; agreement with a person; conformity to a thing; harmony. noun

The act of according, granting, or giving. noun

Synonyms Harmony, unison, coincidence. noun

Agreement; harmony; conformity. noun

Agreement; harmony; conformity; compliance. noun

The act of granting. noun

Concurrence of opinion noun

The act of granting rights noun

Agreement; harmony; conformity; compliance.

The act of granting something.

A reliable, economical car available in both sedan and coupe form factors, that perfectly reasonable people use for day-to-day transportation regardless of some internet douchebag's opinion about them. Urban Dictionary

An agreement Urban Dictionary

A very dependable, midsized sedan, with good gas mileage, and an affordable price. Urban Dictionary

In geo-political denotation, an agreement that once signed, causes an end to hostilities PROVIDED that the conditions to the aforementioned agreemnet are met. Failure to comply with the accord conditions can result in the original action stopped by the Accord to be carried out as if no agreement was ever effected. Urban Dictionary

So give credit to the smarter people Urban Dictionary

Drive a nice luxorious sedan. Urban Dictionary

A mid-sized family car made by Honda. People believe that putting lots of money into an Accord makes them equal the value of a BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus. The only Accord worth buying is the newer Accord V6 Coupes with 240 horses that run low 14s. Urban Dictionary

CB7 CD7 Accords are fast if properly tune and put in real Forged parts inside the engine and a hks turbo added the usual Header Fartcan Hi-Flo Catalytic,wider throttle body CAI max out ECU the likes and those thumbs down are those cars and dudes that just got beat by an accord and not counting the prelude because of same family Urban Dictionary

A cheap shit excuse for a car Urban Dictionary

Gay ass car that young punks who can't afford a real car drive. Urban Dictionary

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The word "accordance" in example sentences

But since God is also absolute truth and goodness, he can do only what is in accordance with his essence — everything he does is good. ❋ Unknown (2009)

But what I have said is in accordance with most National, State and municipal laws. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Now, however, things have changed and if you direct deposit, the Mexican bank is not allowed to charge you any fees for the conversion in accordance with the agreement between Social Security and Mexico. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The Pope then recalled how Vatican Council II had identified three perennially-valid criteria for interpreting Sacred Scripture in accordance with the Spirit that inspired it. ❋ Unknown (2009)

What other animals usually do is act in accordance with nature's highest moral rule: they act to preserve the molecular information that led to their births. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And as I have said, even those who applied for asylum were doing so in accordance with Canadian law -- written and passed by the Canadian legisalture. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The rich have the duty to struggle against greed, against the desire to possess, to show off, against a false concept of freedom understood as being able to dispose of everything in accordance with one's own will. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Arresting people, and treating them in accordance with the Constitution, is the standard procedure for the FBI. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I have a reserved admiration for people who are driven to win, and in accordance with this sentiment I seek to accommodate all those who have such Type A personalities, which includes many Mexican male drivers and some of the females as well. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Military tribunals can, indeed be perfectly legal, constitutional, and in accordance with international treaty. ❋ Unknown (2010)

On the contrary, he lived under a series of reforming popes; he was the contemporary and the friend of St Charles Borromeo, who did more than any other man to restore Church discipline in accordance with the canons of Trent. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It's a [Honda Accord]. What kind of example do you need? If you're not familiar with [Honda] and their line of vehicles, you probably can't [read this] anyway. ❋ Critical Error (2007)

Yo kevin [yur] gonna let me [sleep with] yur girl [rite]?, we have an accord? ❋ INdianCOnNECTION (2004)

"what you paid $50,000 on a new mercedes and it [broke down] already. that sucks,i just bought a new accord with [navigation], leather seats, front and side [air bags],and dvd. then with the other $25,000 i bought a big ass boat." ❋ Jaytee (2005)

Germany and Japan are still bound by Accords both signed in 1945, stating that if they ever became belligerents in their respective theatres again, the allies would crush them. These Accords are still in effect. Saddam Hussein signed an [Accord] in 1991 allowing him to retain power PROVIDED: 1.) He destroyed his WMD stockpiles and showed proof of their disposal. 2.) That he [stand down] his military arm and cease to be a threat to the gulf region 3.) That he forfeit and [disavow] all claims to Kuwait and other regions. Said Accord trumped any other agreements that he had with such entities as the UN. When Saddam refused to comply with the Accord, Iraq was invaded (An action that was halted due to the 1991 Accord) and Saddam was removed as a leadership entity. It is interesting to note that the UN refused to enforce the Accord due to not only the UN profiting from trading with Saddam ( in violation of a [trade embargo]) but France, Russia and Australia were also found [complicit] in this action. ❋ Ironbrand (2007)

According to [Lil Wayne] if intercourse happens on [the stairs] and the female happens to get pregnant then call [the baby] step child ❋ EgGMAN (2014)

I got a 2000 Honda Accord [V-tech], and smoked a camaro,then he said that his anti-slippery system is not to good, what kind of pussy statement is that. Your shit sucks, buy a [bimmer] or a [benzo] then you could proof your a man! Shit. ❋ Albert (2003)

"Dude, trip out on Jose's Accord. He put chrome 20s, a body kit, 3" drop, and some ricer altezzas on it and it still [looks like ass]." "I just smoked [Quazz's] 97 Accord Sedan right now in my [EP3]!" ❋ Nasty Massey (2004)

If a Ricer/JDM equip with only a [fartcan] and wings can beat Americans how must it be if it was properly tune with [Mad out] of the world parts you guys lookin for another 5 years before the American standard engine can equal it at best 93 [CB7] Accord ❋ Unidentified Tuner (2009)

[WTF]! you [drive] an accord, [get the hell out of here]. ❋ Overseer (2005)

[Look at that] [fag] in the accord. ❋ Anon (2005)

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