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Definitions and meanings of "Accostings"

What do we mean by accostings?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word accostings. Define accostings, accostings synonyms, accostings pronunciation, accostings translation, English dictionary definition of accostings.

To approach and speak to often in a challenging or aggressive way Urban Dictionary

Often done to prepare oneself to frost the perimeter, before one drops a messy pile of stool towards the hatch. Respectable men will always accost a perimeter before they frost it. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Accostings

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The word "accostings" in example sentences

For example, a woman would not wish to seem forward, nor, in effect, to be calling herself to the attention of a strange male, which can be dangerous on Gor, and a woman, a free woman, might be well advised not to respond to the accostings of a strange male. ❋ Norman, John, 1931- (1988)

nissanzxman [gets] accosted because he's a [damn] [degenerate]... ❋ Nester (2004)

I could hear Boris accosting that [perimeter] for like 10 minutes before I actually heard stool splashing into the bowl! Before perimeter is [frosted], perimeter must be accosted! Aggressive men waited outside of the communal restroom, ready to accost [the perimeter] one by one. [The perimeter] was accosted multiple times by a large amount of guys. The perimeter was accosted by three gang members in the public restroom. ❋ GerthPaul (2022)

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What does accostings mean?

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