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Account Account (bookkeeping) A report A bank account Deposit account Personal account Sweep account Transaction account User account, the means by which a user can access a computer system.

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Definitions of "account"

  • A narrative or record of events. noun
  • A reason given for a particular action or event: What is the account for this loss? noun
  • A report relating to one's conduct: gave a satisfactory account of herself. noun
  • A basis or ground: no reason to worry on that account. noun
  • A formal banking, brokerage, or business relationship established to provide for regular services, dealings, and other financial transactions. noun
  • A precise list or enumeration of financial transactions. noun
  • Money deposited for checking, savings, or brokerage use. noun
  • A customer having a business or credit relationship with a firm: salespeople visiting their accounts. noun
  • Worth, standing, or importance: a landowner of some account. noun
  • Profit or advantage: turned her writing skills to good account. noun
  • To consider as being; deem. See Synonyms at consider. See Usage Note at as1. verb-transitive
  • account for To constitute the governing or primary factor in: Bad weather accounted for the long delay. phrasal-verb
  • account for To provide an explanation or justification for: The suspect couldn't account for his time that night. phrasal-verb
  • call to account To challenge or contest. idiom
  • call to account To hold answerable for. idiom
  • on account On credit. idiom
  • on account of Because of; for the sake of: "We got married on account of the baby” ( Anne Tyler). idiom
  • on no account Under no circumstances. idiom
  • on (one's) own account For oneself. idiom

The word "account" in example sentences

In fact, the average easy access charity saving account offers a pitiful 0. 38% interest - this is 0. 34% lower than the average personal easy access savings account**.. [Fair Investment Company]

Regular Saver account and the same amount into N&P's Family Regular Saver ­account.. [ - Home]

The Controller def create @account = Account. new params [: account] Account. transaction do if @account. save @account. projects.create: name = >. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

XD thanks. it's amazing i've been playing since for (looks up 1st account) 61 months x_x and i found my skype software XD just need a mic * looks at empty bank account* maybe I'll get it for Christmas or something XD oh and I stole the e with an accent from freetranslation. com or something like that. that's how I do my Italian homework hurray!. [The PPT Show]

Simpler Controller def create @account = Account. new params [: account] if @account. save redirect_to @account else render: template = >. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

The issue is not really “signaling”: everybody knows that the FDIC guarantee makes your (fractional reserve) bank account safer; there is no need to *signal* the fact (signaling is necessary only in the absence of a government guarantee, and even then it’s impossible to signal *that the government guarantees your account*, since it doesn’t).. [George Selgin on Free Banking, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

My main account is my dummy US one; my 'real' one is Canadian.. [Create A Dummy Account To Get Around App Store Restrictions | Lifehacker Australia]

What they fail to take in account is short-term memory.. [Dilated, deaf, and disoriented. «]

A certain account is at length given of the overthrow of Babylon.. [Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume IV (Isaiah to Malachi)]

Starting from a minimum deposit amount of €5,000, the term account is spread over a. []

It looks like setting up a Bank of America account is the best option.. [Banking between USA and Mexico]

The most famous anecdote in the account is the matter of the pear trees.. [Saints]

I know it's small but the picture on my account is a coworker and I lifting a 6'2 female lake sturgeon out of the water to measure, weigh, tag, and take eggs from her.. [Go To College, Study Fish...]

While registering your account is the first step we want to give you the opportunity to promote yourself and let readers know who you are.. [Write at WRA: Our Collaborative Blogging Project » Blog Archive » Writer's Round-About - The Craft and Business of Fiction and Freelance Writing]

But some issuers found a way around the law by charging a sign-up fee before the account is actually opened.. [Fed moves to close credit card loophole that allows excessive fees]

I think this account is a better explaination as to why women live for so long after their reprodictive cycles have ceased, as most animals don't outlive their ability to produce offspring for long.. [Why Do Women Experience Menopause? » E-Mail]

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(f). hesap vermek, sebebini belirtmek; cevap vermek; saymak, itibar etmek account for hesap vermek, sebebini izah etmek.(f). hesap vermek, sebebini belirtmek; cevap vermek; saymak, itibar etmek account for hesap vermek, sebebini izah etmek.

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HUGE! Check Your BANK ACCOUNT! Look What President Trump Just Put In It!
HUGE! Check Your BANK ACCOUNT! Look What President Trump Just Put In It!
GOP leaders call out Dems for 'different account' of meeting
GOP leaders call out Dems for 'different account' of meeting

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