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Definitions of "accounts"

  • Plural form of account. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of account. verb

The word "accounts" in example sentences

Significantly, the range of vessel forms Earthy identifies virtually mirrors not only the "Iron Age" pottery of the southeastern lowlands, but the vessels described and pictured in accounts from the 1960s and 1970s for a somewhat narrower area whose inhabitants include people of Tsonga, Chopi, Venda, Lemba, and Sotho origin.. [Where Women Make History: Gendered Tellings of Community and Change in Magude, Mozambique]

While the label accounts for only 17 percent of the company's consolidated revenue, it made up for almost half of its partnered brands division, which includes such labels as its licensed DKNY jeans and Dana Buchman clothing line.. [Newsvine - Get Smarter Here]

I suppose doing the accounts is my least favourite part - but I don't think I'm alone there.. [EirePreneurZ: An interview with Barbara Molloy of]

Jenny Morgan was doing up the hieroglyphics which she called her accounts; she answered sharply enough, but it was a permission to enter, and Ruth was thankful for it.. [Ruth]

At the end of the 1Q'11 the company had cash balances of MXN546 million, financial subsidiary's short term accounts receivable of MXN2.267 billion, approximately MXN3 billion of available non-committed credit lines and total debt of MXN$2.255 billion, of which 46% is short term.. []

Real silence, by all accounts, is an unpleasant sensation.. [The disquieting sound of The Great White Silence]

Spain remains one of the best performers amongst euro-zone 'peripherals' and demand from foreign accounts is very strong as investors are taking advantage of the good yield pick-up, said Newedge Strategy.. [European Stocks Nudge Higher]

So, the median account balance of all 401 (k) accounts is less than $13,000, barely a fraction of what is needed for a secure retirement.. [Lee A. Saunders: America's Failed 401(k) Experiment]

Representing about one-fifth of the $2.6 trillion savers have in CDs, the shift from investments that offer a fixed rate of return over a specific time period to near-zero-yielding money market accounts is a reflection of the dour economy and the fear and uncertainty that it breeds, analysts said.. [Unemployment, Economy Forcing Savers To Give Up $5 Billion A Year]

I think that general accounts from the public sphere get both of them rather wrong, whereas you think they only get Benedict wrong.. [Hungering for some shallow analysis of Pope Benedict XVI?]

And Frockt, by all accounts, is putting in the sweat equity to win this campaign.. [Democrat vs. Democrat « PubliCola]

Other quibbles: For now you can only designate a single beneficiary for each asset, when it might make sense for certain accounts and passwords to go to more than one person -- your spouse, say, and a business associate.. [What happens to your digital life after death?]

Sophos virus researcher Beth Jones says that these particular logins are extremely valuable "virgin accounts" with a higher chance of not yet being blocked by spam filters.. [20,000 Hotmail passwords exposed]

Active accounts is what matters and people actively use a product only when they find it to be of value.. [Hacking Traction: The Dark Side of Marketing Optimization]

Of course, the main accounts came after those detained were released and video interviews were posted on the OL! blog.. [Global Voices in English » Azerbaijan: Bloggers speak about Baku youth protest, detentions]

Liebman has written against “carve-outs” of private accounts from the existing Social Security system but in favor of add-on accounts.. [Matthew Yglesias » Gordon to OMB]

Accounts on Social Media

Organic Traffics

All those Illuminati accounts are perfect foil for any kind of simple black op setup if there ever was one. The sim…


Twitter accounts are like tv channels. Some are news channels 24/7, others are sports channels and then there are f…


@kiranmarviPK: He said the proceeds of white collar crimes were laundered abroad through fake bank accounts. @AyeshaAbrish #ابو_بچاؤ_ٹری…


@CraigHillNet: If One Nation had been successful in getting $20 million from the NRA, little of it would have been spent on campaigning.…


@Wongley: AND HERE’S THE @MTNza #MTNChat ANNOUNCEMENT: Customers are now able to use their mobile services on WhatsApp. With 28mil on…

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