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Hyphenation ac cu rate
Pronunciations /ˈæk.jə.ɹɪt/

Definitions and meanings of "Accurate"

What do we mean by accurate?

Conforming exactly to fact; errorless. adjective

Deviating only slightly or within acceptable limits from a standard. adjective

Capable of providing a correct reading or measurement. adjective

Acting or performing with care and precision; meticulous. adjective

Characterized by extreme care; hence, in exact conformity to truth, or to a standard or rule, or to a model; free from error or defect; exact: as, an accurate account; accurate measure; an accurate expression; an accurate calculator or observer.

Determinate; precisely fixed.

Synonyms Accurate, Correct, Exact, Precise, Nice, careful, particular, true, faithful, strict, painstaking, unerring. Of these words correct is the feeblest; it is barely more than not faulty, as tested by some standard or rule. Accurate implies careful and successful endeavor to be correct: as, an accurate accountant, and, by extension of the meaning, accurate accounts; an accurate likeness. Exact is stronger, carrying the accuracy down to minute details: as, an exact likeness. It is more commonly used of things, while precise is used of persons: as, the exact truth; he is very precise in his ways. Precise may represent an excess of nicety, but exact and accurate rarely do so: as, she is prim and precise. As applied more specifically to the processes and results of thought and investigation, exact means absolutely true; accurate, up to a limited standard of truth; precise, as closely true as the utmost care will secure. Thus, the exact ratio of the circumference to the diameter cannot be stated, but the value 3.14159265 is accurate to eight places of decimals, which is sufficiently precise for the most refined measurements. Nice emphasizes the attention paid to minute and delicate points, often in a disparaging sense: as, he is more nice than wise.

In exact or careful conformity to truth, or to some standard of requirement, the result of care or pains; free from failure, error, or defect; exact adjective

Precisely fixed; executed with care; careful. adjective

In exact or careful conformity to truth; the result of care or pains; free from failure, error, or defect; exact; as, an accurate calculator; an accurate measure; accurate expression, knowledge, etc. adjective

Deviating only slightly or within acceptable limits. adjective

Precisely fixed; executed with care; careful. adjective

(of ideas, images, representations, expressions) characterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth ; strictly correct adjective

Conforming exactly or almost exactly to fact or to a standard or performing with total accuracy adjective

Telling the truth or giving a true result; exact; not defective or faulty

Deviating only slightly or within acceptable limits.

Precisely fixed; executed with care; careful.

Free from error or defect Urban Dictionary

Accuracy; accurate estimation Urban Dictionary

Phat, awesome, dope;hip-hop community Urban Dictionary

The expressed measurement wasnt at scientific standards. The rate of change between measurements at different time points showed a precise rate of change. Urban Dictionary

Correct about something (usually personal aspects) to a seemingly unexplainable degree, thereby inducing fear. Urban Dictionary

Something not found on Urban Dictionary

To pull something from ones ass that is eerily accurate to the truth Urban Dictionary

A term used to describe when something is satisfactory in a manner seemingly sexual, but has no relation to sex itself. Can be used to describe to describe cuts of meat, an event, or a person. Urban Dictionary

Having an error of 0.00000004%. common jargon used in numerical methods Urban Dictionary

Anything with a strange, weird, terrifying, or generally unusual physical appearance. Clipping of "biblically accurate angel". Urban Dictionary

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The word "accurate" in example sentences

"Rolling Stone issued a statement saying it stands behind its story, which it called "accurate in every detail. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Makers of branded drugs must prove to the Food and Drug Administration that their product is "safe and effective," and its label "accurate and adequate," Justice Thomas wrote. ❋ Jess Bravin (2011)

They say they're acting on what they call accurate intelligence against terrorist infrastructure in the city. ❋ Unknown (2002)

The majority of our masters are scholars by profession, and they are apt to lay undue stress on what they call accurate and minute scholarship, and to neglect wide and cursory reading. ❋ Unknown (1861)

Rolling Stone issued a statement saying it stands behind its story, which it called "accurate in every detail." ❋ Unknown (2011)

Joshi that students gave similar and what she described as accurate accounts of what occurred last month at Markham Elementary School in Oakland. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Not because of the ceremony -- which though historically "accurate" is not a religious service for its participants -- but because the flickering candles perform the same effect of voices, prayers in the darkness -- offering a way to feel oneself in the world. ❋ Mary Kate Hurley (2007)

Has anyone shot the stevens model 200 and if so how accurate is it? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Has anyone shot the steven model 200 and if so how accurate is it? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Official Pos by admin on Mar. 06, 2009, under Uncategorized how accurate is a home pregnancy test 11 days after ivf transfer, my official blood test is tomorrow.? ❋ Unknown (2009)

In the world of bow hunting, being comfortable and accurate is better ... not more poundage or higher arrow speeds. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Mr. Arapnel makes some good points, and it's promising to see Ms. Fritz express an interest in accurate and verifiable numbers. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Another question, how accurate is the model for * extreme* policies? ❋ Unknown (2009)

But how accurate is the science of our favorite films? ❋ Chicagoist (2010)

"[Arya's] [memories] were more accurate than [Nina's] due to the large amount of alcohol she ingested... Thus, she was too intoxicated to remember certain events accurately" ❋ Amizzle18 (2009)

[Achieve] [goals] with accuration. ❋ Hercolena Oliver (2009)

Yo kid, those [kicks] are [fuckin] [accurate]. ❋ Inky (2004)

My total body fat [measurement] [wasnt] accurate [on the scale]. But my rate of bodyfat lost was. My scale is Accurately inaccurate. ❋ Owenscott (2019)

"You have to try that psychic tarot rune personality test popup with the green dancing monkeys. It's scary accurate!" "[Candee] thought it was scary accurate that Lou [Gehrig] died of Lou [Gehrig's] disease." ❋ Samcastic (2007)

Person 1: Hey, today I was reading a very accurate definiton on urban dictionary that said [giraffes] use their [long necks] to reach up into the sky and stab birds with their horns! Person 2: Really? I thought they just reached up into trees to get at leaves Person 1: Nah, that's a common misconception. Just check out, it'll set [you straight]. You know, dictionaries are always right! ❋ Whatifidon'thaveaname (2009)

wow so [Jordan] was so "rectally accurate" the idea he pulled from [his ass] was 100% [correct] ❋ JudgeTred (2016)

(1) How do you like your [steak]? sexually accurate.... (2) Hey how was the party last night? Oh great! i met this chick that was sooo sexually accurateWhat does that even mean? [I DON'T EVEN KNOW] BECAUSE I AM A TOOL AND ARE [MAKING UP WORDS] TO FIT IN Actually, sexually accurate is a word. Oh. Yeah. ... ... ❋ Dr. Segreto (2011)

The [Runge] [kutta] method gives [ridonkulously accurate] results. ❋ MechE621 (2019)

I forgot the word for "[cancerous tumor]", so I [called it] a "[biblically accurate] growth". ❋ Chickenstealer (2022)

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