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Definitions of "accursed"

  • Abominable; hateful: this accursed mud. adjective
  • Being under a curse; doomed. adjective
  • Hateful; detestable. adjective
  • Doomed to destruction or misery; cursed; anathematized. adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of accurse. verb
  • Doomed to destruction or misery; cursed; hence, bad enough to be under the curse; execrable; detestable; exceedingly hateful; -- . past-participle
  • Subject to a curse; doomed to harm or misfortune; blasted; ruined.
  • Worthy of curses or execrations; detestable; execrable; cursed: as, “deeds accursed,” Collins, Ode to Fear.
  • under a curse adjective

The word "accursed" in example sentences

The doctor states plainly that one thing only has preserved the place from the doom of the cities of the plain, and that is the presence of certain good Christians, otherwise Catholics, in what he terms the accursed city.. [Devil-Worship in France or The Question of Lucifer]

“We sell to him;” and another, “He deserveth her;” and a third, “Accursed, son of accursed, is he who biddeth and doth not buy!”. [The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night]

One of his drunken exclamations was, “And the jade doats on your youth, you raw blockhead! and talks of your noble deportment, as she calls your accursed English formality — and your pure morals, forsooth! des moeurs de Caton a-t-elle dit — sotte!”. [The Professor, by Charlotte Bronte]

From this deed the men who killed them were called accursed and guilty against the goddess, they and their descendants.. [THE LANDMARK THUCYDIDES]

Of his greatness and his power, this alone shall remain to him -- a name accursed from generation to generation.. [Benita, an African romance]

But writing with Mr.C. waiting for his tea was, as you will easily admit, a moral impossibility; and after tea there were certain accursed flannel shirts (oh, the alterations that have been made on them!) to 'piece;' and yesterday, when I made sure of writing you a long letter, I had a headache, and/[Page 87]/durst not either write or read for fear of having to go to bed with it.. [Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle]

'So may you be accursed,' she screamed in German; 'accursed, thrice accursed, you and all the hateful breed of you, with the curse of Dathan and Abiram, the curse of poverty and sterility and violent, shameful death!. [The Jew and Other Stories]

That if this accursed thing were not destroyed they could not expect the return of God's gracious presence; in plain terms, neither will I be with you any more as I have been, except you destroy the accursed, that is, the accursed person, who is made so by the accursed thing.. [Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume II (Joshua to Esther)]

"First the throne, Taramenon, and this bronze you call accursed is vital to attaining that.. [Conan The Triumphant]

Maïeddine called accursed because of the M'Zabites, made the beautiful hills recede always, leaving only the ugly brown waves of hardened earth, which were disheartening to climb, painful to descend.. [The Golden Silence]

The hunger for gold, which in men is called accursed, in metals is justly called sacred.. [Among the Forces]

Felicite who, when gazing on the previous evening at the ruins of the yellow drawing-room, had thought of the plains of Austerlitz, now recalled the accursed field of Waterloo as she observed how mournful and deserted the place was.. [The Fortune of the Rougons]

But in South Carolina it is called the accursed Union.. [Speech of T. N. Crumpler, of Ashe, on Federal Relations, Delivered in the House of Commons, Jan. 10, 1861]

After this the archons were called accursed, and were viewed with horror; moreover, the survivors of Kylon's party regained strength, and continued their intrigues against Megakles and the archons.. [Plutarch's Lives, Volume I]

At the time of which we are speaking these dissensions had reached their height, and the city was divided into two factions, when Solon, who was already a man of great reputation, came forward with some of the noblest Athenians, and by his entreaties and arguments prevailed upon those magistrates who were called accursed, to stand trial and be judged by a jury of three hundred citizens selected from the best families.. [Plutarch's Lives, Volume I]

Who could be dead in that house, which Villefort himself had called accursed?. [The Count of Monte Cristo]

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