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Definitions of "acknowledgements"

  • Plural form of acknowledgement. noun

The word "acknowledgements" in example sentences

I’ve submitted the FOI requests via 43 forces last night, and had acknowledgements from the majority already, but on the basis of your experience, I won’t hold my breath.. [The Smooth And Efficient Running Of A Police Station « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

Soothed to composure by these letters, I expressed in lively terms my acknowledgements to Mr. Furnival.. [The Unexpected Legacy]

If the winning proposal actually ends up as the book's real title (that is, if neither I nor the book's publisher ends up coming up with anything better), I'll acknowledge the winner in the book's "acknowledgements" section too.. [Is That Legal?: Books Archives]

And yes, I blame the agents for pushing this "acknowledgements" culture on us.. [Tizz the Season]

The bulletin has an "acknowledgements" section, which is basically "who found the vulnerability and told us about it"—e.g. here's the list of "whistle-blowers" to whom we are grateful.. [hackers good, crackers bad]

The most interesting arise in connection with a publication format that was not receptive to law-review style footnoting, and did not give me a chance to produce an "acknowledgements" page.. [Balkinization]

I don't know what kind of acknowledgements have been made by CBS or Dan Rather.. [CNN Transcript Sep 20, 2004]

I belong to an online workshop and have several friends who are writers that’s why my acknowledgements are a mile long, and they had reviewed and critiqued my work many times.. [Dear Author: Romance Novel Reviews, Industry News, and Commentary » REVIEW: Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews » Print]

In some disciplines, scholars listed in an "acknowledgements" section are not allowed to serve as referees. [iMechanica - Comments]

Lynelle and Mikhaile, kindly retrieve your jaws from the floor and pick out the carpet lint from between your respective cuspids, for it is true--even though i graduated five years ago, i got one last lesson from this exceptional teacher. we've kept in loose e-mail contact since i left SAU in 1998, and if you own a copy of my book you'll see a reference to him on my "acknowledgements" page. at any rate, you must imagine my delight when he suggested an educational field trip to the shooting range for me and a friend. finally, after several months of conflicting schedules, i now feel well and truly educated or at least thoroughly introduced to the subject of "things that go *Bang* really loud.". [cherie and avi at the OK Corral]

" I blame the agents for pushing this "acknowledgements" culture on us.. [Tizz the Season]

Step one: I spent a day in the bookstore, and in my own shelves, going through the books that in some way resembled GOOD IN BED, making careful note of the names of agents (and agents are almost always thanked in the acknowledgements, so it's not like it's some big secret).. [For Writers : So you want to be a novelist?]

As I mentioned in the acknowledgements in my dissertation, “he watched me grow in many roles – as a PhD student, as an engineer, and as an entrepreneur; I thank him for keeping an eye on me,” and I extend my deepest condolences to his family.. [Goodbye Old Friend. R.I.P. Rajeev Motwani]

My brother gets a nod in the acknowledgements of my first fantasy novel, The Mirror Prince.. [MIND MELD: What Book Introduced You to Fantasy?]

In submitted pieces, the “author bio” footnote often includes a litany of acknowledgements and usually references one or more conferences where the author presented the piece.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » How Many Rounds of Edits Are Best, and What Kinds, for Law Review Publications?]

A real press published work, with credits and acknowledgements.. [January « 2010 « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground]

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@RobertHanks @jntod @john_self Is it worth observing that of the many people thanked in Hannah S's Acknowledgements…


@LinkedIn I am diligent to keep up with congratulations and acknowledgements of people in my network. Typically I…


@MartRock84: @lukerosiak Just follow @GeorgWebb.. @lukerosiak wouldn't know who the Awan Bros were, if not for @GeorgWebb. Interested to…

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