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Definitions of "activities"

  • Plural form of activity. noun

The word "activities" in example sentences

Those directed towards the maintenance of self are called egoistic activities, while those directed to the maintenance of the race are called _phyletic activities_.. [The Biology, Physiology and Sociology of Reproduction Also Sexual Hygiene with Special Reference to the Male]

Limited liability representative offices is to service existing companies are relatively simplistic and contracts between the non-resident company accommodate the interests of minority owners. and a local customer, but not to engage in In sharp contrast, joint stock companies can be commercial activities on its own behalf. extraordinarily complex, particularly in cases Engaging in the so-called \ "commercial of highly negotiated joint ventures with state - activities\" (executing contracts in its own name, owned enterprises, and do not give minority accepting payment for goods, etc.) may result in shareholders very much protection. a representative office's re-classification as a \ "resident, \" thereby being taxed based on local The management structure of a stock company revenues derived from its activity in Ukraine. and that of a limited liability company is very Moreover, the Ukrainian corporate tax similar with a few minor variations.. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

Having the independence and flexibility to make time for family, hobbies or other activities is a huge draw to the entrepreneurial life.. [The pros and cons of starting a small business]

Every minute you spend on other activities is another minute during which the government is actively killing people.. [Symbolic Belief]

The U.S. military said the Iranians are suspected of being tied to what they termed activities targeting Iraqi and coalition forces.. [CNN Transcript Jan 11, 2007]

Though the GAO organizes its reports by subject matter and agency, it also pinpoints “High Risk” areas, which it defines as activities with “greater vulnerabilities to fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement.”. [Hullabaloo]

They exploit poverty and human misery for their own ends, and always behind their activities is the threat of force which has erupted into war in Korea and Malaya; internal chaos in Iran, Egypt, and numerous other places.. [Canada and the Colombo Plan]

If his estimate is right, Medicare and Medicaid could save $150 billion to $250 billion a year by eliminating waste, which he defines as "activities that don't have any value.". [The Seattle Times]

The report concluded that the program "was not a secret or covert effort," and thus not propaganda, which it defined as activities that "are covert, that is, the communications do not reveal to the target audience the government's role in sponsoring the material.". [Think Progress]

The report concluded that the program "was not a secret or covert effort," and thus not propaganda, which it defined as activities that "are covert, that is, the communications do not reveal to the target audience the government's role in sponsoring the material." news networks never disclosed that their military analysts were being briefed by the Pentagon.. [Think Progress]

What the hell kind of activities is he running needing that much storage and RAM?. [EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - The ultimate computer setup]

Leaving the state with all of it's problems and no one in charge so he could go participate in extracurricular activities is grounds for impeachment.. [Top South Carolina Republican calls for Sanford to resign]

Or maybe if they did certain activities after school.. [Women in Science Link Roundup: January 12 Edition]

Since 1993, National Trails Day has inspired thousands of individuals and community groups to take part in activities that promote healthy living and mental well being, protect green space, educate youth and adults on the importance of trails and instill excitement for the outdoors, according to the American Hiking Society, the founder of National Trails Day.. [2010 June 03 « Beachwood Historical Alliance]

Something else I recommend for anyone engaged in outdoor activities is a vacuum sealer.. [Help Me Pack My Boat]

The only sustainable level of net greenhouse gas emissions from human activities is zero.. [2009 October | Serendipity]

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UANI resource outlines the IRGC’s role in Iran’s domestic and international malign intelligence activities: 🇮🇱


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@USFCA_SOE: "Brain breaks and focused attention practices help students feel relaxed and alert and ready to learn." Via @edutopia https:…

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