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Definitions and meanings of "Adapting"

What do we mean by adapting?

To make suitable; to make to correspond; to fit or suit

To fit by alteration; to modify or remodel for a different purpose; to adjust

To make by altering or fitting something else; to produce by change of form or character

To make oneself comfortable to a new thing.

It’s an adjective; it means able to adjust to new conditions or capable of being modified for a new purpose. It can be applied to both people and objects and some authorities say that being adaptable, able to cope with changing conditions, is why humans are the dominant life form on earth. It is frequently used in the workplace to describe someone who can handle anything and is capable of taking on the jobs that would have others scratching their heads until they got splinters under their fingers. It is also used to describe members of the British armed forces, one reason, perhaps, why they are the best in the world. Urban Dictionary

Modification of an organism or its parts that makes it more fit for existence under the conditions of its environment Urban Dictionary

Where your school sends you for a few weeks when you’ve done something really bad or illegal but they don’t want to expel you. It’s a step above suspension, but below expulsion. Basically, a school full of people fighting, doing drugs, and drinking... Urban Dictionary

Making something useful or have a purpose, Urban Dictionary

Alternate way to spell "adaptation." most commonly used to look like an fucktard in front of your biology t.a. Urban Dictionary

How not to spell adaptation. Most commonly used by die hard knick fans. Urban Dictionary

A crazy sick biller with a good personality. As a good youtube bit has a lisp Urban Dictionary

Some wire that hangs on a person phone when the lazy manufactures take out all the ports A wire that hangs just like shit does from your but Urban Dictionary

1) The period of time needed to familiarize oneself with a new electronic device. 2) Often, a period of extreme anxiety and frustration stemming from one's need to learn a lot of technical information in a short to non-existent period of time. Urban Dictionary

A person who studders a lot , like every word is said 100 times Urban Dictionary

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The word "adapting" in example sentences

The minister's response was: "Disuse is sometimes more efficient than (state) intervention in adapting the law to changing mores." ❋ Whitereadsblack (2009)

What is the biggest challenge in adapting this story and character to a visual medium? ❋ Unknown (2010)

However access to well trained inexpensive doctors and a people experienced in adapting to peak oil through localized agriculture could be an invaluable resource for the U.S. ❋ Canadian Silver Bug/Green Assassin Brigade (2009)

The biggest challenge in adapting them for commercial use was making the technology reliable and affordable. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The other problem in adapting this sequence lies with Moore's deliberately purple prose, as he was both trying to evoke the florid type of writing found in those types of comics and evoke the speech an mannerisms of a 18th-century sea captain. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The language is different, and in adapting a comic to screen one has to understand the difference for an effective translation. ❋ Daj42 (2010)

One player that doesn't figure to be as much of a threat is Blockbuster, which was late in adapting to the rental-by-mail and online streaming revolution and wound up filing for bankruptcy in September. ❋ Heather Struck (2010)

It divides your attention, takes you out of both the story and the film, and makes you think about the choices the filmmaker made in adapting the story. ❋ Unknown (2009)

A U.K. Treasury spokeswoman wouldn't comment directly on the FSA interpretation of the cash limit, but said "the government has asked the FSA to examine further options" in adapting the EU rule. ❋ Sara Schaefer Mu (2010)

The screenwriter did a very good job too in adapting it. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Nor were the dogs long in adapting themselves to the changed conditions. ❋ Unknown (2010)

He's not a well-remembered name-he's probably best known for having sold the title Blade Runner to Ridley Scott, even though it was only the title Scott used in adapting Philip K. Dick. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[4] I have been amusing myself as I walkd, in adapting words to two or three of his lessons. — ❋ Unknown (2009)

The husband-and-wife screenwriting team of Irving Ravetch, who has died aged 89, and Harriet Frank Jr specialised in adapting the work of writers as varied as William Faulkner, Larry McMurtry and Elmore Leonard. ❋ Michael Carlson (2010)

What were some of the challenges you faced in adapting Taft into ❋ Unknown (2010)

People are [adaptable] when conditions change. [The telephone] was [sufficiently] adaptable to go mobile and send texts. ❋ AKACroatalin (2015)

adaptation: Some examples are: hollow bones and feathers of birds that [enable] them to fly, or the [cryptic] coloration that allows many [organisms] to hide from their predators. ❋ Twiztiddezirez (2005)

Guy: I gotta got to fucking ADAPT because [the principal] caught me hitting [the pen] in the [bathrooms] ❋ It's Me, Bitch (2019)

When a animal is presented with a new [environment] they have to [adapt] inorder to [survive], ❋ Aslpaul3939 (2020)

"[Plants] in [arid] climates have adaptions in their leaves." **Odd looks from people [smarter] than you and third graders** ❋ I Am A Dumb (2008)

[Toño] [said] adaption [lmfao] ❋ I'mNotYellingThisIsHowITalk (2013)

[Adapt]: " the the fuck is good [motha] fuckin [FaZe Adapt] here" ❋ FaZeFanBoy (2014)

Hey man [what’s up] with your [phone] On that [Adapter] life I guess ❋ Oneshotduke (2018)

1) "I'm sorry, Joe. I won't be in to work today. I'm exhausted from staying up all night learning how to use my new [i-phone] and am suffering this morning from a bad case of contraption adaption." 2) "I'm now limiting my persuit of new e-toys to only those gadgets with a low level of contraption adaption." 3) The salesguy said: "If you buy this new Mac laptop today, I guarantee you'll start using it today." "[Yeah, sure]", I said. "[I'll BET] there's no contraption adaption for THIS machine!" ❋ Juan O'Malley (2009)

[I love it] I love it I, I love it I love it , i,i,I love it I love it, [said] faze adapt ❋ Zombiekillaz23 (2015)

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