Definitions and meanings of "Added"

What do we mean by added?

To join or unite (e.g. one thing to another, or as several particulars) so as to increase the number, augment the quantity or enlarge the magnitude, or so as to form into one aggregate.

To sum up; to put together mentally.

To combine elements of (something) into one quantity.

To give by way of increased possession (to someone); to bestow (on).

To append (e,g, a statement); to say further information.

To make an addition; to augment; to increase.

To perform the arithmetical operation of addition.

To summon minions or reinforcements.

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The word "added" in example sentences

How to use added in a sentence? Example sentences with the added, a sentence example for added, and how to make added in sample sentence, how do I use the word added in a sentence? How do you spell added in a sentence?

•added "Sort the main menu" setting (none / by name / by usage) • "Processes": added view and change the priority for threads   ❋ Unknown (2009)

In the case of terrorism-related material, objections could fall in the categories "violent or repulsive conduct," including subcategories for "physical attack" or - in a label added last November after complaints about Mr. Awlaki - "promotes terrorism."   ❋ By SCOTT SHANE (2011)

In the 19th century, the cause might be a church, and people donated money and they were then honored by having their name added to the quilt--much the way fundraisers today sell "bricks" or walkway stones to honor donors.   ❋ Kate Kelly (2011)

It was a story about a name added to a federal list, about horrified parents and organizing community members and the repetition of the phrase “we are pursuing all avenues.”   ❋ Cara Hoffman (2011)

I was more than a little nervous, since I figured I was the one responsible for her losing her job back in Quincy, but she seemed to have done okay for herself despite that setback, so I agreed and told the warden to have her name added to my visitation list.   ❋ Carolee Dean (2010)

Whispers sounded once more, another name added now.   ❋ Kresley Cole (2010)

The investors made sure he was preceded by letters addressed to "Colonel Drake," the title added in order to enhance his reputation among the backwoodsman.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Mr. Giardina says the move allowed Jhane Barnes to recognize some savings on labor costs -- the Italian factory, for instance, would normally take two months to fill a suit order while the Chinese factory takes six weeks -- but not as large as some might expect because the label added features that its Italian-made suits didn't have.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

Merchant ships, but not warships, have the word added to their name for good luck as they encounter the perils of the high seas in the belief that Marus complete the voyage to the distant port and return to a joyous homecoming, thus completing the circle.   ❋ ROBERT B. STINNETT (2001)

Something in the way he said her name added to the erotic confusion of her senses.   ❋ Janet Dailey (1986)

Let go on urbandictionary no they have ads ❋ Qwerwerwqer (2011)

Oh man those ads wanted me buy things I don't need thank god for the skip ad button! ❋ Potatosmileyface (2015)

Mom: What are you watching?! You're only 13! Me: It's an ad. Mom: Oh. Carry on. Btw clean your room. ❋ Captain Lieutenant (2015)

Damn ade sexy asf; he can hit this ❋ Daethegoat (2017)

Ads Finder: Dang man I hate these damn ads!!!!!!! Ads Finder Friend: I ain't got none because I got YouTube Premium! Ads Finder: But at least my $14.99 don't go bye-bye each month! ❋ It'sMeAsha (2019)

Person 1: Why are there so many ads on Person 2: Because drugs don't come cheap. Person 1: I see. ❋ Justingraziano (2008)

Most ADS kills in this match! ❋ Growler420 (2010)

Me: *is watching some YouTube* Ads: Allow us to introduce ourselves. ❋ Littlewood32 (2021)

Wow your lucky to have a friend like Ade. She's a pain in the butt,but I don't know what I'd do without her. ❋ Ainy Speolu (2015)

Ade is a fitty im so lucky he is in my life! ❋ Donkehdonk (2018)

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