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The company said it will soon require that apps seek user permission before accessing address-book data on their phones.. [Apple Bows to iPhone Privacy Pressures]

Other app makers, including Twitter Inc., Yelp Inc. and Foursquare Inc., have since tidied up the way they ask for address-book data.. [Apple Bows to iPhone Privacy Pressures]

Last week, social-networking app maker Path Inc. sought to quell reports that it stored address-book information of users without their consent.. [Apple Bows to iPhone Privacy Pressures]

International Trade Commission specify patents governing power management and phone and address-book software; I couldn't tell you if Apple's devices infringe on them, but Engadget's intellectual-property-law guru Nilay Patel doesn't seem to think too much of HTC's case.. [HTC to Apple: We can litigate and innovate, too!]

Plaxo is best known for its fancy address-book software that automatically updates everyone on your contact list whenever you make a change.. [It’s Complaxtic: Comcast Buys Plaxo to Bolster Video Sharing - Bits Blog -]

A flick of the thumb whooshes you up and down these shortcuts, to which you can add such items as a person's address-book listing, an application or a Web bookmark.. [Microsoft's Windows Phone 7: Wrong name, some of the right ideas]

The BBC has a knee-jerk instinct on these stories, and a ridiculously small address-book.. [MONDAY OPEN THREAD]

The Mako, for one, is a stylish organizer that docks to your PC and syncs with popular calendar and address-book programs.. [Cyberscope]

Build an address-book and keep track of your conversations.. [Archive 2008-10-01]

My address-book groups on the Mac, which are simply distribution lists, didn't show up as distribution lists in Outlook, but as separate address books, and they also weren't immediately visible.. [Apple's MobileMe]

While phone calls and address-book imports were handled easily on all the phones, some of SYNC's advanced functions, like the reading of text messages and the streaming of music, aren't widely supported on all phones.. [Ford, Microsoft Create]

"The early-stage venture game has always been about getting in early and getting in cheap," says Founders Fund partner Sean Parker, who helped start companies including online-music service Napster and online address-book company Plaxo Inc.. [VC's New Math:]

It has mail, browser and address-book icons resembling the iPhone's colorful square icons on a black screen.. [My Phone, My Self]

I've now flung together a draft privacy analysis of address-book and social networking services (SNS) generally, with particular reference to Plaxo.. [Boing Boing: February 1, 2004 - February 7, 2004 Archives]

Bluejacking is the art of sending a message to a nearby stranger's Bluetooth phone, having first encoded the message as the "Name" field of an address-book entry, i.e.,. [Boing Boing: October 26, 2003 - November 1, 2003 Archives]

Instead of that, with the cheap worldwide calling rates, I would much rather use one number to call directly from my address-book using a simple to use MobileVoIP client (Truphone, TringMe etc).. [Jaxtr Finally Enables Out-of-Network Calling, Raises $10 Million]

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