Definitions of "Adjunct"

Something attached to another in a dependent or subordinate position. synonym: attachment. noun

A person associated with another in a subordinate or auxiliary capacity. noun

A clause or phrase added to a sentence that, while not essential to the sentence's structure, amplifies its meaning, such as for several hours in We waited for several hours. noun

A nonessential attribute of a thing. noun

Added or connected in a subordinate or auxiliary capacity. adjective

Attached to a faculty or staff in a temporary or auxiliary capacity. adjective

United with another (generally in a subordinate capacity) in office or in action of any kind: as, an adjunct professor. Added to or conjoined with, as a consequence; attending; accompanying.

Something added to another, but not essentially a part of it. noun

A person joined to another in some duty or service; an assistant or subordinate colleague. noun

In metaphysics, any quality of a thing not pertaining to its essence. noun

In grammar, a word or a number of words added to define, limit, or qualify the force of another word or other words; a word or phrase having value in a sentence only as dependent on another member of the sentence, as an adjective, an adverb, the words of a dependent clause, etc. noun

In music, a scale or key closely related to another; a relative scale or key. noun

The word "Adjunct" in example sentences

What does adjunct mean?

What does the word adjunct mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word adjunct in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with adjunct and anagrams of adjunct.

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