Definitions and meanings of "Admin"

What do we mean by admin?

An administrative assistant. noun

A person who has specific controls to a forum/website/etc. that allows them to control the forum/website/etc. noun

A person who controls specific network. noun

To serve as an administrator for or of. verb

Administration, or administrative work.

A systems administrator; one who maintains a computer system or network.

A user of a discussion forum, web site, etc. with privileges allowing them to control or restrict the activity of other uses.

An administrator of a computer system, an online forum etc.  Urban Dictionary

Administration: some guy/girl in charge of a system normally computer. Im on about the gaming admin: 1: good admin: fair just and make good comments. kick team killers but if it was under very bad circumstaces will let you off. Bad admin: kicks everyone that kills him, kicks somone with a just reason or point.basically kicks oh and makes sure he has admin mod so that if somone kills him he can be invincible or smack them or something gay like that. also have a habit of when a map is voted in byt 90% of the players will change it because he doesnt like it. dont insult them though, hell kick and ban you somemof them are horrible liers aswell claiming they work for valve and will have you arrested for swearing  Urban Dictionary

A race of genetically enhanced people who have been created to serve and to protect online communities from the evil that fills the internet.  Urban Dictionary

The operator of a server. normally bnet or cs servers  Urban Dictionary

Little gay retarded nerds who lust for power and start arguements and ban people for trying to defend themselves. Low life morons that are obsessed within their nerdy little website to create so they have power. See moderator.  Urban Dictionary

Police Officers in RL (Real Life)  Urban Dictionary

Admin: Also known as Administrator. A person who pwns you at everything. No matter how much you try, an admin will always win.  Urban Dictionary

A loser who spends too much time defining words on the urban dictionary, has little or no life. basicly a one minute man, with a vagina deeper than a golf bag. likes to get on his knees and smile like a donut. will tell girls anything to get into their pants, which has never and will never happen.  Urban Dictionary

Police Officers in RL (Real Life)  Urban Dictionary

A gay system that gives undeserving people power. The Users of admins are usually people who only care for OTHER admins. These are Biased Admins. You'll be lucky to meet an admin who gives two s***s about you. These are Deserving Admins. Here's the difference between the both of them.  Urban Dictionary

The word "admin" in example sentences

How to use admin in a sentence? Example sentences with the admin, a sentence example for admin, and how to make admin in sample sentence, how do I use the word admin in a sentence? How do you spell admin in a sentence?

"Set the $admin variable near the top to your board's admin user name" - What exactly does this bit mean? www. myforum/manage_bots. php but I get an HTTP 500 Error and the page is not displayed. ❋ Pony99CA (2010)

"Set the $admin variable near the top to your board's admin user name" - What exactly does this bit mean? ❋ Pony99CA (2010)

There is nothing to change. syd: ~ admin$ yet in network tab of server admin shows DNS Name as mail. ❋ Unknown (2010)

In non-domain environments, the default system shares (admin$, c$) are not accessible remotely by admin users, even if File and Print Sharing is enabled and the Windows Firewall allows inbound connections. ❋ Unknown (2008)

(but it can be disabled from the admin panel) •admin Panel: ❋ Unknown (2010)

The term admin was used loosely here since some were merely moderators of the forums. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Was it not GHW Bush one who said his admin is a new world order? and the cult trolls really believe that the wrong side party has there best interest. ❋ Unknown (2010)

More the kind of aggressive tactics Rove and Cheney (anyone remember Ken Star) have made the Republican playbook for years so if the Obama admin is able to "hit back harder", which I'm not thinking they did, THEN, WOW, GO TEAM! trying to be reasonable in WV ❋ Unknown (2009)

The Obama admin is aiding the enemy terrorists with this type of thing. and lowering the hard work our agents do because now they will not do what is necessary to save our country if they can be prosecuted for what they did under a prior admin. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The Obama admin is the biggest tax and spend bunch in the history of govt. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Congress cannot (and did not) give Bush the power to declare war, they simply said they would back him (though the terms were specific, and the admin is already trying to broaded the scope of that authorization illegally). ❋ Unknown (2005)

And the admin is still thinking about introducing a preventative detention law. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I have used this on several occasions when the admin is pushing a patch that requires a restart. ❋ Unknown (2009)

A certain amount of admin is necessary, but the duplicated effort, the pointless collection of unecessary data “just in case”, the time wasted on schemes and initiatives, and the excessive allocation of resources to non operational policing, seem to be a major distraction. ❋ Inspector Gadget (2009)

[Stop it] or I'll [email] the admin! ❋ Krazy Kraut (2004)

<<[GLA]>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH: admin [u gey] fck learn to pay and quit with the [grav] screwing<> HoLsTeR_SmAsH was kicked. ❋ Alex Weeden (2004)

The admin [banned] [the troll] for being a [prick]. ❋ Mr. Nub (2009)

<><>Mk.zOmbIE: OMG YOU FUCKING BS LOSER LEAVE BEFORE THE ADMIN BANS YOU FAGOT<><><><>Mk.YuRi: [fucking knob] ❋ G[r]ey (2004)

Someone:Maybe ill make this O so that itll represent [cherrios]admin for making [an O]>Actual event on [isketch]. ❋ WeirdPerson (2006)

person: So I was [speeding] down the road while playing [RL]... noob: yeah person: well the admin pulled me over and gave me a ticket. noob: that [suxors]! ❋ X5-452 (2008)

I am [teh] admin, and i will [pwn] [joo]. ❋ Ash Hender (2005)

[haha], look at that 'admin' trying to [pick up] those girls, he has [NO chance]. ❋ Zach (2005)

person: So I was [speeding] down the road while playing [RL]... noob: yeah person: well the admin pulled me over and gave me a ticket. noob: that [suxors]! ❋ X5-452 (2008)

Biased [Admin]:/points 100 Grapering302WithGreg: [MG] wth is wrong with u dumb ass Biased Admin:/ban Grapering302WithGreg: Grapering302WithGreg has been banned. [Deserving] Admin:/clear:ElfOnTheShelf has joined the game ElfOnTheShelf: WOW V3RY CL34N [Doge]:Much Clear | Very Open | Wow Deserving Admin:/Health 500 Doge Doge: Very Thanks Hacker: /kill Doge Doge: ;-; Deserving Admin:/ban hacker ❋ Scrubalicous (2018)

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