Character 9
Hyphenation ad mis sion
Pronunciations /ædˈmɪʃ.ən/

Definitions and meanings of "Admission"

What do we mean by admission?

The act of admitting or allowing to enter. noun

The right to enter or be accepted. noun

The price required or paid for entering; an entrance fee. noun

The people admitted, as to an institution. noun

A disclosure or confession, as of having made a mistake or done something wrong. noun

A voluntary acknowledgment of a fact or truth; a concession. noun

A statement against one's personal interests that can be used as evidence in a law case. noun

Specifically, in engineering: Entrance of motor fluid (as steam, air, or water) into a cylinder for the purpose of driving a piston. noun

The portion of a full traverse of a piston during which the motor fluid is allowed to enter the cylinder. noun

The point in the traverse at which such entrance of motor fluid begins. noun

The act of admitting or allowing to enter; the state of being admitted; entrance afforded by permission, by provision or existence of means, or by the removal of obstacles: as, the admission of aliens into a country; the admission of light into a room by a window or by opening the window. noun

Admittance; power or permission to enter; entrance; access; power to approach: as, to grant a person admission. noun

The price paid for entrance; admission fee: as, the admission was one dollar. noun

Eccles.: In the Church of England, an act of a bishop accepting a candidate presented to a benefice. noun

In the Presbyterian churches, especially in Scotland, a similar official act of a presbytery admitting a minister to his church. noun

The act of expressing assent to an argument or proposition, especially one urged by an opponent or adversary; hence, a point or statement admitted; concession; allowance: as, this admission lost him the argument. noun

Acknowledgment; confession of a charge, an error, or a crime: as, he made full admission of his guilt. noun

In law: A voluntary acknowledgment that something is true. noun

The act or practice of admitting.

Permission to enter, or the entrance itself; admittance; entrance; access

The granting of an argument or position not fully proved; the act of acknowledging something asserted; acknowledgement; concession.

Acquiescence or concurrence in a statement made by another, and distinguishable from a confession in that an admission presupposes prior inquiry by another, but a confession may be made without such inquiry.

A fact, point, or statement admitted; as, admission made out of court are received in evidence

Declaration of the bishop that he approves of the presentee as a fit person to serve the cure of the church to which he is presented.

The cost or fee associated with attendance or entry.

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The word "admission" in example sentences

In concluding the examination of the question whether Cotton Mather denounced, or countenanced, the admission of spectral testimony -- for that is the issue before us -- I feel confident that it has been made apparent, that it was not in reference to the _admission_ of such testimony, that he objected to the "principles that some of the Judges had espoused," but to the method in which it should be _handled_ and ❋ Charles Wentworth Upham (1838)

General admission to the nighttime entertainment is free with Fair admission* ❋ Unknown (2009)

When we do admit to ourselves that such acts are the results of inhuman conduct, our admission is accompanied by the thought that the very fact of war itself leaves us no option but to accept them. ❋ Unknown (1952)

The North's Central News Agency says the government "decided to leniently forgive and release" Robert Park, taking what it calls his admission and sincere repentance of his wrong doings into consideration. ❋ Unknown (2010)

When I ring the bell at my dentist's gate to gain admission to her garage so I can walk sideways past her dirty old Bocho, I always announce myself: soy el gringo con una cita a las ... whatever time the appointment is for. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Guided tours are available and admission is free, but donations are always gratefully accepted, Griffith said. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Having said this, I am not adverse to accepting an apology, an admission from the man as to what he has done. ❋ Unknown (2010)

It has always been the tradition that the sine qua non for admission is a period of articles. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"That's all, thank you," he interrupted, in the manner of a lawyer abruptly concluding a cross-examination after having extracted a fatal admission from a witness. ❋ Unknown (2010)

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