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Definitions of "adults"

  • Plural form of adult. noun

The word "adults" in example sentences

If adults (note ... * adults*) want to watch pr0n in a crowded (undoubtedly) theater then more power to them.. [Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz]

Obesity in adults is defined as a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater.. [U.S. obesity rate leveling off, at about one-third of adults]

The way we reprogram muscle in adults is by training.. [Exercise in a pill? « Isegoria]

Muscle in adults is constantly being built and broken down.. [Thursday, My Love!]

The door-to-door donation box now has a tag adults can scan with a smartphone to donate $10.. [ News]

While I applaud the attempt at a Gateway SF list (I've toyed with doing the same thing here, but Scalzi has done a much better job), I don't think aiming for the adults is the best way to go.. [August 2006]

I have also seen tremendous change in adults who admitted they had been bullies.. [Marlise Karlin: Band-Aids on Bullying Can't Stop Suicide]

In Africa, an entire generation of adults is under siege.. [Greg Behrman - An interview with author]

And nearly a third of CT scans done in adults and a quarter of those in children are like to be inappropriate, according to a 2007 article in the New England Journal of Medicine.. [Do you really need that X-ray or CT scan?]

To this end, seeking courses that teach wealth literacy instead of financial literacy to young adults is much more important.. [Young Adults Need To Seek Wealth Literacy, Not Financial Literacy « Articles « Literacy News]

Plan and provide training activities designed to promote and enhance literacy skills in adults and teaching English classes to non-English speaking …. [Daily Literacy Jobs – 36th Edition « Jobs « Literacy News]

Prevalence Rate of HIV/AIDS in adults: 7% (2003 est.). [Côte d'Ivoire]

Our Center treats all types of congenital heart conditions in adults, including those complicated by heart rhythm problems, heart failure, pregnancy and pacemakers.. [Philadelphia Adult Congenital Heart Center]

In fact, the Poison Control Center receives over 1,000 calls a year regarding accidental poisonings in adults, many of whom are elderly.. [The Elderly]

It is well known that high cholesterol in adults increases the risk of developing heart disease.. [Frequently Asked Questions About Alagille Syndrome]

Although Dr. Austrian's vaccine worked in adults, it did not work well in young children.. [Vaccine Science]

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@lizzie_stfu: I keep seeing adults try to be edgy by saying all kpop idols look the same and it's impossible to learn who they are.....h…


@krishgm: I used to present Newsround. They taught us to assume kids are every bit as intelligent and passionate about things as adults,…


@oluwapower: Nigerian youths are not lazy, only Nigerian youths will brave this kind of treatment and utter lack of welfare to serve the…


MATCH DAY⚫⚪ ⚽️ Darlington v Southport 🏆 National League North 🕒 KO 3PM 🏟 Blackwell Meadows 💷 Adults £10, Concession…


@NicolaSturgeon: Some adults seem determined today to show exactly why we should be listening more to young people. …

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