Character 8
Hyphenation ad vanced
Pronunciations /ədˈvɑːnst/

Definitions and meanings of "Advanced"

What do we mean by advanced?

Highly developed or complex. adjective

Being at a higher level than others. adjective

Ahead of the times; progressive. adjective

Far along in course or time. adjective

Situated in front of or before others.

In the front; forward; being in advance of or beyond others in attainments, degree, etc.: as, an advanced Liberal.

Having reached a comparatively late stage, as of development, progress, life, etc.: as, he is now at an advanced age.

In the van or front. adjective

In the front or before others, as regards progress or ideas. adjective

Far on in life or time. adjective

A detachment of troops which precedes the march of the main body. adjective

Simple past tense and past participle of advance. verb

At or close to the state of the art. adjective

Enhanced. adjective

Having moved forward in time or space (e.g. advanced ignition timing). adjective

In a late stage of development; greatly developed beyond an initial stage. adjective

Pronounced farther to the front of the vocal tract. adjective

Farther along in physical or mental development adjective

Far along in time adjective

Ahead in development; complex or intricate adjective

To promote or advantage.

To move forward in space or time.

To raise, be raised.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Advanced

The word "advanced" in example sentences

In return, the label advanced money while providing the relationships, expertise and infrastructure to record, manufacture, market, promote, distribute and sell the music. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Rebecca's mind, though, of course, there was not much time for her to give to anything but her studies and regular duties now, for as the term advanced the freshmen found their hours pretty well filled. ❋ Alice B. Emerson (N/A)

As the term advanced the whispers grew and he felt that there were plots in the air. ❋ Hugh Walpole (1912)

He was sixteen now and he could when he liked rule them all, and gradually, as the term advanced, he used his strength more and more and was more and more alone. ❋ Hugh Walpole (1912)

As the term advanced we had a joint discussion between representative juniors in the two societies. ❋ Unknown (1912)

Meanwhile, as the term advanced, Saint Winifred's gradually revealed itself to Charlie in a more and more unfavourable light. ❋ Unknown (1867)

I keep using the term advanced because I have had two different teams take a look and they say it is too difficult for them. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The trigger is when AOL Time Warner uses the cable assets to deploy what we call advanced instant messaging. ❋ Unknown (2001)

Here in Harvard we have had for many years a considerable range of electives in the admission examinations, particularly in what we call the advanced requirements. ❋ J. H. Gardiner (N/A)

According to General Bragg's report, Johnston's line of battle, after marching less than a mile beyond the scene of the first attack made by the three companies of the Twenty-fifth Missouri, came upon the strengthened National pickets, which he calls advanced posts. ❋ Unknown (1861)

On March 10, the day before the earthquake hit Japan, the company issued a press release outlining its planned events at CTIA, which it described as "advanced technologies, business initiatives incorporating sophisticated mobile devices and services, and synergistic collaborations with global partners." ❋ Elizabeth Woyke (2011)

"While TiVo is known as the creator of the DVR, what we do now is far broader than that, and we have actually become the leading provider to cable television operators here and around the world of what we call advanced television," Rogers said.

Missiles in what was described as the southern and western parts of Russia are to be equipped with what he called advanced counter-missile systems. ❋ Will Englund (2011)

Verizon Wireless doubled its existing $175 ETF to $350 for what it defined as advanced devices. ❋ Unknown (2010)

One of the features WD adds to the equation is what it calls advanced wear-leveling and error correction, which together extend ATA-8 TRIM-like commands to systems not running Windows 7; this means the SSD can, in the background, do the data maintenance and clean up necessary for sustaining long-term performance benefits, without user invention. ❋ Unknown (2010)

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