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What do we mean by adviser?

One that advises, such as a person or firm that offers official or professional advice to clients. noun

An educator who advises students in academic and personal matters. noun

One who gives advice or admonition; also, in a bad sense, one who instigates or persuades. noun

One who advises. noun

One who advises. noun

An expert who gives advice noun

One who advises

Adviser is a fat cunt, who should get heart disease caused by eating way to many takeaways. This fat cunt creates a whole new YouTube era for minecraft as he is the fattest cunt to ever touch the pvp community (excluding Erouax) Hope this pussy dies thx for reading!  Urban Dictionary

Corporate jargon for Fuck Off.  Urban Dictionary

An overly used verb used by douchey corporate types to sound more professional in emails and conference calls.  Urban Dictionary

Getting savagely drunk.  Urban Dictionary

When something is not wise or prudent.  Urban Dictionary

Corporate Jargon for What The Fuck.  Urban Dictionary

An extremely stuffy phrase used by business executives to close emails when they don't understand how to ask a real question. It basically means "Please use your imagination to figure out what the fuck I need to know to make a decision on this item without making me look like an idiot in front of all the people I CCed" "Please Advise" is typically used in place of "Thanks" in formatting an email. It is very passive aggressive. Always assume that the user of the phrase "please advise" is a college graduate that follows the advice of his professors to a T... Even 15 years later..  Urban Dictionary

The proverbial business bitchslap.  Urban Dictionary

A meaningless phrase that prefaces relevant information. It is basically unnecessary if not redundant, as one is engaged in the very act of “advising” when issuing a warning, imparting knowledge, or giving advice. “Please be advised” is used excessively by people in law enforcement and sometimes by those who became serious about life at a very late age, and now maintain blogs that purport to warn the public about what is largely one-sided, uninteresting crap.  Urban Dictionary

'Self-Advising' is the term for doing what you ought not, KNOWING BEFOREHAND that you ought NOT and yet . . . you do it anyway. This is especially true of calling with a known dead hand in poker. Against our own best advice to ourselves and gut instincts (and sometimes even the odds), we do what we know is wrong because . . . well, you know the list of reasons, we all have them and interchange and use them at random.  Urban Dictionary

The word "adviser" in example sentences

How to use adviser in a sentence? Example sentences with the adviser, a sentence example for adviser, and how to make adviser in sample sentence, how do I use the word adviser in a sentence? How do you spell adviser in a sentence?

The ˜adviser™ is simply in a position to supplant the child's choice as to what is best for herself with her own choice as her adviser. ❋ Archard, David William (2006)

John McCain's former presidential campaign manager Steve Schmidt is the latest McCain adviser to cry foul over accusations Sarah Palin has penned in her yet to be released memoir "Going Rogue." ❋ Unknown (2009)

Former senator Norm Coleman and former McCain adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin are leading the effort, while Haley Barbour, Jeb Bush, and Ed Gillespie are also involved. ❋ Unknown (2010)

"Serving as national security adviser is one of the most difficult jobs in government," Obama said. ❋ Scott Wilson (2010)

Madden, the Romney spokesman, said: I've never met a voter who walked into a voting booth and pulled a lever for a candidate because they have a certain adviser as part of their campaign team. ❋ Unknown (2009)

President Obama's promotion of Thomas E. Donilon on Friday to the post of national security adviser is an acknowledgment that the administration is entering a phase in which domestic political considerations will press more forcefully on foreign policy decisions. ❋ Scott Wilson (2010)

Not every former Bush adviser is so charitable, most notably Karl Rove, who is at the center of an ongoing fight with the Obama White House over midterm campaign funding. ❋ Anne E. Kornblut (2010)

Rice, the former secretary of state and George W. Bush's first national security adviser, is scheduled to hold a private meeting with Obama at 3: 45 p.m. ❋ Anne E. Kornblut (2010)

But a Palin adviser told CNN that Palin's request to be removed from the invitation for the events - timed to coincide with this week's Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans - was simply because she never planned on attending the events in the first place. ❋ Unknown (2010)

As Democrats on Capitol Hill are trying to avoid a brewing intra-party battle over treatment of abortion in health care reform legislation, a top presidential adviser is reiterating that President Obama remains opposed to legislation that contains language preferred by more conservative Democrats in Congress. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Partisan tensions are running high, but one top Bush adviser is being welcomed at the White House on Friday: Condoleezza Rice. ❋ Anne E. Kornblut (2010)

And the WH adviser is wrong, we will remember the mess, especially since part of the mess will be the reform itself. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The special committee, which has hired a financial adviser, is also likely to take up informal takeover approaches the company has recently received from several large pharmaceutical companies, the people said. ❋ Anupreeta Das (2010)

"Mum whats [for dinner]" "shut the fuck up [Adviser] [you fat] cunt" ❋ Xdmeme (2017)

I am working on the Alabama case files right now, and will have them on your desk by [4pm], unless you call me into another meeting about [the break] room microwave again. [Will Advise]. ❋ Disgruntled Co-Worker (2014)

1. I have not yet received that report. [Please advise]. 2. [I am looking] into the matter. [Will advise]. ❋ Lopeytal (2009)

I proceeded to get advised as [soon] as we entered [the bar]. ❋ DC (2005)

“I met this girl on the internet she said [come chill] around her way tonight.” “[In the hood]? [No that]’s ill advised Slim, ill advised” ❋ Nadidoug (2017)

Dear jim, I have [not yet] received the [Alabama] case [files] I asked you to Send. Please Advise. John ❋ NotGandalf (2013)

Dear Luke, I recently got a call from Alex in LA telling me that we're out of [blinkity] blank in California so the blippity blue isn't working. What-the-fuck what-the-fuck we're losing [15k] a day what-the-fuck [save me] please. Please Advise, John ❋ Ldemi (2011)

Hi Carrie, How are you? [Happy Monday]! I was wondering when you were going to get me that quote I asked for last week. If we don't [get the ball rolling] ASAP my client will look for another company. [Please advise]. All the best, Christine. ❋ Eventjubilee (2013)

Ryan: Officer Murphy, [please be advised] that our suspect is driving a Jeep. Murphy: Ryan, the fact that you’re advising me is understood in the information you have just given to me. Saying “please be advised” is an unnecessary [redundancy] that pollutes our radio communication. Ryan: [Ten-four]. ❋ Ned's Nutz (2010)

[When am I] going to start [listening] to myself and STOP! listening to myself? [That's what] I get for self-advising again. ❋ ORD ELLIS (2007)

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