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Definitions of "affected"

  • Acted upon, influenced, or changed. adjective
  • Emotionally stirred or moved. adjective
  • Infected or attacked, as by disease. adjective
  • Assumed or simulated to impress others: an affected accent. adjective
  • Speaking or behaving in an artificial way to make an impression. adjective
  • Disposed or inclined. adjective
  • influenced or changed by something adjective
  • simulated in order to impress adjective
  • Emotionally moved; touched. adjective
  • adfected adjective
  • Someone affected, as by a disease. noun
  • Simple past tense and past participle of affect. verb
  • Regarded with affection; beloved. past-participle
  • Inclined; disposed; attached. past-participle
  • Given to false show; assuming or pretending to possess what is not natural or real. past-participle
  • Assumed artificially; not natural. past-participle
  • Made up of terms involving different powers of the unknown quantity; adfected. past-participle
  • Beloved: as, “his affected Hercules,”
  • Having an affection, disposition, or inclination of any kind; inclined or disposed: as, well affected to government or toward a project.

The word "affected" in example sentences

That someone could die simply from hearing his name affected him so deeply that he changed his life completely, gave up everything destructive, and became a monk.. [Awakening Kindness]

This section shall not be construed to prohibit a person whose resignation from office has become effective from qualifying as a candidate for another office during the unexpired portion of the term affected by the resignation, nor shall it apply to any incumbent elective officer who seeks re-election to the same office or to any other public office during the final year of the term to which he has been so elected.. [Archive 2005-11-01]

English, and after exchanging a few sentences with M. Vansittart, he cried, "Tiens! mais c'est un petit Francais;" but the other boys laughed so unmercifully at what they termed my affected accent, that in self-defence I adopted an ultra-British pronunciation, made intentional mistakes, and, in order to conform to type, punctiliously addressed our venerable instructor as. [The Days Before Yesterday]

He's using this term 'affected' to cloud the interpretation.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

The need to do something constructive for those personally affected is overwhelming.. [survivor guilt]

Technology now touching almost every aspect and sphere of life the one this has considerably affected is the world of gambling.. [2010 May | Poker Hands]

If the Seattle Times really gives a damn about the people of Seattle, about businesses in affected areas of the city, then they should instead be pushing for tax increases to pay for more police, more foot patrols, and more outreach to regular groups of people in affected areas.. [Rich People Like Gates, Sr. « PubliCola]

"The Bible makes it clear that Adam's sin affected the whole universe," says Ham.. [Karl Giberson, Ph.D: Christianity and Extraterrestrial Life: Are the Gliesans Going to Hell?]

For families with known PTEN mutations, screening for specific cancers is started either at the recommended ages, or at least 5 years before the earliest known diagnosis of that specific cancer in affected family members (for example, if an affected family member developed breast cancer at 35 years of age, it is recommended that additional affected family members under 35 years of age begin breast cancer surveillance at age 30 years).. [PTEN Hamartoma Tumor syndrome]

Require the Attorney General to ensure the immediate release of corrective information in affected communities. [Civil Rights]

One guy, and the idea that his habeas rights were affected is still in question.. [Matthew Yglesias » India’s Response to Terrorism]

In her case, however, treatment was complicated as Herceptin affected her heart.. [Companies Aim to Personalize Therapy]

The next big event that would be affected is the New York Giants 'football game at 1 p.m.. [Fox Stations Pulled From Cablevision as Pact Ends]

The only reason why moms are affected is that they stay home for years and the most complicated thing they have to handle is probably the microwave oven.. [Let’s Stop Confusing Moms With Technology-Fearing Simpletons]

Corliss threw up his hands in affected dismay, and the pocket-miner began to grow angry.. [CHAPTER 15]

"For two cents --" Nishikanta spluttered in affected rage.. [CHAPTER XV]

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