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The word "aftward" in example sentences

The fifth Byrd expedition (he died shortly aftward its conclusion), named Operation Deep Freeze included the establishment of a permanent research station at the South Pole named the Amundsen-ScottSouth PoleStation. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Covu ordered all Necromongers except Oltovm to turn their backs as approach was made, and that forever established how a Necromonger vessel nears the open Threshold: aftward first. ❋ Foster, Alan Dean, 1946- (2004)

Otherwise aberration caused them to pass through an aftward cone, attenuated both by distance and by lengthening of their waves. ❋ Anderson, Poul, 1926- (1998)

As part of the V-8 engine's reverse-flow architecture, the twin turbochargers are situated in the valley of the engine's "V" and exhale separately into two catalytic converters which are located on top of the engine and exit aftward into the large stainless-steel exhaust system via downpipes on either side of the new 8-speed automatic transmission. ❋ Sam Abuelsamid (2010)

The J bar, that incidentally holds the entire radar navigation system, bent aftward about two-to-three inches (5. 1-to-7.6 centimeters), snapping the lifelines like twigs and almost broke free of the deck. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The first time I saw him and for years aftward, he was dressed like Timothy from Sorry. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Here’s an image of one regression run, using monthly anomalies, from 1880:1-1997:2, with the period aftward, to 2007:2, projected: ❋ Unknown (2007)

And so on, with details of the number of fells shipped in like manner by the _Michael_ of Hull and the _Thomas_ of Newhithe, where they lay 'next the mast aftward under the fells of Thomas Betson's', over 11,000 fells in all. [ ❋ Eileen Edna Power (1914)

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