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Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be. [Thomas à Kempis]

The word "agen" in example sentences

How to use agen in a sentence? Example sentences with the agen, a sentence example for agen, and how to make agen in sample sentence, how do I use the word agen in a sentence? How do you spell agen in a sentence?

Hasan dicabar untuk buat laporan BPR dan dedahkan siapa yang tawar dia jawatan dan RM tu dan berapa harga dia yang diletakkan oleh 'agen' itu ....? Perjuangan adalah perlaksanaan kata - kata

'Gin ony man-body says a word agen yer mither, ye maun jist knock him doon upo 'the spot.' Robert Falconer

"After all these years, too," he groaned, "an 'agen' all likelihood Poison Island

"Ah'll thank 'ee, owd hoss, to pass no word agen Ned Blossom. Ambrotox and Limping Dick

On December 10th 2009, shannon greene wrote: eya every 1 well wer do i start i LOVE rihanna she is just the best and she did good to split up with that chris brow she is back to her selff agen xx Rihanna “The X-Factor” Performance Nov. 22 [

"My Tom han't ever said a word agen 'you, and the odds are he'll say nothing now. Shining Ferry

'Beggars can't be choosers,' he said; and afterwards I found out from Peter Benny that he'd covered his poor body with tattoo marks -- his body that I've a-washed hundreds o 'times, and loved to feel his legs kickin' agen 'me. Shining Ferry

"I wouldn't ha 'said a word agen her if she'd insisted upon the fine young gentleman paying for his frolic a trying to fool you -- which he didn't do an' you may thank yourself for your sperrit Miss Lavvy -- that was only what a mother ought to do, but to sell her own child to make money out of her own flesh an 'blood -- well I up an' told her to her face what I thought of her." Madame Flirt A Romance of 'The Beggar's Opera'

No '' at I'm daurin 'or wad daur to say a word agen the w'y' at the warl's goverrnt, but there's some things 'at naebody can un'erstan' -- I defy them! Warlock o' Glenwarlock

There isn't the man as is livin 'as I'd let say a word agen her. The Dog's Book of Verse

'im -- no clarss like, -- but' e wouldn't 'ear a word agen' er. Our Elizabeth A Humour Novel

But fegs! gien he says anither word agen my gran'father, I will gin 's neck a bit thaw " Malcolm

Because you know, guv'nor nobody'll believe my word agen Squire Greyle's. Scarhaven Keep

First on account of you being little "-- she eyed Nellie and Marvin with benignant allowance --" and after that, because of Nell always bein 'agen' using things common. The Best Short Stories of 1919 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story

Eric said ... you made me believe in the written word agen ive read them twice and still cant get over the journey you have taken me on. these books were the only thing that kept me sane during a vary turbulent time in my life. thank you i also read escape from hell fucking grate Images Of Vellum And Ink

Any man in t 'Daale thot speaaks woon word agen my wife' e s'all 'ave' is nack wroong. " The Three Sisters

An 'it's no for me to say ae word agen you, Maister Sutherlan', gin ye had been a hantle waur nor a young thochtless lad cudna weel help bein '. David Elginbrod

Well, she's my mother; and I won't utter a word agen her. O'Flaherty V.C. : a recruiting pamphlet

I'll tak 'a dog's word agen thine ony day, owd lad,' said Moses. Lancashire Idylls (1898)

"Well, I'll do my best, but it's goin 'agen' nature not to bust right out with it." Uncle William: the man who was shif'less

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