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Definitions of "agents"

  • Plural form of agent. noun

The word "agents" in example sentences

This means we’ll be paying Gift Aid and transitional relief to charities very soon in our position as Gift Aid agents for the 4,000+ charities who collect donations on Justgiving we’re classed as *agents*, but our finance guru Ryan doesn’t, alas, get a special codename to show for it.. [2008 August « The Justgiving Blog]

The title agents are subject to the insurers 'control and take a percentage of the premiums collected as their remuneration for their services.. [ - Newswire]

The title agents "are not employees" of the insurers, Slomsky noted, "but rather they are non-exclusive agents who work with different title insurance companies.". [ - Newswire]

Not the least of the agents is the word sound, not only the occasion of our convocation, but a meta-trope for poetry in the ear, whether heard or silently audited, more endear'd.. [Sounding Romantic: The Sound of Sound]

The talk this year is all about the global scourge of terrorism and in particular President Bush's singling out of Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as the axis of terror, countries that need to be watched and will be held accountable for harboring, financing, training, or equipping what they call agents of terror.. [CNN Transcript Feb 2, 2002]

Africans never any doubt that the two killings had been the work of what it called agents of the apartheid regime.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

Later we found out a lot of the brick throwers were paid government informants, what they called agents provocateurs.. [Chicago Reader]

The man was arrested after an argument with agents from the powerful religious police who ordered him to end the concert, the daily Okaz said.. [RNB Roundup: Wicca, Religion Stylebook, Scientology, David Attenborough and more…]

The opening scene of Benson being coerced out of her home by government agents is stereotypical and contrived.. [Gort Still | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

Instead, the shiest of all the FBI agents is actually a triple agent, contacted by the real good guys …. [ » TV with Abe: What I'm Watching: Flash Forward]

The current admin going after agents from a previous admin will make it more dangerous for America.. [Dem on CIA probe: 'No one is above the law']

My query letter to literary agents is coming along really well!. [Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » I’m really happy]

For example, if you want to become a writer, developing a relationship with professional writers, editors and/or literary agents is wise.. [Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » A brief thought on success]

The guild held annual conferences, bringing in agents and editors from NY as well as local writers of repute, including Bill Crider and Joe R. Lansdale.. [Ready for my close-up : Bev Vincent]

Does it not maintain that the potential for citizens to fire upon federal agents is an important constitutional value?. [Dennis A. Henigan: Right Wing Militias and the NRA: Second Amendment Soulmates]

Mohammed Boudia, who headed operations in Europe was executed by Israeli agents from the Mossad.. [Carlos And Zuckerberg: The Men, Myths, Movies]

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@heeraae: C’est drôle comme la fac de Tolbiac à les moyens de se payer une cinquantaine d’agents de sécurité supplémentaires, mais pas d…


@paulsperry_: BREAKING: FBI HQ allowed not only Hillary to bring her attorneys to the interview over her emails, but also let Cheryl Mil…


3 expert ways agents use public data to provide value


3 expert ways agents use public data to provide value


@_DINSIC: 👨‍💻👩‍💻 Collaboration, mobilité, télétravail… Quels outils numériques pour faciliter le travail des agents ? La DINSIC lance un…

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