Character 5
Hyphenation ag o ra
Pronunciations /ˈæ.ɡə.ɹə/

Definitions and meanings of "Agora"

What do we mean by agora?

A place for gathering.

A marketplace, especially in Classical Greece.

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(in ancient Greece) a public open space used for assemblies and markets. Urban Dictionary

An open space Urban Dictionary

(in ancient Greece) a public open space used for assemblies and markets. Urban Dictionary

Agora Road is a Y2K inspired vaporwave forum that has a schizophrenic community dedicated to listening smooth vaporwave music and combating GPT-3 AI. Theu coin themselves to be "The best kept secret of the internet " Urban Dictionary

Where Doja Cat left her good attitude, respect for herself and dignity. Also, she’s afraid of spiders so in a way also conquering her arachnophobia with this era. What a girlboss 😍😍💕 Urban Dictionary

Shush-Agora-Phobia is the Fear of being *Shushed* in wide open spaces. Also referred to as a SAP. Urban Dictionary

Brazilian Portugeese for "And now I'm coming after you, so say bye bye!" The unofficial catchphrase of Lord X from the Sonic PC Port. Urban Dictionary

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The word "agora" in example sentences

The word agora means "marketplace," and phobia means "fear" in Greek, so it is a fear of the market, which largely affects a huge population of hikikomori. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Cyrus the Great of Persia, for example, had once dismissed the Spartan army by saying that Greeks were men who set aside a place in the center of town where they could swear oaths and cheat each other, referring to the agora. ❋ Barry Strauss (2004)

With true aristocratic nonchalance, its dark interior resembled, not black broadcloth and leather, but a kind of agora, so littered was every surface with the hairs of her pack of King Charles spaniels. ❋ Unknown (2009)

If he is right, then I fell into the trap myself, by using the word "agora" marketplace earlier. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The agora was a classical city’s principal marketplace. ❋ Robert B. Strassler (2003)

The agora was a city’s main square for commercial, social, and political activity. ❋ Robert B. Strassler (2003)

The agora was a classical city’s principal market place—its center for commercial, social, and political activity. ❋ Robert B. Strassler (2003)

Of course, there are very few cities in the US where the "agora" atmosphere still exists. ❋ Unknown (2010)

He grew up in Greece, where daily outdoor "agora" markets anchor commerce and community in towns and villages. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Less a drawing room than a market or "agora"—although the city's marketplace was officially moved to the Campo dei' Fiori in 1869—it has a history of its own that includes and surpasses its individual parts. ❋ Willard Spiegelman (2011)

The polis itself has been claimed in the past few decades as a Near Eastern, or Phoenician, invention; Carthage too, it seems, had an agora at its hub. ❋ James Romm (2012)

[Por favor] [vem] [aqui] agora.-Please come over here now. ❋ Mazda71 (2003)

There's [something] [going on] at xily's agora [today] ❋ Veklin (2019)

[Inside] or out Agora ❋ Bear Hands (2020)

There is a [commotion] [happening] in xily's [agora] right now! ❋ Veklin (2019)

[Fred]: Hey Tim where did you hear about the Dead [Internet Theory]? Tim: I [found it] on Agora Road! ❋ Gerbilhandler (2021)

Doja Cat: I wanna show you off Doja Cat Fan: Omg we love a fear conquering queen and bald icon, Agora Hills isn’t so much better than Say So and [Kiss Me More] but it’ll grow on me. Hater: that’s what happens when you tell your fans you hate them and call your songs mediocre and cash grabs, you stop making any [s’more] good music. Doja Cat Fan: Yikes, at least she’s conquering her fear of spiders and [paint the town red] is a bop! Hater: yes worshipping the devil is so trendy and cool! 😍 We Stan bops and an icon! ❋ I MIGHT KILL MY EX (2023)

"Hey you... [Shhhhh]...." .....Silence..... Suddenly the Shush-ee realizes that the Shush-er has been Shushed in a wide open space and thus Shush-Agora-Phobia takes over and the subject Shush-ee impulsively starts random fires as a form of [coping mechanism]. "ARRRAAAAAGH!!! HE'S BURNING IT ALL DOWN!! LOOKOUT ITS ONE OF THEM [SAPS]!! RUN!! ❋ Greg "I Made This Up" Doyle (2012)

[Lord X]: "E AGORA EU VAS ATRAS DE VOCE [DIGA] BYE BYE!" [Majin Sonic]: "E somos mais velozes pra correr [diga] bye bye!" ❋ Cakeleb Vanilla (2023)

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