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Definitions and meanings of "Agree With"

What do we mean by agree with?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word agree-with. Define agree-with, agree-with synonyms, agree-with pronunciation, agree-with translation, English dictionary definition of agree-with.

A word that is used to sum up what someone else is saying when you agree Urban Dictionary

Pre-emptive acknowledgement of something that may or may not have been agreed. 1> Used in an attempt to pre-empt further discussion by assuming agreement. 2> Used to reinforce agreement when it is mutually assumed. 3> Used as a greeting to imply the discussion or meeting occurance was previously agreed upon. Urban Dictionary

Agreeing Urban Dictionary

A short way of affirming what someone else is saying, especially when they are listing or ranting. Urban Dictionary

To agree with something a person types. Used as if it were a chat command. Urban Dictionary

Full of agreement. Urban Dictionary

A word used quicky to trick someone into doing something they don't want to,counter'd by a swift door to the face or ball to the groin. Urban Dictionary

Slang: To agree with something/someone very much Urban Dictionary

When you realize part-way through an argument that you are actually both arguing the same point. Urban Dictionary

A fight, throw hands ect, usually for a just cause Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Agree With

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The word "agree-with" in example sentences

His raised eyebrows and conspiratorial smile indicated the rest of the folk in the common room of the Invisible Unicorn, and Garen Miq had to agree-with a small flush of pride'that no, none of them were what you'd consider "interesting fellows" at all. ❋ Michael J. Solender (2010)

He would agree-with simple dignity-and off he would go, perhaps to be wounded, or killed, but an heroic figure, even if he failed. ❋ Heinlein, Robert A. (1967)

So with those who argue that a revolution is desperately needed, I would heartily agree-with the caveat that it must be an appropriate one, skillfully moving in response to the earth and the evolutionary threshold on which humans stand. ❋ Unknown (2010)

person 1 "This [teacher] [needs] to [shut up]" person 2"agreed" ❋ Sethgodokaos (2006)

1> "Meet at Westbahnhof [as agreed]" - When you are at Westbahnhof and want your friends to come without [discussion]. 2> "So should [I come] around to your house as agreed?" "Yeah man, as agreed!" 3> "[As agreed] bro, how have you been?" ❋ The Dr B (2008)

[Agree] with [last] [definition]. ❋ Tl1234 (2013)

"We need more people at this party. I think inviting John, Paul, [Pierre] and [Perry] will [liven] up the vibes." "Agree" ❋ Ugly Dirtbag (2021)

Person A: [This sucks]! [Person B]: /[agree] ❋ T3hFurious1 (2008)

Joe told [Nino], "I am [agreeful] with your [argument]." He is agreeful with the new government. ❋ Cire's Enemy (2022)

([Doorbell]) George:[Graham]? Graham:C'min'out? George: I ca(interrupted) Graham:Agreed, ur comin out! (Door Slams) Graham:Ow! Graham:Want to knock for matt? George: Matt No wa(interrupted) Graham:Agreed, let's go! George:Can you pass me the football. Graham:(High-pitched [yelp]!!)Eeiii! ❋ Eisel Dier (2007)

... Guy: [we should] definitely [meet up] later tonight ;) Girl: [Hard agree] :) ❋ Ripsilver07 (2018)

person a: No, there are 72 original episodes of Star Trek! person b: No, because the pilot was a [two parter]! person a: Yeah, and two parters count as one episode! person b: But the pilot didn't get [spit up] into two parts until later, so that means that there were originally only 72! person a: No! .......Wait, [that's what I said]. person b: Huh? person a: We're agree fighting again. ❋ Cryslibs (2011)

Drop that [badge] and I'll meet [you out] front for [an agreed upon] ❋ TurboBro (2020)

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