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Agreement Agreement (linguistics) or concord, a change in the form of a word depending on grammatical features of another word Gentlemen's agreement, not enforceable by law Trade agreement, between countries Contract, enforceable in a court of law Meeting of the minds (a.k.a. mutual agreement), a common understanding in the formation of a contract Reliability (statistics) in the sense of, for example, inter-rater agreement A pact, convention, or treaty between nations, sub-national entities, organizations, corporations Consensus Agreement, a 1978 book of poetry by Peter Seaton Agreement (film), a 1980 Bollywood film Agreement (political party), a Polish political party Operation Agreement, a British 1942 military operation during the Western Desert Campaign.

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Definitions of "agreement"

  • The act of agreeing. noun
  • Harmony of opinion; accord. noun
  • An arrangement between parties regarding a course of action; a covenant. noun
  • Law A properly executed and legally binding contract. noun
  • Law The writing or document embodying this contract. noun
  • Grammar Correspondence in gender, number, case, or person between words. noun
  • An understanding between entities to follow a specific course of conduct. noun
  • A state whereby several parties share a view or opinion; the state of not contradicting one another. noun
  • A legally binding contract enforceable in a court of law. noun
  • Rules that exist in many languages that force some parts of a sentence to be used or inflected differently depending on certain attributes of other parts. noun
  • An agreeable quality. noun
  • State of agreeing; harmony of opinion, statement, action, or character; concurrence; concord; conformity. noun
  • Concord or correspondence of one word with another in gender, number, case, or person. noun
  • noun
  • A concurrence in an engagement that something shall be done or omitted; an exchange of promises; mutual understanding, arrangement, or stipulation; a contract. noun
  • The language, oral or written, embodying reciprocal promises. noun
  • The state of agreeing or of being in accord. noun
  • Union of opinions or sentiments; harmony in feeling; absence of dissension: as, a good agreement subsists among the members of the council. noun
  • In grammar, correspondence of words in respect of number, gender, etc. See agree, v., I., 8. In logic, capability of being true together: said of terms. noun

The word "agreement" in example sentences

VIEW FAVORITES yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'India: End of the road for the 123 agreement'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'The U.S. argument that the fuel supply assurances are not legally binding since the 123 Agreement is a “framework agreement” is patently false.. [OpEdNews - Quicklink: India: End of the road for the 123 agreement]

The Comeback is available in T-Mobile stores starting today for $129.99 with a two-year service agreement, the Gravity 2 is anticipated to be available in August and the t349 is available now for $14.99 with a two-year service agreement*.. [SlashGear]

Are we so stupid as to go along with this for the sake of getting an agreement, * any agreement* out of Hoaxenhagen?. [Latest Articles]

What was also striking about the Senate bill was how the pols felt compelled to win agreement from the oil, coal and nuclear industries before even considering moving forward on it.. [David Helvarg: Sex, Oil and Videotape]

The league and its players union are seemingly in agreement on one thing: A deal for a new collective bargaining agreement is not imminent before the league's new calendar year and free agent signing period begin Friday.. [ - Upshaw: 'We're deadlocked' as NFL labor talks break off]

In this book we use the term agreement to mean the same thing.. [The God of Yes]

Of course, since Armstrong is a Sram investor, the title agreement was key to bringing him to New Mexico.. []

Of course the biggest news to Science Fiction and Fantasy fans coming out of this agreement is the fact that Lost is now available for viewing at Hulu. com.. [New Online Viewing: Get Lost on Hulu]

Carney said all agree a debt default must be avoided, adding that Mr. Obama would consider a very short term agreement to raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, but only if leaders had already struck a bargain for a broader package.. [Obama Meets Republican Leaders, Democrats on Debt Crisis]

American troops must identify themselves to Iraqi troops upon requeest when the Iraqi troops are able to provide positive ID AND a secure cell phone number established under this agreement is able to verifiy the Iraqi so identifying themself by soldier serial number, video phone face ID, password of the day.. [Bush Struggles to Fill Posts as Term Winds Down - The Caucus Blog -]

And second of all, part of this agreement is adherence to the act that we passed, the Detainee Treatment Act. So, look, I believe the administration acted in good faith.. [Balkinization]

But the agreement is there nonetheless, presumably to help the industry transition to HDMI.. [Boing Boing: May 21, 2006 - May 27, 2006 Archives]

It wouldn't be shocking if, when this agreement is announced, we learn of aspects we never knew were part of the discussion.. [ - Finally, the gloves have come off]

We have agreed, to the fullest extent possible, to behave as if the agreement is already in force.. [Canada's Future Under Free Trade]

This agreement is a statement of principles and does not contain specific arrangements.. [Peace and Prosperity—The Challenge of Our Day]

Obama lost his cool when Cantor said only a short term agreement is possible and Obama exploded in frustration telling Cantor "Don't call my bluff!!". [ Top headlines]

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TurkishAgreement English to Turkish Translate
(i). anlaşma, muvafakat, ittifak, karar; mukavele, itilâf; mukavelename , kontrat, bağıt. come to an agreement bir karara varmak, uyuşmak. gentlemen's agreement karşılıklı anlayışa dayanan ve yazılı metni olmayan anlaşma.(i). anlaşma, muvafakat, ittifak, karar; mukavele, itilâf; mukavelename , kontrat, bağıt. come to an agreement bir karara varmak, uyuşmak. gentlemen's agreement karşılıklı anlayışa dayanan ve yazılı metni olmayan anlaşma.

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  • Pronunciations(ə-grēˈmənt)
  • Character9
  • Hyphenation a gree ment


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