Definitions and meanings of "Ah"

What do we mean by ah?

Used to express various emotions, such as satisfaction, surprise, delight, dislike, or pain. interjection

An exclamation expressive of pain, surprise, pity, compassion, complaint, contempt, dislike, joy, exultation, etc., according to the manner of utterance.

An exclamation, expressive of surprise, pity, complaint, entreaty, contempt, threatening, delight, triumph, etc., according to the manner of utterance. interjection

An expression of relief, relaxation, comfort, confusion, understanding, wonder, awe, et cetera according to uttered inflection. interjection

A word used for drama or emphasis. interjection

A syllable used to fill space, particularly in music. interjection

An instance of the interjection ah. noun

Eye dialect spelling of I., most often indicating that the speaker is using an American (particularly Southern) accent. pronoun

The speaker or writer, referred to as the grammatical subject, of a sentence.

The speaker or writer, referred to as the grammatical object, of a sentence.

When you have nothing else to say in the discord, so you just simply say "ah"  Urban Dictionary

The substitute for the letter r used by most seacoast dwelling new englanders, i.e. Bostonians.  Urban Dictionary

How ghetto girls on Snapchat or Instagram say 'a' for some reason now.  Urban Dictionary

The sound "ah" is a reference to the queen, Megan Thee Stallion. Just like this emoji 😜, "ah" is a praise to Megan and must only be used whilst sticking your tongue out and winking.  Urban Dictionary

Average Human  Urban Dictionary

As hell, normally used after an adjective... To the same extent for af (as fuck)  Urban Dictionary

1. The sound immigrant Russian parents use in the form of a grunt when expressing frustration. The h is pronounced like in the word "hey." 2. Often used in Russian like an english "what?" by itself.  Urban Dictionary

When the conversation ends  Urban Dictionary

AH = ass hole...............................  Urban Dictionary

A greeting to friends and family. also, the word "ah" can be used if you have nothing else to say.  Urban Dictionary

The word "ah" in example sentences

How to use ah in a sentence? Example sentences with the ah, a sentence example for ah, and how to make ah in sample sentence, how do I use the word ah in a sentence? How do you spell ah in a sentence?

Errr….ummmm…..ah meanz ah am in no whey oldz enuff to member de top cat cartooney! ❋ Unknown (2008)

You do maarvellous. all the best vera goulart said … hi! dear HANNA .. i just see in hebreu dicionary!!! ah Β¨ah Β¨ah Β¨ ..... we keep contact ❋ Unknown (2010)

"Oh, ah want, ah want, _ah want tuh heah mah Hannah laff again! ❋ Elizabeth Garver Jordan (1907)

Just this past weekend I cleaned my scrap room so that I could see the floor again .... ah, it never lasts long! ❋ Jpitta (2009)

We are also told that No-ah is struggling with his apprenticeship, but we are never told why or what the problem is. ❋ Unknown (2010)

And of course, he is a Military Expert, having served in – ah, what branch of the service was that? ❋ Unknown (2009)

No-ah is a novice magician living with his three pets: Guru (a male cat), Nanai (a male dog), and Pritz Rang (a female mouse). ❋ Unknown (2010)

Just a breath of balmy air, and then the long cold frost again -- ah! they knew it well and lost no time. ❋ Unknown (2010)

But as an adult, I regarded the memory of these trips with a mildly affectionate disdain – ah, such innocent fun, but such bourgeois misunderstanding of what constitutes NATURE and WILDERNESS. ❋ Unknown (2007)

:: Yes, except as the other poster said, it the show would be cho and mee-cho-ah is very much run together. ❋ Unknown (2002)

This ah is Lieutenant Goodale, what's going on out there? ❋ Unknown (1969)

"Perhaps you have staying here a certain – ah – Sir – Anthony – Ferndale?" he hazarded. ❋ Unknown (1921)

The new character in this film was Anakin's padawan Asohka, which seems like it can only have come from the phrase ah, so ka? meaning, "Oh, is that so?" ❋ Unknown (2008)

short: ahspicy [noodles]: ah[caveman]: ahA [N T]: ahah: ah ❋ TRISTANISANEXTREMESIMP (2020)

[Park the car] in [the yard] = Paahk the [caah] in the yaahd. ❋ Ivan The Viking (2005)

[Image] [caption]: "Aint I ah [cutie]" ❋ Crazy-C (2018)

*[quite] [literally] [anything]* "ah😜" ❋ Bruh Bruh Bruh Bruh Bro (2020)

Girl1: He's an [HBG] Girl2: Nah, he's [and AH] Girl3: You kidding me? more like a SUB. or That's an AH, he's [not too bad]. She's an AH why are you so whipped over her? ❋ Ch33tah Greeto (2009)

[Guy 1]: Man, today was [so long]! Guy 2: Yeah, [im tired] ah. Guy 1: We all are. ❋ SuperCoolSuperHotSuperGirl (2011)

1. Mother drops a [fork] [on the ground]. She says "Ah." 2. Person one: "[Olga]!!" Person two: "Ah?" Person one: "Oh, there you are..." ❋ Viktoriya (2006)

geek: have you heard of [roboman] 3000 of the [galactica] empire'th latethd gadget? i juthd got it yethderday acthually. itth [hith] fifth powerup beam and a rather imprethive one at that, compared to hith earlier modelth and of courth [ath] you probably didn't know roboman 3000 generally activayth hith yellow powerup beam, and the redcorpth defierth of planet xithron on atrabania colapth from himuthurma poithning and roboman gainth a thuperior advantage over the nornax runnerth with hith fall of all dead living undead aura. [hyuh] hyuh hyuh! ath he thaid it himthelf, no nornax [thall] live to thee the light of day ath long ath i control the warriorth third [thun], but of courth [thith] latethd one is purple colored around the edthes. ath you probably didn't know, the resulth are even more imprethhive, *snort* [thankth] to the multi-aura prethet that ith. hyuh hyuh hyuh! i bet you didn't know he hath over nineteen different aurath. hyuh hyuh hyuh! seemingly preoccupied guy: ah*conversation ends* ❋ Simple Shit (2008)

guy 1. yo [wass] up brotha? guy2. [nm] you? guy 1. I was humping a horse today and it kicked me up there really bad. guy2. you are such an ah why dont you go play [hide and go fuck yourself]? ❋ Somonessss (2006)

[friend] [one]: ahfriend [two]: ah ❋ Littleitalyinspain (2020)

What does ah mean?

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