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Alders and Aalders are Dutch patronymic surname, meaning "son of Aldert/Aaldert", a Dutch version of the name Adelard. People with that name include: AldersHanny Alders (1946–2010), Dutch author Hans Alders (born 1952), Dutch politician Jacky Alders (born 1956), Belgian sprint canoer who competed in the 1976 Summer Olympics Jay Alders (born 1973), American fine artist, photographer and graphic designer Robyn Alders (born ca. 1960), Australian veterinary scientistAaldersWillem Jan Aalders (1870–1945), Dutch theologian.

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Definitions of "alders"

  • Plural form of alder. noun

The word "alders" in example sentences

It is steep and covered in alders up high, devils club and Spruce down low.. [Accidental Discharge]

It's nice to see somebody get one of the U.P. monsters that the rest of us only hear going clackity clackity clack through the the tag alders HUH!!. [Way Up in the U.P.]

"You uttered cries that day beneath the walnut-tree; I have uttered my cries here beneath these alders, that is all," I said; "I will be silent henceforth.". [The Lily of the Valley]

We also have to make sure that the people impacted by these amendments are aware of the amendments and know to show up on Tuesday night to testify or email or call the alders if they want to have input.. [This side of town . . .]

The conundrum came to mind as I walked through Durham University's North American arboretum and watched a tree creeper flitting between native alders and American scarlet oaks, searching for insects in bark crevices.. [Country diary: Durham city]

The waters down here are fringed by shadowy forests of Douglas firs, cedars, alders, and maples; the timber industry thrived here for a while but is much diminished.. [The American Oyster Paradise]

We have them patterned out and I even lost one on a spinning rod (it ran into the alders and broke off).. [The Answer Line is Open...]

We had hurried to the shelter of the alders alongside the river Derwent, as dark clouds drifted across the sun and a rain squall swept through the valley.. [Country diary: Blanchland, Northumberland-Durham border]

When we got down in flats the alders were taller than they had looked from on high, and the many winding streams and beaver activity made finding the bear difficult.. [Anyone have a good bear story? Here's one of mine..... Back in 1986 I was stationed in Alaska near Fairbanks.]

Small, and tough they can get around in anything from thick alders to 2 1/2 feet of snow.. [What's The Best All-Around Hunting Dog?]

I wouldn't subject a $6,000 rifle to alders and the inevitable rubbing against a backframe on the Dall sheep hunt.. [All About Rifle Abuse*]

Neither would I use a fine custom rifle on a brown bear hunt where you are sure to encounter more alders, rain, salt spray and what-have-you.. [All About Rifle Abuse*]

A 26 inch barrel is just right for crawling through the alders chasing birds.. [Me & My Mossberg]

Here, beside the stream, were alders and laurel trees, and he walked through fern-brakes higher than his head.. [Chapter VIII]

The only way to reach these ponds was a 2mile long walk down a moose tunnel (moose trail through alders so thick and impenetrable it is literally a tunnel through em).. [Fishing in the Danger Zone]

If starting a fire is an option, burn dogwood and tag alders.. [Does anyone know a way to keep mosquitoes with out the smell of bug spray?]

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TRANSPORT.TV ONLINE: Alders Transport neemt Kruger Transport over in Duitsland
TRANSPORT.TV ONLINE: Alders Transport neemt Kruger Transport over in Duitsland
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The Match: Spring Teams Of Three, Alders Farm
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