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Definitions and meanings of "Alive"

What do we mean by alive?

Having life; living. synonym: living. adjective

In existence or operation; active. adjective

Full of living or moving things; abounding. adjective

Full of activity or animation; lively. adjective

In play; live. adjective

(alive to) Aware of; sensitive to. idiom

In life; living; in the state in which the organs of the body perform their functions: opposed to dead: as, the man is alive.

In a state of action; in force or operation; unextinguished; undestroyed; unexpired: as, keep the suit alive.

Full of alacrity; active; sprightly; lively: as, the company were all alive.

Enlivened; animated; strongly aroused.

Attentive; open to impressions (from); sensitive; susceptible: used with to: as, he is sufficiently alive to the beauties of nature, but yet more alive to his own interests.

Filled as with living things; swarming; thronged: as, the city was all alive when the general entered.

Of all living, by way of emphasis.

In printing. See live.

Having life, in opposition to dead; living; being in a state in which the organs perform their functions. adjective

In a state of action; in force or operation; unextinguished; unexpired; existent adjective

Exhibiting the activity and motion of many living beings; swarming; thronged. adjective

Sprightly; lively; brisk. adjective

Having susceptibility; easily impressed; having lively feelings, as opposed to apathy; sensitive. adjective

Of all living (by way of emphasis). adjective

Having life; living; not dead

In a state of action; in force or operation; existent

Busy with activity of many living beings; swarming; thronged; busy.

Sprightly; lively; brisk.

Susceptible; easy to impress; having keen feelings, as opposed to apathy

(as an intensifier) out of all living creatures.

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The word "alive" in example sentences

Meanwhile, he was alive ... impossible as it seemed, he was _alive_! ❋ Unknown (1925)

Why did he not first make him alive; and then after he found out that he _was alive_, and stirring round in the grave, call to him and tell him to come out of that dark place? ❋ John Kline (1830)

Finally, plainly aware that the dam might well keep his name alive for posterity long after all other memories of his ill-starred presidency had faded, he closed with what was certainly a heartfelt request: “I hope to be present at its final completion as a bystander.” ❋ Michael Hiltzik (2010)

Dripping is a series of low-key messages and phone calls designed to keep your name alive between personal contacts. ❋ Bill Good (2008)

It made for cheap reprint material in the Meg, helping to keep the title alive for another year. ❋ DAVID BISHOP (2007)

And to put this story in perspective, Charles Taylor is the first elected Liberian president to end his term alive since World War II. ❋ Unknown (2003)

The Cuarteto Quiroga, a youthful ensemble founded in Madrid in 2004, is keeping his name alive and creating curiosity about him among listeners outside Spain, and is doing him proud. ❋ By ALLAN KOZINN (2012)

If the Colonels want to keep their chances at another title alive, they will have to defeat Southeast Missouri State (1-6, 0-5 OVC) today at Roy Kidd Stadium.

Northowram have played a game more than the top four sides but would keep their interest in the title alive with a win at Martins Nest.

He kept going as best he could, his health deteriorating, spreading goodwill with his smiling eyes, trying to keep his name alive. ❋ DAVID MARANISS (2010)

While it was what we call alive, it did not feel this, for the senses confuse us and hide many things from the good, and so still more from the wicked; but when it died and lost the body by which it seemed to be kept near to other beings, it found itself imprisoned in the most dreadful loneliness -- loneliness which no one in this world can even imagine. ❋ Lanoe Falconer (N/A)

The power possibilities of my water-right are tremendous and I think I can force a good price, for I can poke away at my tunnel and by doing the assessment work I can keep my title alive for a few years. ❋ Unknown (1918)

Such a creature does not look sufficiently like the other things which we call alive; it should be first shown to us, so that we may make up our minds whether the facts concerning it have been truly stated, and if so, what it most resembles; we may then classify it accordingly. ❋ Samuel Butler (1868)

Porto kept hopes of retaining their title alive by thrashing second-placed Braga 5-1 at home. ❋ Unknown (2010)

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