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Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word all-in-all. Define all-in-all, all-in-all synonyms, all-in-all pronunciation, all-in-all translation, English dictionary definition of all-in-all.

To explain something Urban Dictionary

"it is what it is" the way you feel at the end of a shitty day, that's all-e-all when youre crushed and beaten and at your lowest low; all-e-all. it's a rad song by the Dead 50's... Urban Dictionary

Greatest, tightest pussy you've ever had in your life. Never get sick of it. The beginning and end of all pleasure on earth. Gay guys, you wouldn't understand. Urban Dictionary

A phrase that means the person is coming for and/or attacking someone purposely. The opposite of the phrase "No tea no shade" that basically means "No offense." Usually said after someone says "No tea no shade" as a way to say that the person is actually trying to offend someone. Urban Dictionary

Girl they are coming for you and your life! But with FACTS! Urban Dictionary

When someone is spilling tea while also throwing shade at the person. Used by Nicki Minaj in her song Barbie Tingz Urban Dictionary

When someone has done something wrong and you tell it how it is without having much consideration about hurting someone's feelings. You may come across as disrespectful or offensive, but you just don't care. Urban Dictionary

(Adj.) Advanced. Including all modern features, even unnecessary ones. Used originally to describe stage shows and early "talkie" motion pictures. Used prominently in Fight Club. Urban Dictionary

To not care if someone is offended by the Truth of a statement printed and worn on a tee-shirt. Urban Dictionary

Meaning you give a 110% of everything you have all day. Urban Dictionary

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The word "all-in-all" in example sentences

So masterful, so perfect in every detail was his acting that several critics declared that Shakespeare in creating the role of Othello, “the noble Moor whom the full senate of Venice called all-in-all sufficient,” might have had him in mind. ❋ J. A. Rogers (1947)

Fans of the post-apocalyptic sci-fi/thriller genre may get a little kick out of “20 Years After” because it does have its moments, but all-in-all general audiences will probably find this 95 minute film a little too long and a little too pointless. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Although I do not concur with some minor points all-in-all I´m really your opinion. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Like the others, it had the all-in-all build of a man, but it had the head of a bull with long horns that splayed outward and curved forward. ❋ Unknown (2009)

But all-in-all it's pretty hard to call these special elections anything but a flat-out victory for Republicans. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"The condition of the labor market has all-in-all improved," the head of the labor agency Frank-Juergen Weise said in a statement in Nuremberg. ❋ Alex Brittain (2011)

"I didn't have a great week and ended up finishing second in the FedExCup, but, all-in-all, it was a fantastic run," the 33-year-old recalled of a 2010 campaign that featured a victory in the opening playoff event, The Barclays. ❋ Reuters (2011)

But of course, I do agree completely that Bill Nighy played the part to perfection, and all-in-all, the film was as good as Mr Allen says (though not as good as the book). ❋ Maxine (2009)

Surrounded by books, the smell of coffee and being able to switch between homework, web surfing, people watching and reading, it just all-in-all is a great thing ❋ Sam (2009)

It had the all-in-all build of an old galleon, but it looked VERY foreign. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I'm hesitant to call these a total all-in-all failure, since Andrew attested to their good taste, but they looked nothing like how I had intended. ❋ Sarah (2009)

But, all-in-all the lawyers, car dealers, community organizers and offspring of former politicians who serve in Congress represent us all too well. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Still, all-in-all, its great stuff and keep it coming. by jeff rock (13 articles, 1 quicklinks, 10 diaries, 339 comments [140 recommended, 1 rejected]) on Monday, Jan 4, 2010 at 7: 15: 47 PM ❋ Unknown (2010)

This year there were a couple little changes, and the turn-around time is longer than it used to be, but all-in-all, it isn't much trouble. ❋ Unknown (2008)

[All in all], [Donald Trump] needs to fix [the economy] and get out. ❋ CrimsonSun_FTW (2018)

your [hopes and dreams] recent memories what you're always on [the verge] of [all-e-all] is a sort of emotion you would go through ❋ Thempn (2007)

Damn, [Jody's] pussy is the be-all, end-all. [Kara's] was uber-tight, but I couldn't get it in all the way, so I'll never know what it feels like. [My loss]. ❋ Doug E. Doug (2008)

Alyssa: What you're wearing is all garbage, [no tea no shade]. [Coco]: [All tea all shade]! ❋ Lukkie (2015)

" Bitch your [wig] is [crispy] asf! [ALL TEA ALL SHADE]" ❋ Lacianga (2017)

All Tea, All Shade, [Bitch], All [Offense] ❋ Talktomelikethatagainboy (2019)

Joe: "I was happy he was [not on my team] because I saw his performance and it wasn't the best and I just did not want him in [my team]." Mike: "All T! All [Shade]! ❋ Shagu1rre (2013)

"You are the all-singing, all-dancing [crap] of the world." "The all-singing, all-dancing [Mercedes] [Cabriolet]" ❋ Justin Pagano (2004)

"[Egad], you are wearing a [tee] shirt with a statement that offends me!" "All [Tee], All Shade," replied the Queen while rolling her [indifferent] eyes. ❋ (2020)

After the [49ers] won the Superbowl, their QB said he was [all heart all day]! He's all heart all day. He was a [boss out] there today. Yeah, all heart all day! ❋ Bob The MF Builder (2014)

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