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Hyphenation al ley
Pronunciations /ˈæ.li/

Definitions and meanings of "Alley"

What do we mean by alley?

A narrow street or passageway, especially one through the middle of a block giving access to the rear of lots or buildings.

The area between the outfielders.

An establishment where bowling is played.

An elongated wooden strip of floor along which a bowling ball is rolled.

The extra area between the sidelines or tramlines on a tennis court that is used for doubles matches.

A walk or passage in a garden or park, bordered by rows of trees or bushes.

A passageway between rows of pews in a church.

(perspective drawing) Any passage having the entrance represented as wider than the exit, so as to give the appearance of length.

The space between two rows of compositors' stands in a printing office.

A dark place where most people get raped. Urban Dictionary

A sexually interactive sex doll made for Pleasure. Urban Dictionary

A location where keeds do drug deals. Also called "drug alley". Urban Dictionary

Cali slang for a hoppin' night club Urban Dictionary

Caterpillar eyebrows Urban Dictionary

What you do when you put all your money into a stock or option going to become millionaire. Urban Dictionary

Another way to spell the name Ally. Someone you find special but not quite mentally retarded. And although they are special they are one of the best people you'll ever know, and will always have your back, and find some stupid thing to make you laugh, also a woman that a man will wanna keep around for many reasons. They've got a big heart and will sometimes hide it but these women named alley are usually kind hearted and easy going but never back stab them. Don't mess with any women named alley. Urban Dictionary

A pathway of un-defined width between 2 buildings. Urban Dictionary

Alley a totally freaky girl in the bed. Short for Allison, Alexandra, Alexandria, or Alessandra Sexiest girls you will ever meet love so mess around, drink beer, fyk you on the spot and a total badass Urban Dictionary

Loud ghetto and straight hood Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Alley

The word "alley" in example sentences

*the pegasus kitteh lands in and goes to an alley in cheezland, a dark adn abandoned alley* ❋ Unknown (2008)

***sound ob door slamminging az teh alley cat heads down teh……well……alley*** ❋ Unknown (2008)

More up my alley is the half-hour spin-off, Models of the Runway, which follows the walking clothes hangers in their non-competition. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Past the alley is the Trolley Car diner, where you can get the world's best chili dog and an orange drink for 15 cents. ❋ Unknown (1998)

Police received reports that four or five people were seen running through an alley from the scene, but it was not clear if they were involved with the shooting, Carew said. ❋ Erica Johnston (2010)

Bedbugs found across the alley from the Wilson Building (WTOP) *** ON THE MENU *** ❋ Mike DeBonis (2010)

Unfortunately, that alley is mostly a dead-end affair. ❋ Marshall Fine (2010)

A coat hanger in an alley is likely to kill the mother as well. ❋ Unknown (2010)

But Howard led the Magic back, with a backspin alley-oop from Turkoglu that highlighted a spurt to end the third quarter. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Taking every superhero down a dark alley is just going to make them all bland if it becomes the same "dark" view of the characters. ❋ Unknown (2008)

It is illustrated here in a photograph (left) published by AFP, showing the alley from the lower end, with a stretcher being carried round the corner onto the alley itself. ❋ Richard (2006)

As my old friend Whittington said: "The word in the alley is that he is buried somewhere under the Millennium Dome." ❋ Unknown (2006)

You know the one with the very graphic rape scene in the alley, is that the movie your refering to. ❋ Unknown (2006)

October 24th, 2005 at 8: 19 pm profmarcus says: headline: tucker carlson found strangled in alley … assailant used bow tie … ❋ Unknown (2005)

If Odeo could get 3 things right - I'd say have the best ratings system around (podcast alley is monthly and flawed methodology), source some exclusive exciting content (partner with Hollywood or artists directly), and give me a podcast creation tool that enables me to turn my blog into a podcasting platform. ❋ Ben Barren (2005)

(It shows him walking down the alley from the mansion to the Capitol in sportcoat and blue jeans.) ❋ David (2005)

The conference lasted all day in various places in the Old Executive Office Building, that huge pile of a structure that is across the alley from the West Wing. ❋ Unknown (2004)

We managed to dig out of the driveway only to find that the OTHER end of the alley is blocked by an abandoned car. * throws hands in the air* ❋ Unknown (2004)

"[The other day] I was [raped] in an alley." ❋ Anthonyyyyyyy (2008)

Stranger: Can I borrow your [Alley]? [Stranger's] mate:[Yes you can]. ❋ Nightwatchmen (2013)

"I feel like alley is better than [JECH] when it's [raining]." "[Taroo]." ❋ ZaneyP00 (2022)

Man, I'll [definately] [get laid] in the alley [tonight]. ❋ Kayed (2006)

For Christmas we got [Alley] a [weedwacker] for her [brows]!! ❋ $uckmyd!ck (2020)

[I'm going to] [alley in] on [Tesla]. ❋ Wagyu (2020)

Your my Alley, but [i love you]. Your [my one and only] Alley. Never met an Alley [quite] like you. ❋ Imagine2348 (2010)

I gave her [one up] the [alley] behind the [pub]. ❋ Bobhoskins (2004)

"Damn see that girl [over there] she's a [total] [alley]" ❋ DVSH (2009)

" [Gurl] I thought that you were sweet and [proper] and you just [alley]!" ❋ Tenacious (2005)

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