Character 6
Hyphenation al lied
Pronunciations /əˈlaɪd/

Definitions and meanings of "Allied"

What do we mean by allied?

Joined or united in a close relationship. adjective

Of a similar nature; related. adjective

Of or relating to the Allies. adjective

United; joined; leagued; akin; related. See ally. adjective

Simple past tense and past participle of ally. verb

Joined as allies. adjective

Related by common characteristics or ancestry adjective

Of or relating to or denoting the Allies in World War I adjective

Joined by treaty or agreement adjective

United in a confederacy or league adjective

Of or relating to or denoting the Allies in World War II adjective

Joined as allies.


To be consumed by chewbacca's ewok bastard child's unmanicured snatch. Urban Dictionary

Well see it’s always hard to find one of these, you know they are very rare ,but once you find one don’t let them go. Allie’s are pretty,sweet,kind, and will never let you down. They keep you up even if there down. Dont ever let go of one of them if you find one of them just know that they are special and can make u happy no matter what mood and they will never forget you no matter what fight what breakup or what ever problem. They will always love you for who you are. Remember that 😁 Urban Dictionary

Girl who are named Allie: - Sweet and Nice. - Amazing smile. - A is for awesome. L is for Loveable, L is for Lucky guy that gets her, I is for I wish i was her, E is for everyone loves her!!!!! - Usually skinny. Not fat. - Most Allie's are very gorgeous but dosen't know it. - Usually brunette sometimes blonde. - Are normally very very good at sports. - Have lots of friends. - Super cute. Urban Dictionary

She's the most beautiful girl in the world! Allie is a great person and is a ton of fun to be around. Allies are the best kissers and are the cutest girls around. If you have an Allie in your life don't let her go because she might be the best thing that will ever happen to you Urban Dictionary

Alli is one of the most caring people you will meet. She always has a smile on her face and can brighten your day just by flashing a smile. She is extremely pretty yet she doesn't know it. She has many friends, and many people wish to be her friend. Alli is always laughing herself and making others laugh with her great sense of humor. She always puts others before herself and Is always willing to have a great time. Alli is someone everyone needs in their life. Urban Dictionary


Allie's are always there for you, and sometimes they will trust a person way too much. It's easy to forget that Allie can be hurt to. So protect your Allie. They will always be there for you. Making you laugh, giving you hugs when you are hurt, loving you like you are the only thing in the world. Just don't forget. Allie can break too. Urban Dictionary

Ally is a girl that is so incredible, a description can't be put into words. A person who is so completely selfless it's almost ridiculous. A person who is so beautiful both inside and out. A person with a heart bigger than Texas. A person who is so deep that she can make you contemplate your entire being with just one sentence. A person who has a certain enjoyment of donuts and Milkduds. A person who is extremely thoughtful and kind. A person so loyal and honest. A person you should make your a hurry. Ally's are not basic at all and are one in a million kind of girls. Treat them right and don't take them for granted. Urban Dictionary

An Allie is a girl who can always put a smile on your face. She'll make you laugh, and enchant you with her beautiful smile. She's a clumsy girl, but that just adds to her charm. If Allie wants something, she'll get it. Allie has everyone happily wrapped around her finger. She is usually not an only child, and is surrounded by musical influences. You will notice that she tends to pick on herself for silly, little things. Allie does not notice how beautiful she really is. WARNING: ALLIE WILL STEAL YOUR HEART WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. HANDLE WITH CARE. Urban Dictionary

The most beautiful and loving girl you will ever meet. Allie is defined by her naturally tan skin, beautiful green eyes, and incredibly white smile. She is always down to hangout and will be nice to almost anyone she's around. Allie works her ass off in all of the activities she participates in, but does not get nearly the credit she deserves. Even though people may get under her skin to the point of where she is completely fed up, Allie still somehow finds a way to be kind to that person. She also has an undying need to serve and help others, especially those that are less fortunate than she, going so far as to travel to other countries to do so. These traits give Allie the biggest heart in the world. She also has the smoothest skin known to mankind. Allie is very outgoing so make sure you take her camping and go on trips with her, and if you want to make her morning, take her to IHOP for breakfast. Allie is every guys real dream girl. She is funny and very intellectual about stuff that most guys have no idea about. Allie loves to snuggle and is great at it because she is always very warm. She is such a good girlfriend that she will even write some of your English papers, just for the fun of it! Allie will be more loving than you would ever expect. Every man needs an Allie in their life, because if so, then there would never be conflict between men. A guy can only hope that one day his wife will possess some of the same qualities as Allie. Urban Dictionary

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The word "allied" in example sentences

U.S. companies need to be able to establish real partnerships (i.e. not just outsourcing) with industry in allied nations (sorry, this does NOT include adversaries like China or Russia) and compete on the open market. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Are there "natural experiments" in allied health professions? ❋ Unknown (2009)

After a series of negotiations with the British government, Hussein allied the Arabs with the British against the Turks. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The Army warned GIs away from "loose women" in allied as well as enemy nations. ❋ Unknown (2008)

In the "literary" camps of both SF and Fantasy, and in allied territories like slipstream and postmodernism, where experimentalist approaches are par for the course, we may well see logical impossibilities, outright self-contradictions, but for the most part the impossibilities we're dealing with are nomological. ❋ Hal Duncan (2008)

The government was re-established in allied France under the premiership of General Sikorski. ❋ Unknown (1983)

What produced the bickerings of the first half of the year, and the dramatic improvement in allied relations in the second half? ❋ Unknown (1954)

This is true in American-allied states such as Egypt and Jordan. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Of course you will say that their are enough jihadis and resources to do both, and that there have been minor attacks in allied nations, but might it not be the case that we’ve created a fly in the urinal in Iraq that each jihadi aims at (of course we are also creating more terrorists by our presence, but hey, what are you gonna do)? ❋ Unknown (2007)

"We appreciate first the French, then the British, then the USA," said El-Feituri, referring to the allied nations leading the attacks on Gadhafi's forces. ❋ Unknown (2011)

The Obama administration has also been calling allied Mideast leaders, pushing for meaningful political and economic reform amid the unrest. ❋ Hakim Almasmari (2011)

On the second and final day of the summit, Kennedy continued his attempts to establish empathy and introduced more new terminology, repeatedly referring to the allied zones of Berlin as "West" Berlin. ❋ Charles McCarry (2011)

For DeMille, the deal, steep as it was, gave him absolute access to the Ringling Bros. operation—one great entertainment name allied with another. ❋ Scott Eyman (2010)

As White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater went on television Thursday night to announce that Bush would "examine" the plan overnight, the president and other American officials were calling allied leaders to lobby against it. ❋ Unknown (2008)

‘I am thinking how to do so,’ said brother Charles; sadly, as it seemed to his young friend, and with an expression allied to pain. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Dear Mighty Mouth – So with the presence of so-called allied forces from Iraq, the Sunnis and Shiites will drop their weapons and submit to the “SuperPower” – and it won’t blow up? ❋ Unknown (2006)

That other, known as the allied — so like his cousin that his dissonant accents, ❋ Unknown (2003)

AMANPOUR: Now again, we had some very interesting opportunity to take sort of the pulse of what people are thinking in Umm Qasr, which essentially is the main town that they now consider on site, secure, and sort of coming over to the so-called allied position. ❋ Unknown (2003)

[Man] [dad] you've been allied!! ❋ Stubble Posse (2010)

[Allies] well you know there hard to [find] once you find one don’t [let go] cause they are there for you always. ❋ You Are Loved ❤️ (2019)

"Allie is [super cute], always [smiling] and making you laugh. Everyone [needs] an Allie in their life!" ❋ Jacksnack (2013)

[Damn], I really [need] an Allie [in my life]. ❋ Brandon Evan Thomas (2013)

[Girl #1]: Hey [who's that] [new girl] you were talking to? Girl #2: That's Alli Girl #1: She's so pretty, I wanna be friends with her! Girl #2: Yeah and she's funny too! ❋ Aiarrobino7 (2014)

[yo man] that girl is [sassy] [af]! yeah man, that's an Alli! ❋ ALLIIIIIII (2017)

Stephanie- "Allie! [Talk to me]!" Allie- "[Shh] [young grasshopper]. Patience." ❋ SmurfyAYE (2016)

OMG [that girl] is so [beautiful] [who is] she? That's Ally. ❋ Donuts2425 (2016)


Bro 1: Son! Did you see that chick back there?! She had a [rockin'] [bod]! Bro 2: Haha [who cares], nobody compares to Allie. ❋ Young Pushup (2014)

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