Character 6
Hyphenation al lure al lure
Pronunciations /əˈl(j)ʊɚ/

Definitions and meanings of "Allure"

What do we mean by allure?

To attract with something desirable; entice. intransitive verb

To be highly, often subtly attractive. intransitive verb

The power to attract; enticement. noun

Allurement. noun

Same as alure. noun

To tempt by the offer of some good, real or apparent; invite by something flattering or acceptable; draw or try to draw by some proposed pleasure or advantage: as, rewards allure men to brave danger.

To attract; fascinate; charm.

Synonyms Allure, Lure, Entice, Decoy, Seduce, attract, invite, coax, engage, prevail on. The first five words imply the exercise of strong but subtle influences over the mind or senses. Allure, lure, to attract by a lure or bait, to draw by appealing to the hope of gain or the love of pleasure, differ but little; the former, however, seems to imply a more definite object than lure, which retains perhaps a little more of the original meaning, though it is less often used. Entice expresses most of skill, subtlety, flattery, or fair speech. Decoy is to lead into a snare by false appearances; this word is the one most commonly used in a physical sense. Seduce, to lead astray, generally from rectitude, but sometimes from interest or truth.

To attempt to draw; to tempt by a lure or bait, that is, by the offer of some good, real or apparent; to invite by something flattering or acceptable; to entice; to attract. transitive verb

Allurement. noun

Gait; bearing. noun

The power to attract, entice; the quality causing attraction. noun

Gait; bearing noun

To entice; to attract. verb

Dispose or incline or entice to verb

The power to entice or attract through personal charm noun

The power to attract, entice; the quality causing attraction.

Gait; bearing

Appeal or attraction to somthing. you can't get enough of it Urban Dictionary

A device used to catch a fish Urban Dictionary

A beautiful girl. Beauty in a nuttshell. Urban Dictionary

Southern Vietnamese slang to describe a prostitute/whore/slut (ălur úbl), the term has been used in derogatory way, and has come to light on the online game platform, Roblox. With many players using it as both a racist/sexist insult with just one word. Urban Dictionary

Jennifer-like creature that exhibits all her characteristic attributes especially those related with mystery, seduction, and a particular brand of fascination that only belongs to her Urban Dictionary

The practice of finding and sharing the most alluring qualities of a person through artistic expression. Urban Dictionary

A good ship that voltron did dirty. they should’ve had more development and attention in seasons 1-7 and should’ve been ruling the new altea together. instead ones dead and ones a farmer bc fuck allura and lance stans lmao! Urban Dictionary

A ship that can actually happen Urban Dictionary

Has an actual chance Urban Dictionary

A ship between Altean Princess and Paladin Lance McClain from Voltron Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Allure

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The word "allure" in example sentences

Sure, I know generally what I'm going to get if I'm opening merlot vs. zinfandel vs. riesling, but the allure is the exploration and discovery, isn't it? ❋ Unknown (2008)

Part of the allure is the prospect of the small-market, unadorned Kings actually overthrowing the high-wattage champions. ❋ Unknown (2002)

For those who have, with few exceptions, the allure is mystical. ❋ Unknown (2000)

But Poetry Inn's allure is also compounded from smaller pleasures, small being the operative word in this mountainside bandit's hideaway: There are five guest rooms and a staff of ten, including three innkeeper/concierges who possess gratifyingly detailed memories for what pleases you. ❋ Forbes Life Staff (2010)

#3: Mort by Terry Pratchett - While stories involving death do hold a certain allure with me, this was the first novel I had read involving Death. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It's the main allure of home video shopping for me, getting to see bits of the movie that didn't make it into the final cut. ❋ Unknown (2009)

However, with other audiences such as older females, the allure is still very much alive and kicking. ❋ SVGL (2009)

The allure is that there is a lot more interaction you can do from a mobile device, and the potential for the demographic information is much higher. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I'm a bit partial to the older woman - they have a certain allure, "C'mere, Gladys - get yer teeth out." ❋ Newmania (2008)

Part of the sport's allure is the unpredictability of how Thoroughbreds will compete on any given day. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The Hitchcockian or Brandtian city of seedy allure is entirely absent: and perhaps it is from London as a whole. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Despite my ankle vein's virgin allure, I'll probably give more serious (albeit naive) consideration to the former option rather than the latter. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Then last week, I heard the same pronunciation used in the word allure: /əˈlɜː/. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I'm sure much of satellite radio's allure is related to programming. ❋ Unknown (2007)

We just broke the news on MediaConnect/ITJourno that a new blog media house has been set up in Australia called allure media. allure is a netus company – netus being a technology investment firm backed by News Limited and managed by ex eCorp dudes Daniel Petre and Alison Deans that specialises in transplanting successful overseas business models into Australia. ❋ Unknown (2007)

HONG KONG -- Real estate in mainland China and Hong Kong retains a strong long-term allure despite current fears of a damaging bubble, according to an influential player in the regional market. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The longer-term allure is Mr Rolet's plans for diversification. ❋ Unknown (2010)

And although the recession and the vanishing price of oil have undercut the short-term allure of green energy and a low-carbon economy, on Dec. 12 the United Nations convenes a conference in Poland to set further action against global warming. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[Jay-z] said it best, “The allure of the game keeps calling my name" that’s why he stays rapping even after [retirement] he’s in love and drawn into the [rap game]. ❋ Adebola "Tony" Oyewo (2005)

I [bought] allure ....Now i can [catch] [afish]! ❋ StuPedasso (2018)

Allure is [pretty much] [Beauty] in a nuttshell. ❋ Paralyzed (2015)

[Do up] your dress you fucking [allurable], and [speak English] too, is your vagina your manipulation tactic all of a sudden? ❋ PigRap1st (2018)

implicitly [defined] above ❋ Toad (2003)

A [portrait] by a photographer well versed in allurism will easily add +3 to your [1-10 rating]. [allure] desirable fascinating charming attractive beautiful ❋ David From Cumming (2016)

wow,, you know [voltron] [fucked up] when even klancers [wish] allurance was done better ❋ Mothman2009 (2018)

Allurance is most [likely] going to be [canon]. [Get over it]. ❋ ARealisticPerson (2018)

Allurance has a [better] [chance] ❋ ARealisticPerson (2018)

[Man], that Allurance [scene] was so [fucking cute] ❋ GoldenBitch (2018)

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