Altar Fire

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What do we mean by altar fire?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word altar-fire. Define altar-fire, altar-fire synonyms, altar-fire pronunciation, altar-fire translation, English dictionary definition of altar-fire.

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The word "altar-fire" in example sentences

Why, the poor old crone is restless in a strange land, and yearns to lay her bones, she says, among her people in the old graveyard at home: and so they go to pay her passage back: and God help her and them, and every simple heart, and all who turn to the Jerusalem of their younger days, and have an altar-fire upon the cold hearth of their fathers. ❋ Unknown (2007)

I made an offering of gold and poured incense on the altar-fire. ❋ Carey, Jacqueline, 1964- (2003)

Edwin the boy "a flame burnt that was like an altar-fire." ❋ Rolfe Arnold Scott-James (N/A)

Her piety is an altar-fire where religion acquires strength to go out on its merciful mission. ❋ George Sumner Weaver (N/A)

Make clean thy soul for sacrifice on Freedom’s altar-fire: ❋ Unknown (1917)

Make clean thy soul for sacrifice on Freedom's altar-fire: ❋ George Herbert Clarke (1913)

The mere despair of surgery, he and his patients are handing along an extinguished torch which once was kindled at the altar-fire of a faith long held by all classes of men. ❋ Unknown (1911)

In that head of his a flame burnt that was like an altar-fire ❋ Grenville Kleiser (1910)

There was the humble worshipper at the altar-fire, offering her devotions in a simple reverent manner. ❋ Unknown (1910)

Perhaps it is true, and not an invention, that Marcus Scaevola voluntarily thrust his hand into the altar-fire and stood mute and smiling, and watched it burn and char. ❋ Edward Lucas White (1900)

In that head of his a flame burnt that was like an altar-fire, a miraculous and beautiful phenomenon, than which nothing is more miraculous nor more beautiful over the whole earth. ❋ Arnold Bennett (1899)

In these are comprised "the whole Hebrew Decalogue, with Solon's and Lycurgus 'Constitutions, Justinian's Pandects, the Code Napoleon and all codes, catechisms, divinities, moralities whatsoever, that man has hitherto devised (and enforced with altar-fire and gallows-ropes) for his social guidance." ❋ Unknown (1898)

There is, when a distinction is made, an _agni_ which is single, the altar-fire, separate from other fires; but it is seldom that Agni is not felt as the threefold one. ❋ Edward Washburn Hopkins (1894)

In the last chapter we have traced the character of two great gods of earth, the altar-fire and the personified kind of beer which was the ❋ Edward Washburn Hopkins (1894)

As Fire in the Rig Veda is not only the altar-fire, but also common, every-day fire, so, too, in the epic this god is the material flame, and as such even performs his greatest deeds for his worshippers. ❋ Edward Washburn Hopkins (1894)

The altar-fire becomes more important, and is revered in the sun, whose hymns, at most, are few, and in part mechanical. ❋ Edward Washburn Hopkins (1894)

Make clean thy soul for sacrifice on Freedom's altar-fire; ❋ Henry Van Dyke (1892)

Around my altar-fire of love -- ah, give me but one day! ❋ Henry Van Dyke (1892)

It is an altar-fire that we will kindle every evening, just to light up our room, and show it to advantage. ❋ Marion Harland (1876)

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