Definitions and meanings of "Always"

What do we mean by always?

At all times; invariably. adverb

For all time; forever. adverb

At any time; in any event. adverb

All the time; throughout all time; uninterruptedly; continually; perpetually; ever: as, God is always the same.

Every time; at all recurring times; as often as occasion arises: as, he always comes home on Saturday.

At all times; ever; perpetually; throughout all time; continually. adverb

Constancy during a certain period, or regularly at stated intervals; invariably; uniformly; -- opposed to sometimes or occasionally. adverb

At all times; ever; perpetually; throughout all time; continually. adverb

Constantly during a certain period, or regularly at stated intervals; invariably; uniformly;—opposed to sometimes or occasionally. adverb

In any event. adverb

At any time or in any event adverb

Without variation or change, in every case adverb

Forever; throughout all time adverb

At all times; all the time and on every occasion adverb

Without interruption adverb

At all times; throughout all time; since the beginning.

Constantly during a certain period, or regularly at stated intervals (opposed to sometimes or occasionally).

In any event.

I word that was given true meaning by JK Rowling in the legendary book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Urban Dictionary

A powerful and useful word. A word that can potentially be wrong, but not all the time. A word that can easily confuse people because how it's defined.  Urban Dictionary

A.)A vague and sarcastic response used to neutralize any statement that can be interpreted as sarcastically-attacking or passive aggressive regarding either you or what you represent. b.)A useful response to questions or statements when the answer is yes or no. It works two-fold as an enhanced replacement for yes or an incredibly sarcastic replacement for no. c.)A great way to take a compliment  Urban Dictionary

A fucking long time, sometimes for all eternity  Urban Dictionary

Womens idea of a somewhat long time.  Urban Dictionary

All the time.  Urban Dictionary

Used to emphasise agreement in how good something is, in replying to what someone else has said about it.  Urban Dictionary

The ultimate answer to a yes or no question  Urban Dictionary

Another way of saying for ever. Always = 24/7 For always = 24/6  Urban Dictionary

Someone who is always trying too hard to be funny and entertaining around people. They don't seem to know how to turn off their performer tendencies and be more relaxed and normal.  Urban Dictionary

The word "always" in example sentences

How to use always in a sentence? Example sentences with the always, a sentence example for always, and how to make always in sample sentence, how do I use the word always in a sentence? How do you spell always in a sentence?

Starchy foods like rice, noodles and the like always *always* either remain stuck to the plate they were on or get washed off and end up drying to something else.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

This is something I know but always need to be reminded about: I *always* fall into the do-well/earn-money sector when I really want to be at want-to-do/earn-money!   ❋ Unknown (2009)

I've got to reveal a little bias towards Sheridan, as while I was doing the rounds of dancing competitions she was always there, everywhere from Cleethorpes to London, and she was *always* standing out.   ❋ Annawaits (2007)

You have to be on guard always about fish bought in the supermarkets..always I never venture near the fish counter in any markets...always refrozen etc.   ❋ Unknown (2005)

But they all just stood and knelt around looking at me, as if it were up to me to know, to do, to be the resourceful man in all those films who always took the lead, always…   ❋ Francis, Dick (1972)

"Always quarrelling, always quarrelling!" iterated Jackson, but this time unheard by Mrs. Rogers -- "_always_, perpetually quarrelling!"   ❋ Various (N/A)

But then he _always_ breakfasted between twelve and three, or a little later on special occasions, and always dined at half past six, or thereabouts, taking two cups of strong coffee in bed every morning, though he never allowed himself but one, and died in the belief that he had never broken the pledge.   ❋ Various (N/A)

They always try to be good, always, _always_ -- the more fools they!   ❋ Mona Caird (N/A)

He was always tender-hearted, always merciful, and he _always_ forgave.   ❋ Jeanie Lang (N/A)

If this were true, how happened it that the notorious swindler, the horse-thief, the convicted forger, and the escaped convict was still at large, -- and not only at large, but always before the public, and _always without a change of name_?   ❋ Various (N/A)

'Well, about just such a time every morning, when Charley had gone to school, and I sat by the window as lonesome as lonesome could be, on the sidewalk under the window there always came a lady who was kinder to me than the other ladies, who _always_ looked up and smiled.   ❋ Various (N/A)

"Always quarrelling, always quarrelling!" remarked Jackson, pointedly, towards the bystanders -- "_always_ quarrelling!"   ❋ Various (N/A)

"I shall wear it always, _always_," she managed to say as she pinned it in the lace of her gown, "and I'll thank you for it properly at another time."   ❋ Caroline E. Jacobs (1924)

Was her life to be always like this, —always bringing some new source of inward strife?   ❋ Unknown (1917)

That factor is present even in spite; when some vile or atrocious thing is done out of envy or malice, that envy and malice has in it always -- _always?   ❋ Unknown (1906)

And yet he always planned to go back to Altamaha, —always planned to work there.   ❋ William Edward Burghardt (1903)

It was always -- punctually, inevitably, with the inexorableness of a mechanical law -- it was _always_ the wrong thing that struck him.   ❋ Edith Wharton (1899)

Victor's blood always boiled at such a sight -- moreover, his strong arm always shot out, his eyes always flashed, and the great hulking coward _always_ lay prone at his feet begging for mercy with clasped hands.   ❋ Forbes Phillips (1891)

"Well, here I am," said a cheery little voice; "but you shouldn't say you need me bad, 'cause I'm always, _always_ good."   ❋ Unknown (1887)

'After all this time Severus?' 'Always' ❋ Smush ♥ (2011)

There are always exceptions. I will always love you!?!? jen-fu love exception ❋ Jen-Fu (2005)

A.) (1)Mary: Whoa, you look like you just woke up next two busted condoms and a guy with a mullet Jen:...Always... (2)Brian: Matt, doing whippets the night before finals is a fucking GREAT idea. Matt:...Always... b.) (1)-Are you hungry at all? -Always (2)Todd:Adam, what's the deal with your mom? Heather:She's Hott Todd:Yeah, Is she available? Adam:yeah~always....Fuck you guys, I'm going to home. (laughter ensues) c.) (1)Porscha: Wow, that thing's Enormous. Deon: Always.. ❋ IceBags (2006)

I will love you always ❋ I Swear To Drunk I'm Not God (2005)

Her: "I'll always wait for you!" him: "Sweet. I'll be outa here in about 10 years." other him: "So... your place, or mine?" her: "yours, mine needs... cleaning" ❋ Como (2005)

Until I was almost 3, I always couldn’t take off my boxer brief undies! ❋ Turo Fernandez (2020)

1. Always that! 2. Person A: I'm eating transformer crisps Person B: Always the transformer crisps! ❋ Jethro Wallis (2005)

Person A: Whoa, I'm battered Person B: Dya want another bong Chico? Person A: Always ❋ Frances Griffin (2006)

I will. Always for always ❋ BBB16 (2021)

"John can get tiring to hang around. He's always on, and making jokes or doing impressions and trying to be the center of attention. I can't think of whether I've ever had a normal conversation with him or not." ❋ JCR1987 (2014)

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