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Amalgam most commonly refers to: Amalgam (chemistry), mercury alloy Amalgam (dentistry), material of silver tooth fillings Bonded amalgam, used in dentistryAmalgam may also refer to:.

What does the word amalgams mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word amalgams in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with amalgams and anagrams of amalgams.

Definitions of "amalgams"

  • Plural form of amalgam. noun

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Dr. Steven Marsh stopped using silver fillings, known as amalgams, almost 15 years ago.. [Should you have your silver fillings replaced?]

The remaining 35% of mercury usage is in scientific measuring instruments such as thermometers and barometers, and is combined with other metals and used for in fillings for teeth (called amalgams by dentists).. [Mercury (element)]

WASHINGTON - Old 'silver' dental fillings, also called amalgams, may not be as toxic as many people fear, according to a new study.. [Gaea Times (by Simple Thoughts) Breaking News and incisive views 24/7]

Silver dental fillings not as toxic dental fillings, also called amalgams, may not be as toxic as many people gold, and go for silver .... [ - Articles related to Cocaine or ecstasy consumption during adolescence ups addiction risk]

Their work, just published in the American Chemical Society journal Chemical Research in Toxicology, shows that the surface forms of mercury in older "silver" fillings (also known as amalgams) may be less toxic than previously thought.. [ - latest science and technology news stories]

In the study, Graham George and colleagues note that mercury-based fillings, also called amalgams, have been used by dentists to repair teeth for well-over a century.. [THE MEDICAL NEWS]

The characters in my books are often 'amalgams' (sorry - that sounds a bit dentisty!) of people I come across or people I know - when I know I'm going to write about someone I go to great trouble to disguise their identity.. [Marina Lewycka - live webchat - 8th July, 2009]

"silver" fillings (also known as amalgams) may be less toxic than previously thought.. [THE MEDICAL NEWS]

Sydney Smith, by all accounts a great master of the social art, said of himself: "There is one talent I think I have to a remarkable degree: there are substances in nature called amalgams, whose property it is to combine incongruous materials.. [Conversation What to Say and How to Say it]

"I kept thinking of these three characters who were kind of amalgams of all the people I would meet.. []

The centerpieces of this gallery exhibition are four hanging sculptures, each about a yard long, that look like amalgams of clipper ships and jellyfish.. [Abstract (Semi) and Phantasmagorical]

For his fans these now familiar cruelly clever customizations by D*Face are amalgams of advertising-soaked memories and associations - a happy blast to an inexact past, graphic images afloat in the timeless area of a citizen/consumer mind.. [Jaime Rojo & Steven Harrington: D*Face 'Going Nowhere Fast' In Los Angeles]

Are they base on individuals, your own experience only, or are there amalgams of people you know?. [All Things Girl » All Things Girl » Blog Archive » Author Insight: Kim Johnson Gross]

In recent years, stuffed nylon tights have been twisted into sausagey amalgams of boobs, dicks and intestines.. [This week's new exhibitions]

Smoke and toxic gases turn the already dingy atmosphere of Whitechapel into a hostile place while a horrid clockwork disease transforms citizens into horrid amalgams of man and machine; robbing them of any hope of death.. [WHITECHAPEL GODS & LEVIATHAN – A STEAMPUNK EXTRAVAGANZA! | Open Society Book Club Discussions and Reviews]

He is inspired seemingly by architecture, the metaphoric amalgams of Arp and the rhythmic intervals of Donald Judd (as well as, in this exhibition, game boards, puzzles, molecular models, door knobs, wooden screws, open mouths, saw-blade teeth and the arrangement of red diamonds on a playing card).. [Prospecting Some Personal Landscapes]

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How is it that mercury is not safe for food additives & over-the-counter drugs, but it is safe in vaccines + dental amalgams? -Dan Burton


@seikenkage Tendency to form amalgams with brass...


@RusLander80 I wouldn't of looked on eBay if it wasn't for you mate 👍 found a lot with 4 amalgams in including this one for £8 bargain!

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Can You Soak Up Mercury with a PENNY?   (Copper Amalgam)
Can You Soak Up Mercury with a PENNY? (Copper Amalgam)
Amalgams - Periodic Table of Videos
Amalgams - Periodic Table of Videos
MERCURY vs LEAD -  Rare experiment from 1952
MERCURY vs LEAD - Rare experiment from 1952

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  • PronunciationsAH0 M AE1 L G AH0 M Z
  • Character8
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