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Senator McCain not only falsely leads the American public about how violent Iraq has become under the policies he has whole hearted supported in his voting record since he voted for the authorization to attack Iraq based on deceitful handpicked intelligence, he also is not forthcoming to the american public in his present judgement. John McCain: Everyone But "MoveOn" And "Liberals" Want Bush To Get No-Strings-Attached War Funding

North American English Pronunciation pronunciation video with Dave Sconda accent american accent education educator english english accent english as a second language english education english educator english forum… /I/ Pronunciation English Meeting ESL Lesson « Esl Videos « Videos « Literacy News

American voters was HUGE. in line next to me were a couple 30ish african american women who had never voted before and really knew very little about politics. Tell Us Your Voting Stories, Part Two

American politicians like McCain are either very smart or the american voter is dumber than he can ever imagine. Palin Drops Reference To William Ayers From Stump Speech

But my feeling has been if someone is going to play Captain America they should be American. baconbits yeah, i really liked him in Star Trek. my friends were crying after the intro. i also agree on Cap. only an american should play him. Chris Hemsworth is Thor | /Film

Obama = American jobs for american people, the economy, proper foreign policy, social security, trade, social healing etc Obama: Hillary "Ran A Terrific Race"

The American worker and american companies could a much better job than the devastating greed of wall street. Morning Buzz: Grilling on the Hill

In fact, you have references to: 1. Berlin, Europe, foreign countries and whatever: that means "no interference in interior affairs" 2. American star system, not so popular among american people 3. Obama's quote about "no offshore drilling", a very important point for whom lives in midwest and needs oil for living. The great Britney and Barack Obama video

March 1, 2008 at 8:25 pm what surprises me is how stupid the two leading democrats are. they havent even been nominated yet , let alone elected and have made statements on foeeign affairs that has totally pissed off an entire country and it would appear just like most American politicians are ill-educated on american interests. On the possibility of an Obama/Edwards ticket

Reply: Opening American Politics to Third Parties Would be ... the best thing that could happen to the american political system. Time to Attack The Right Wing's Core Values-- Less Taxes and Less Government

I want everyone to be American FIRST, like american african, or american korean, whatever. lets put america first, is that too much to ask? Villaraigosa Says, "I Do" To Gang Czar Idea and Speaks on "Special Order 40"

Please explain how you came to the conclusion that aiding American corporate interests to locate their factories in third world countries protects the US economy and american jobs. Think Progress » ThinkFast: January 16, 2007

Sorry, but as a red blooded American, I looked at those exchange rate figures and was shocked, no way had the american dollar fallen that far, luckily I saw that those were New Zealand dollars not US EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - J.K. Rowling earns $230 per minute

As an Irish , catholic American he own to still feel the suffering of the early Irish immigrants , discriminated at all levels of the american society , the Irish rose from the only survival kit they were left with : gangs , crime , bootlegging . Think Progress » Buchanan Falsely Claims That Hispanics ‘Do Not Wish To Assimilate’

L-girl said... a example on Sunday 10 American soldiers die in Iraq and there was no mention of it in any of the american media sites I could see which was inexcusable...but in Canada deaths in Afghanistan are reported and what we as a public do with it is up to us myth

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