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What do we mean by ammonite?

An extinct cephalopod mollusk of the order Ammonitida of the Permian to Cretaceous Periods, having a thick, usually coiled shell characterized by intricate suture patterns where the septa between individual chambers join the outer shell wall. noun

An ammonoid. noun

One of the fossil shells of an extensive genus (Ammonites) of extinct cephalopodous mollusks (cuttle-fishes), of the family Ammonitidæ, coiled in a plane spiral, and chambered within like the shell of the existing nautilus, to which the ammonites were allied. noun

A name applied to certain explosive materials, patented by Favier, containing ammonium nitrate with other substances, chiefly nitro- or dinitro-naphthalene. noun

A fossil cephalopod shell related to the nautilus. There are many genera and species, and all are extinct, the typical forms having existed only in the Mesozoic age, when they were exceedingly numerous. They differ from the nautili in having the margins of the septa very much lobed or plaited, and the siphuncle dorsal. Also called serpent stone, snake stone, and cornu Ammonis. noun

An explosive prepared from ammonium nitrate; amatol noun

Any of an extinct group of cephalopods of the subfamily Ammonoidea; a fossil shell of such an animal noun

One of the coiled chambered fossil shells of extinct mollusks noun

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The word "ammonite" in example sentences

The closest living relative of the ammonite is the chambered nautilus. ❋ Unknown (2009)

One contained an ammonite, a fossilized nautilus shell. ❋ Mira Bartók (2011)

At one key point in the book, a man picks up an ammonite, the shell of an ancient mollusk, and marvels at its weight in comparison with the dress pocket he has pulled it from; at another, a young mother stumbles upon a valuable painting hidden behind a dressing table. ❋ Unknown (2010)

There are portraits and the wax seal, made from an ammonite, of the Very Reverend Dr. William Buckland, Dean of Westminster 1784-1856, a geologist who gave the first full description of a dinosaur, but who is better known for his stated ambition to eat a member of every living species of animal. ❋ Paul Levy (2011)

She was still on a public footpath, for she had obediently followed signs, some marked with a white ammonite and some with the yellow traditional lettering carved into wood. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Then he lifted its head, wheeled it about by the ammonite, spirograph shells of its horns till its eyes, on stalks, looked back at its bones. ❋ Rus Bowden (2009)

There's a point on the Corkscrew where for a split-second you can look ahead and to the side and get a cool view straight through the ammonite-spiral of the double loop. ❋ Sci-Fi Gene (2009)

Next time you pick up a leaflet about Mr Wood's Fossils the main image will be my photo of a rather wonderful ammonite lagerstätte. ❋ MadeleineS (2007)

I thought we'd get an ammonite or two but after a couple of hours searching all we came away with was what looked like a fossilized thread- worm and a cockle-shaped pebble which could be a fossil, we aren't sure. ❋ Bob Lock (2008)

Upper Kimmeridgian ammonite faunas of the Wash area and a subzonal scheme for the lower part of the Upper Kimmeridgian. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The standing totem with ammonite head attachments that extend like an exaggerated chignon is a universal female spirit fashioned by an acclaimed California artist who also happens to be a friend. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Not with a window display consisting of a skeletal, balsa Triceratops, some bryozoans and half an ammonite. ❋ Amuchmoreexotic (2005)

When I open my hand, the knuckle and back of hand section arches like a sensuous ammonite, leaving an odd gap behind my thumb, hampering my finger movements and putting strain on the stitching. ❋ Zornhau (2005)

Pic: Facsimile of first edition of The Origin, held open by one of the unfavoured races in the struggle for life, the ammonite Dactyloceras sp. ❋ Unknown (2007)

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