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An amplifier, electronic amplifier or (informally) amp is an electronic device that can increase the power of a signal (a time-varying voltage or current). It is a two-port electronic circuit that uses electric power from a power supply to increase the amplitude of a signal applied to its input terminals, producing a proportionally greater amplitude signal at its output. The amount of amplification provided by an amplifier is measured by its gain: the ratio of output voltage, current, or power to input. An amplifier is a circuit that has a power gain greater than one.An amplifier can either be a separate piece of equipment or an electrical circuit contained within another device. Amplification is fundamental to modern electronics, and amplifiers are widely used in almost all electronic equipment. Amplifiers can be categorized in different ways. One is by the frequency of the electronic signal being amplified. For example, audio amplifiers amplify signals in the audio (sound) range of less than 20 kHz, RF amplifiers amplify frequencies in the radio frequency range between 20 kHz and 300 GHz, and servo amplifiers and instrumentation amplifiers may work with very low frequencies down to direct current. Amplifiers can also be categorized by their physical placement in the signal chain; a preamplifier may precede other signal processing stages, for example. The first practical electrical device which could amplify was the triode vacuum tube, invented in 1906 by Lee De Forest, which led to the first amplifiers around 1912. Today most amplifiers use transistors..

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Definitions of "amplifier"

  • One that amplifies, enlarges, or extends. noun
  • Electronics A device, especially one using transistors or electron tubes, that produces amplification of an electrical signal. noun
  • Anything that amplifies, or makes something larger or more intense. noun
  • An appliance or circuit that increases the strength of a weak electrical signal without changing the other characteristics of the signal. noun
  • An amp, specif. a particular type of speaker used to amplify voices and musical instruments at live performances. noun
  • One who or that which amplifies. noun
  • One who amplifies or enlarges. noun
  • A lens placed in the tube of a microscope between the object-glass and the eyepiece. See microscope. noun
  • electronic equipment that increases strength of signals passing through it noun

The word "amplifier" in example sentences

The nice thing about a vinyl record played through a radiogram with a tube (valve) amplifier is that it sounded warm as opposed to bright.. [In which I undertake an A-B comparison of Rubber Soul on £1200 speakers « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog]

There was a sudden scratching sound and the hum of an amplifier from the speakers in the ceiling.. [Death at 60,000 « Official Harry Harrison News Blog]

As I tweated, amplifier is an awesome name for an award to win!. [The Community Ampflier | FactoryCity]

The amplifier is plugged into a USB port of the notebook for signal acquisition.. [Behold! The First Commercially Available Brain To Computer Interface | Impact Lab]

An oscillator circuit is basically a unity gain amplifier with the output feeding the input (phased shifted by 180 degrees).. [A Voice from the Middle Ground]

Because the sensitivity of the crystal detectors and amplifier is more than. [Physiology or Medicine 1979 - Press Release]

The principle of construction of an amplifier is very simple.. [Nobel Prize in Physics 1928 - Presentation Speech]

wrote favorably about the A-50T integrated amplifier from the Chinese company Cayin Audio.. [Stereophile RSS Feed]

It's a weird thing - a £600 amplifier, which is basically for hi-fi use it has phono inputs and speaker outputs on the back but with a guitar input on the front.. [Akai's baffling-but-tasty tube amp]

Atop the amplifier was a synthesized rhythm box; in front of it, a propped cardboard sign that read THE MANY MOODS OF SAMMY DALE in gilt-edged calligraphy.. [Over the Edge]

But all that came through the amplifier was the same thrum-thrum we had picked up at the Ranger station.. [Dark Piper]

With the right adapters you can also hook up a microphone or use the speakers as a very basic guitar amplifier, which is useful for practice or working on a few quick ideas.. [Ars Technica]

There are still wires running from the satellites to the amplifier, which is in the subwoofer enclosure.. [Original Signal - Transmitting Gadgets]

Because this dongle uses the audio output of the PDA, it'll greatly depend on the audio amplifier, which is almost useless (at least to drive the dongle) in Dell Axim's.. [Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine]

Both reset and another noise source, commonly referred to as amplifier or 1 / f low-frequency noise, can be controlled with a technique known as correlated double sampling (CDS), which must be implemented by adding a fourth. []

B&O holds patents on its "ICE" amplifier, which is basically a Class D switching design. [Audioholics Reviews and News from Audioholics]

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Imran Khan - Amplifier (Official Music Video)
Imran Khan - Amplifier (Official Music Video)
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Imran Khan - Amplifier with Lyrics

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