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Amusement, from the old French à muser – to put into a stupid stare, is the state of experiencing humorous and entertaining events or situations while the person or animal actively maintains the experience, and is associated with enjoyment, happiness, laughter and pleasure. It is an emotion with positive valence and high physiological arousal. Amusement is considered an "epistemological" emotion because humor occurs when one experiences a cognitive shift from one knowledge structure about a target to another, such as hearing the punchline of a joke. The pleasant surprise that happens from learning this new information leads to a state of amusement which people often express through smiling, laughter or chuckling. Current studies have not yet reached consensus on the exact purpose of amusement, though theories have been advanced in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and sociology. In addition, the precise mechanism that causes a given element (image, sound, behavior, etc.) to be perceived as more or less 'amusing' than another, similar element to a particular individual is not clearly understood..

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Definitions of "amusing"

  • Entertaining or pleasing. adjective
  • Arousing laughter. adjective
  • Present participle of amuse. verb
  • Entertaining. adjective
  • Funny, hilarious. adjective
  • Giving amusement; diverting. adjective
  • arousing or provoking laughter adjective
  • providing enjoyment; pleasantly entertaining adjective

The word "amusing" in example sentences

Susan found the term amusing, given the fact that she was only sixteen, and Maria herself probably just two or three years older.. [Wizard and Glass]

This one, legally named Tracy Worcester - she insists on "Tracy" unless her lunch companion finds her title amusing - is currently having such a moment.. [Saturday Conversation: The Marchioness of Worcester]

What I find amusing is how Dems and Libs point the finger at Republicans and Conservatives, and hollar about how hateful and mean and out of touch with reality they are.. [Palin reaches the 1 million mark]

What's amusing is that North Carolina voters are not known for being overly sensitive about bigoted campaign appeals.. [Rank anti-mosque bigotry flops as campaign tactic]

Even more amusing is that Featherston has what sounds like, at best, a minor role in Experimental Activity.. ['Paranormal Activity' star Katie Featherston's new movie: 'Experimental Activity' |]

What I find amusing is that you believe your position is the rational one.. [A Confession: What I Was Thinking the Morning of November 3, 2004, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

The guests at the ball turn in amusing performances, particularly Joseph Caley as the rakish, dry-humoured Adoncino, but the central couple have the best of the choreography.. [Birmingham Royal Ballet: Pointes of View]

What's amusing is that the GOP has not learned a single thing since their 08-butt-kicking!. [Deeds tries to shake up Virginia campaign with big speech]

The alien puppet takes her apart in amusing fashion.. [*The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Book 8 — Recommended » Manga Worth Reading]

Liberal clergymen take themselves seriously; what makes this particularly amusing is that they are convinced that everyone else takes them seriously too.. [A liberal Anglican clergyman taken for a ride « Anglican Samizdat]

What I find amusing is all the fine things about the US you point out, are actually funded by the wealthy.. [Matthew Yglesias » The Public Wants Good Outcomes, Elites and Institutions Should Try to Deliver Them]

What I find amusing is Sterling Coopers bread and butter, half of their capital and account revenue is from the company American Tobacco.. ['Mad Men': What's Matthew Weiner cooking up for us next? |]

So yes, there's some useful information (vertical panels suggest depth, place your word balloons in left to right order to be read clearly) but overall the focus seems to be on the story itself, which, while amusing, is something of a slight affair.. [Robot reviews: Adventures in Cartooning | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment]

The three characters I liked the most were the divorce attorney, the plastic surgeon (Jeffrey DeMunn) and the head of the CIA (JK Simmons), because they were true to their stereotypes in amusing ways.. [Burn After Reading : Bev Vincent]

Re: What's really amusing is ... - nycfalcon - Jan. 27th, 2010 05: 14 am (UTC) Expand thewatcherseye wrote:. [The Future of Air Travel]

What I find amusing is the left's shock that the right has started to adopt the tactics that the left has employed for years.. [Town hall meeting on health care turns ugly]

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@tomsvalentine: i found this so much more amusing than i should’ve

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  • Pronunciations(ə-myo͞oˈzĭng)
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation a mus ing


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